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Heavenly Father,|
You have bought and redeemed us from sin and death - the price, The Spotless Blood of Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, which permits us to become Your adopted Children in Your Kingdom; co-heirs with Christ, who has given us The Holy Spirit from You.

Father God, the works of Your Hands are Wonderful - Your Glory is in the Miracle of dawn, the beginning of a new day - it is the wonder of the sun, moon and stars; it is in everything You have created in the Universe! For us, you have created the scenery, mountains, snow covered peaks, ranges packed with trees; moving and still waters, seas and lakes, rivers and streams filled with fish; sandy beaches and rock covered plains; the colour and song of birds that fly and the variety of animals filling the earth with interest and fascination. Lord, we do not have to look far to see the wonders of Your Creation - we only have to look at ourselves, the mechanisms of the human body, the precise design of spirit, soul and body and the place you have given us in Your Creation, over all living things. You created mankind, us, in Your Own Image and you have given us a longing to find Your presence in our lives.

You loved us so much, that you came down to us and became a human being in a body prepared, to make Yourself known and fulfill Your Given Word and to lay down Your Life for us. You filled our bodies with The Holy Spirit, Your gift to us because of what Christ accomplished by His obedience and faithfulness in giving up his Life, being made ALIVE again and descending BACK to heaven. This gift of Eternal Life to us has opened up a new and living way in order that we might experience the fullness of The Holy Spirit and to bear fruit of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness and Self-control.

A seed cannot bear fruit unless it falls in the ground and dies. We confess that we are crucified with Christ; nevertheless we live, yet not us, but Christ who lives in us and gave Himself for us. May our hearts be good soil so as to hear Your Word, understand it, to bear fruit, helping Your Word to prosper and not wither within us, all for Your Glory and not ours. You are continually filling us, Father God, with the knowledge of Your Will and Spiritual understanding.

Jesus Christ Bore our sorrows, Died for our transgressions, was Bruised for our iniquities, and we are Healed by His Stripes. Sin no longer has dominion over us because His Precious Blood was shed to reconcile us back to You, and because of His Blood, we can boldly enter The Holy Place before Your Throne in prayer to You, Our Heavenly Father, Who Is Sovereign over All!

You are our Father, The One Who IS The Supreme God of All Creation! May we be worthy children in Your Kingdom, Father God, because of Christ Jesus, and with the help of The Holy Spirit.

In Jesus' Name, we stand before You, AMEN.

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