God's restoring love endures forever.

The word agape is used to describe the attitide of love that God has for Christ and towards the people of His creation. This love is seen in His gift to mankind through His Son.

The Love of God is the deepest expression of His character. He loves all people and has committed Himself to a loyal relationship with His people. His nature is love and is perfectly expressed within the triune Godhead.

God's love is eternal, it is a convenant love, overflowing, just and holy. God has expressed His love like that of a husband and of a father.

God always acts in love towards those who believe in Him and are His people.

Human love responds to God's love, for it transforms and is modelled on His love. Believers love God and this is expressed in worship and practical service. Loving God involves loving His Son, Jesus Christ. God is the source of love. His love is revealed in The Cross of Jesus. Loving God is also expressed by the love for His Word, self-sacrifice, giving, obeying Him and loving others.

God's love is seen throughout both The Old and The New Testament. Love is shown by action, by loving each other, doing good deeds for each other. The Bible instructs the people of God to love one another, including love for foreigners.

Jesus said that love for one another is the Second greatest Command after the first of loving God. Jesus commanded that His disciples are to love each other.

God has always taken the initiative in showing love. Love maintains all relationships, fellowship and promotes sacrificial service. Disciples can show the love of God by caring for the sick, meeting material needs of others who are in despair and by affectionate greetings. Christian love is an impulse from feelings but seeks the welfare of all.

Human love is continually being patterned on God's love, and is safeguarded by His commandments. The love between husband and wife is from God as is the love of the family. Polygamy is forbidden, it has never been the way of God's plan.

God promotes the love of family, home and nation. It is a commandment for children to love their parents. God expects patriotism for one's own country.

God Himself loves the people who oppose Him and believers must follow His example shown through Christ. Those who love God must love their enemies in this world. God loves sinners and is eager for those in The Body of Christ to love them also, gently showing them of His love.

There are abuses of love shown by love that is misdirected. There is exaggerated love of self which is narcissism, and self-interest is also condemned. The love of pride and prestige is to be shunned. The love of the world concurs a penalty as does loving money, riches and sin. The love of idolatry, materially and spiritually is adamantly disapproved of.

God's love is shown and proved by His loyalty. Believers are to follow His example in their commitments in all relationships. It is wise to put love as a top priority in life.

The Holy Spirit fills believers with the love of God which results in practical love, enables them to live with each other. Love is to be exercised by disciples for love is part of the fruit of The Holy Spirit.

Jesus showed the supreme quality of love. He left His eternal glory to take the form of a man and give His life for them. He displayed God's love for children and compassion for the needy. His love also disciplined His Church. His love inspires people to live for God and keep sincere attitudes.

God sets His love upon the unlovely and the lovely, towards believers, towards the world as well as individually. Human love does respond to His love. Part of God's love is the form of forgiveness which frees a person from sin and it's consequences. This act of love is of compassion and mercy. His Divine loving kindness involves both the remission of punishment and the cancellation of debt. His love is perfectly resolute within the Trinity. His love is personal as well as covenantal. His love is lavish. The gift of His Son is a unique gift of His active love.

The love of God is the deepest expression of His character.

Love is the greatest of Christian virtues and is essential to a relationship with God. Jesus taught that on love, all the Law and the Prophets were attached.

Christianity is the only religion which presents by Scripture, that God is love and that He loves inspite of the sinfulness of human nature. Love in true reality has its source in God and is created in believers by The Holy Spirit.

Love is a test of Christian discipleship. Love unites Christians. Christians must love God first and foremost, then his neighbour as he loves himself.

SCRIPTURES Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalms 33:5, 103:17, Matthew 5:44,45, Mark 1:10, John 4:19, 5:20, Romans 8:38. QUESTIONS 1] How is the love of God expressed ? 2] What are the characteristics of God's love ? 3] How does human love respond to God's love ? 4] Who are God's actions towards ?

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