Providence is the continuing unseen activity of God sustaining His universe, providing for all needs of every creature and preparing for the completion and perfection of eternal purposes. It is the outworking of God's decrees, His plans, His purposes, which are in conformity with His will.

God's continual care for His creation and His people can be noticed as He involves Himself in the lives of His people and in the care of His creation. This is called His providence
God's providential care by His gracious hand, protects, guides, preserves and fulfils His promises.

By His power God maintains the ongoing preservation of the universe that He has created.

God's works are most holy and wise, powerful, serving, governing all His creation and their actions through His universal Sovereign rule. Not only does He preserve all that He has created, He provides all that is needed of His creatures in this world. When God created the world, He created the seasons which brought forth food for humans and animals.

After the flood that God brought about to destroy the earth, God made a covenant to provide for the inhabitants as long as the earth remains. He promised seedtime, harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night would not cease as long as the earth withstands.

He is the governmental Head of the entire universe, sustains all things by His powerful Word, especially over the affairs of mankind.
God Himself, revealed His creation and caring power throughout the Bible, and Jesus asserted that it is God who provides for us as well as the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.

God not only cares for physical needs of human kind but also the spiritual needs of His people, each of whom He values. Divine providence has a moral order.

The distinction between God's natural and His supernatural action is of ideal importance in understanding the Doctrine of Providence. It is imperative to see the glory of God in the regular works of providence as well as in the miraculous. The genuinely miraculous is not dimmed but rather magnified by the recognition of God's faithfulness in His providential process of nature.

In addition to God's preservation and provision, He also is Sovereign of the miraculous, of creation of life, orderliness, of weather and seasons, generosity and merciful forgiveness. God sustains His created order- All life is dependent upon God- God ultimately controls all elements- God provides for the created world-God provides through miraculous means- He uses special demonstration of His power- God is in control of human intentions- God's care is on behalf of individuals- God's providence attends to His saving purposes- Through Christ, God is gathering people for Himself- God will complete His purposes- God directs all things for His glory.

The events of history happen under His permission, and at times He directly intervenes for redemptive purposes. He has permitted His enemy the Devil, to have limited control over the world system. This is to prove the wisdom of God to all powers, principalities and realms.

The world system at present is not submissive to God's power, but to Satan, god of this present age. However, this is temporary and will end at the time God has determined by His wisdom. People have the choice not to be entrapped into deception of the Devil, by recognising God's ultimate authority and agreeing with Him. Because of the interference from the Devil, humans and animals experience the consequences of sin, there is also suffering because of evil action of fellow human beings.

There is unconditional provision and conditional provision, that we experience from God. God is good. All that God originally created was good. He continues to be good in the preservation, by sustaining it on behalf of all His created creatures.

In His mercy, kindness and love, he provides for the godly and ungodly alike.
All are given the elements of nature to delight in and take pleasure from, unconditionally.

All who inhabit the earth have enjoyment in the sun, moon and stars, the trees and forests, rain and snow, rivers and streams, hills and mountains, animals and birds, foliage, flowers and blossom, the oceans and seas and all that are filled within.

Many artists and photographers are able to capture some of the beauty of the landscape provided for all to enjoy. If all these things in beauty give glory to God, how much more should humans, whom He created in His own image, desire to praise Him. The beauty of creation itself makes man stand in awe and reverence of what God has provided for the people of His creation.

God desires and promises to provide for His people's total well-being, their spiritual, physical and material needs. His source is unlimited. God does not promise to provide all that believers want, He does promise to provide all that is needed.
Many Christians have needs that are not met simply because they do not pray and ask.

God also directs each individual to whom He has given certain responsibilities because they have decided to obey His will, as they serve and minister to others in The Name of His Son, Jesus.
He offers to share His wisdom with His people if we but ask. Through prayer and trust His people can experience God's peace and strength, His mercy, and help daily as well as in times of need.

People have the choice of accepting or rejecting personally His offer of salvation of eternal life. To accept is done by submission to Him through believing in His Son Jesus, The Christ, who God sent to the world to redeem the human race, and who then, after successfully accomplishing this on The Cross of Calvary, returned to heaven.

The manner of a sinful person in the world's system, creates hostility towards God, and brings about judgement upon their own self, but God has provided a way for humankind to be saved from His Wrath and the Second Death, by being able to live with Him for eternity. It is up to each individual to respond to His providential care now and in the future, through Christ.

SCRIPTURES Psalm 145:9,15,16, Job 38:41, Psalm 36:5, Romans 2:4, 9:22, 11:30,31, Ephesians 2:4-7.
QUESTIONS 1] How does God show His love and mercy to all creatures? 2] Does God's providence end? 3] Why does God give unmerited favour to mankind? 4] Do people recognise God's care for all creatures?

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