Many individuals in a family receive Christ as their Saviour, who believe and know that He is The Son of God, but there are members of the same family who choose to reject Him. They choose to be separate from God's standards. Satan is the originator of the problem that brings conflict between God and man, as well as people's wills.

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29- Jesus Feeds The Multitudes
30Jesus Walks Upon Water
31-Jesus, The Son of The Living God

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32-Jesus is Transfigured
33-Temple Tax is Paid
34-an Adultress is Brought to Jesus

Christ came to bring peace between the believer and God, and peace among men, but the result of His presence brought conflict between light and darkness, Truth and deceit.
Fulfilling prophecy of Micah 7:6

Jesus had compassion for the sick. Healing the illnesses of the people and casting out demons from the people, shows how Jesus had the authority over nature and over the spiritual world.Two blind men followed Jesus, pleading with Him to restore their sight, as they knew He was The Messiah. He touched their eyes and immediately they could see. Also, a man who could not speak because of a demon, met Jesus and Jesus cast out the evil spirit and instantly he could talk. The crowds marveled at these miracles but once again the Pharisees accused Jesus of being the devil instead of God.

Jesus gave the authority to His twelve disciples to cast out demons and heal every kind of sickness and disease as He sent them throughout Israel ahead of Him, to the villages where he was going to preach. During this time, John, The Baptist was beheaded at the request of Herod Antipas' step daughter, Salome, while he was being held in prison. When Jesus heard of this He went into he wilderness to pray.

Vast crowds were waiting for Him. Jesus knew the crowds were hungry, the disciples pointed out the fact all that was available were five loaves of bread and two fish. In His hands they became wonderfully multiplied and was found to be more than adequate for 5,000 men, plus the women and children.
This act was sacramental, to convey He came for their spiritual needs, but the disciples did not understand this-they remained totally unaware of needs other than the physical, and the realization that Christ is their provider for all that is needed. (

Jesus had told His disciples to go by boat to the other side of the lake. He had stayed and went up into the hills to pray. Early in the morning, the disciples were caught in strong winds and heavy waves out on the lake. Jesus came to them walking on the water. They screamed in terror but Jesus reassured them. Peter asked if he could do the same, Jesus agreed, so Peter tried but fear overtook him and Jesus had to help him. When they got into he boat the winds suddenly stopped; they were awestruck and exclaimed, "You are really The Son of God".
Had they understood that Jesus as God's Anointed Son, He shares the power of God as Lord of Creation, they would not have been so terrified. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) The crowd knew Jesus had not gone with His disciples in the boat the previous night and went looking for Him and were surprised to find Him on the far side of the Lake.


Pharisees, Sadducees and other Jewish Leaders had arrived from Jerusalem to interview Jesus because He was becoming a threat to their security and positions. Jesus talked to them about their man-made traditions which had become great rituals, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 29:13.

Jesus then left and walked fifty miles north to Tyre and Sidon, a Gentile area. A Greek woman from Canaan came to meet Jesus for she knew that He was The Messiah. Jesus made it clear to her He had come to save the lost sheep from The House of Israel, even though He had helped non-Jews-He was The Christ of Jewish Prophecy. She did not dispute the justice of the mysterious ways of God, but only begged for the healing of her daughter, who was grievously tormented by a demon, that she needed supernatural help from Him, The Christ, who was able to give her that help. Her humility and faith gave her daughter the healing from Jesus she required-a blessing that first was intended for the Jewish people of Israel.
This was a teaching message for his disciples to begin to accept non-Jews, as predicted by the prophet, Isaiah 49:6


Months later, on Jesus' way back to Galilee, a mixed crowd of Jews and non-Jews brought a deaf mute to Him and begged Jesus to heal the man. Jesus completely healed the man; the crowd was overwhelmed with amazement to see the man hear and speak, fulfilling prophecy of Isaiah 35:5,6.
Many brought their lame, blind, maimed and deaf mutes and laid them before Jesus and He healed them all. The people stayed with Jesus for three days. He felt compassion for them as they were hungry and had to travel home. There were only seven loaves of bread and a few small fish-Jesus gave thanks to God and once again the food miraculously increased to feed 4,000 men plus women and children.

This was for the benefit of the disciples, that they learn who He is and that He not only supplies physical needs but spiritual needs as well and that non-Jews were included in God's plan. Jesus' heart always went out to those who were cold, hungry, ill or in distress, demonstrating the power and love of God towards them. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

The Pharisees and Leaders wanted more proof of Jesus' Divine Authority than His miracles but He refused to give such a sign, because of their unbelief.

Arriving at Bethsaida, local people brought a blind man to Jesus for healing-his sight was completely restored. Jesus and His disciples left Galilee and traveled out to the surrounding villages. Although the crowds did not really recognize who Christ was, the disciples did. Peter affirmed it for all of them.
"You are The Christ, Son of The Living God". This was the turning point, for Jesus began to confide in them, that he must suffer many things, rejection, to be killed and be raised from the dead on the third day, they could not understand why their Messiah had to die. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)He began to instruct them about the cost of discipleship. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) Jesus promised that some of the disciples would see a glimpse of His Glory, the Glory that disciples will one day share. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

Six days later, three of them accompanied Jesus to a mountain top and saw a revelation of The Glory of The Son of God. Jesus' appearance was changed to His Glorified state, then Moses appeared as a representative of The Old Covenant and Law as well as The Promise of Salvation which was soon to be fulfilled in the death of Jesus. Elijah appeared with them as a symbol of the New Restoration of all things. Both the work of Moses and Elijah was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and they talked about Christ's death. The three disciples heard God's voice approving of His Son, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1. A cloud descended and under it Moses and Elijah vanished and only Jesus remained visible-the sole focus of the disciples.

This transfiguration brought a much deeper respect for Jesus and His Deity to the three who were with Him and this encouraged them after recently being told of Christ's forthcoming death.

At the base of the mountain, amongst the crowd were the Pharisees and Teachers of The Law, also a father with his demon-possessed son, to whom the evil spirit continually tried to physically harm. Jesus healed him because the disciples had failed. Jesus explained that faith (belief and trust) is the key in God's Kingdom. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

On arriving at Capernaum, the temple tax collectors approached the disciples, inquiring of payments due. Jesus regarded His disciples as His own students , no longer members of the Jewish Ritualistic heartless religion, but Jesus did not want to cause difficulty to those who had not yet understood that His disciples were to break apart from the temple services. Jesus agreed that the taxes should be paid. He instructed Peter to go down to the shore of the lake, throw in a line and to open the mouth of the first fish he caught. A coin was found in it's mouth to cover the tax. This was not 'wonder -working' and not to provide a away for easy money, but was to avoid offense. Again this was proof of His Command over All Things.

Although responsible and perfect in every way, Jesus was more interested in a human being's eternal destiny than things of the material world. Jesus taught His disciples about servant-hood, humility, patience, brotherly love, forgiveness and not to reject those who believe.

He left Galilee and traveled to Judea. He healed physically and spiritually, as prophesied, many who were sick. Passing through a certain village, ten lepers stood at a distance and cried out to Jesus to heal them, which He did. He also instructed them to be examined by a Jewish Priest. Only one of the ten who was healed -a foreigner, a Samaritan whom the Jews refused to recognize, they were despised by the Jews, came back to Jesus praising God and fell at Jesus' feet and thanked Him, for he could not go to the Jewish Temple. Jesus was surprised that none of the others returned to thank Him.

Jesus went to Jerusalem for the religious Jewish Holiday, The Tabernacle Ceremonies, a Harvest Festival to commemorate the Divine protection of God towards the Israelites when they journeyed through the wilderness with Moses. Towards the end of the Festival, Jesus began to teach openly in the Temple, claiming His messages were from God, His Father. Some of the people believed Jesus but not the Chief Priests and Pharisees, again the leaders plotted to kill Jesus for blasphemy.

His opponents brought a woman caught in the act of adultery, to use her situation against Him, to put Him in a position of upholding the Jewish Law or to challenge The Roman Authority, but Jesus was fully aware of their intentions, His character was revealed and he refused to condemn her on the grounds that the accusers were not without sin in their lives. Her partner in adultry should have also been accused according to The Jewish Law. The woman was released of her sins from Jesus and lived a new life, free from the past.





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