13-Did you know that Deborah, a female Judge of Israel was also a prophetess and a famous military heroine? She influenced the people to live for God. Wise leaders are rare, and Deborah honoured God with all the leadership skills He had bestowed upon her. She was a good mediator, a counsellor, also she was a planner. It is said of her that no other Judge had the popularity and the authority of laws of God dwelling within them.

There is an account of Deborah and a colouring in page of her at deb.html

14-Did you know that Jesus has warned all, that between His Resurrection and His Second Coming, that there is no need to go hunting to look for Him amongst false prophets? Jesus is the only way by which any of mankind can approach God The Father, and come to know God‘s salvation. There are many ways that are deceptive that are started by counterfeit spiritual leaders.

There is a colouring in page at jac.html

15-Did you know that Jesus stopped teaching and healed a crippled woman, bent double for eighteen years. During this one incident Jesus broke seven Traditional Jewish Laws, which were man-made extensions of God's Laws?1. He acknowledged a woman in public. 2. He called to her and asked her to come to Him in public. 3. He allowed her to enter the men's section of the Synagogue. 4. He touched a woman in public. 5. He brought her onto the speaker's podium in the centre of the Synagogue. 6. He allowed her to be in the place of honour in front of the important Jewish Teachers of the Synagogue. 7. He healed her on the Sabbath. The woman praised God.

There is a colouring in page of Jesus healing the woman in the temple at image12.html

     16-Did you know that physical life gives birth to physical earthly life but The Spirit gives life to spiritual life? Jesus was enlightening the Jewish teacher Nicodemus that a spiritual regeneration was needed to enter the Kingdom of God. This refers to an inner renewal of our dead spiritually nature.

There is a colouring in page of Jesus explaining scripture to Nicodemus one evening over 2000 years ago at nic.html

17-Did you know that King David is mentioned in the Bible approximately 1,118 times, second only to the number of times Jesus is? As a boy David tended his father sheep and learned valuable lessons for his life during his years as a shepherd. God greatly blessed David and the people of Israel loved him. He sought The Lord's direction in how to govern the nation and was a king to the people.

There is a colouring in page of David as a young man in opposition to Goliath the giant with only a stone in his shepherd's sling during an Israeli/Philistine battle at goliath.html

18-Did you know that the term Godhead is used of God by the Apostles in The new Testament? Holy Scripture has revealed that from Genesis to Revelation God is One in Three and Three in One. God is one in operation and three in expression. The Bible makes clear differences between The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. There are three distinct personalities of unity in One God but not three separate gods.

There is a colouring in page of The Godhead at im1.html

19-Did  you know that Moses life was a miracle as he should have been killed as the other male infants were, but God had saved him for His special purposes? His mother Jochebed placed him in a basket made of river reeds and his sister Miriam kept watch. He was taken into Egyptian royalty as the son of a princess, but ultimately became a great man of God.

There is a colouring in page of Moses as a baby hidden amongst the bulrushes along the River Nile in Ancient Egypt at nile.html

20-Did you know that Judas was never a committed follower of Christ? He was never born of The Spirit and was the son of perdition. Jesus Himself called Judas a devil. Judas except for Satan was the only person to have this term applied to him. After betraying Jesus he only felt remorse fro himself and was not repentant toward God.

There is a character study and a colouring in page of Judas receiving payment for his betrayal of Jesus

21-Did you know that there had been no rain throughout the earth before the flood at Noah’s time, therefore no rainbow? Before the flood the ground was watered by mist and the earth was surrounded by a firmament, a hollow sphere of vapourised water which shielded the earth from the direct rays of the sun, which equalized the climate over the whole globe.

There is a colouring in page of the rainbow which was a sign of God’s Covenant with humankind

22- Did you know that Queen Esther is a type of The Body of Christ? She was the King’s bride, she was exalted from a lowly position, she was lifted to a heavenly position. God has made The Church fit to inherit the riches of the spiritual realm, to be co-heirs with Christ in The Kingdom of God.

There is a portrayal of Queen Esther’s life and a colouring page of her at the Persian Palace at


23-Did  you know that Rahab, known as a prostitute and innkeeper, who lived in Jericho married into the tribe of Judah and became noted in the ancestral lineage of Jesus Christ? She hid Joshua’s spies upon her roof under flax. She believed in the God where as others in the city id not.

There is a portrayal of Rahab’s bravery and a colouring in page of her hiding the Israelite spies sent by Joshua who was out in the wilderness, from the King of Jericho’s soldiers.

at rah.html


24-Did you know that in the year 4 B.C. The Roman Emperor decreed that a census should be taken throughout the nation and God used this as a means of fulfilling the prophecy of Micah 5:2, Isaiah 9:6? Everyone was required to return to his ancestral home for registration. At this time all provinces of Palestine were subjects of Rome including Judea. Joseph, being a member of David's Royal line journeyed with Mary who was also of David’s Royal linage, to Bethlehem. On arriving, and finding no rooms vacant at the Village Inn, Mary gave birth to Jesus and placed Him in a manager. The first to be told of this great event were the night shepherds by an angel, then they saw a host of angels praising God. The shepherds ran to the village where they found Mary, Joseph and The Christ Child-they rejoiced and told everybody in the area what they had seen and heard. Not only was the place of Jesus' birth prophesied, but also when He was to be born in Daniel 9:25, hundreds of years prior to the event.

A Colouring Page of The Birth of Jesus is at ~birth.html


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