1-Did you know that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute? Mary was a disciple who travelled with Jesus and helped support His ministry. The perception that Mary of Magdala as a prostitute is blamed upon Pope Gregory The Great in 591 when he falsely identified her with an unnamed sinful woman mentioned in the Gospels. 1400 years passed and the Roman Catholic church officially corrected its error and made her a saint!!!

To know more about Mary of Magdala there is a character cameo and a colouring page at mm.html

2-Did you know that Jesus Christ is the most important character in the Bible and more than any other person in History (His Story)?  The Old Testament prophets foretold about His coming, His death for humankind.  There are many incidences in The Old Testament that point to Jesus Christ as a type or symbol. Abel's lamb, Abraham's offering of Isaac and The Passover Lamb in Egypt all were types of Christ. The red cord that Rahab hung out of her window against the city wall of Jericho was a symbol of Christ. Joseph and his life as a person was a type of Christ especially as the rejected son and saviour  of the nation.

There is a colouring in page of Joseph being sold to travelling merchants is at

3-Did you know that Moses was a symbolic representation for Jesus? Moses was saved after a king ordered the Jewish babies to be killed; the same is true of Jesus. Moses parted the water, Jesus walked upon the water Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness; Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. Moses went up a mountain and gave an address, Jesus also gave a sermon on the mount. Moses administered the Old Covenant and Jesus administered the New Covenant.

Colouring In page of the building of the ark and the tabernacle in the Sinai desert which was to house the tablets of the Old Testament Covenant is at tab.html

     4-Did you know that there were three supernatural acts in the event of God revealing Himself to Moses at the burning bush on Mount Horeb? It was three miracles in one. The thorny bush was not lit by anything of earth or from the sky, it was ablaze, but not destroyed by the flames and amid the burning flames was God speaking. Mount Horeb is the same peak as Mount Sinai.

There is a colouring in page of God appearing to Moses at the burning bush at bush.html

5-Did you know that Ezra the priest and scribe is ranked second only to Moses as God’s lawgiver and prophet? He is considered by many as the second founder of the Jewish Nation. Not only did Ezra help reinstate the Law and apply The Temple worship order after the Babylonian exile, he required that all the Jewish men now living back in their own land who had married apart from their own race to leave their foreign wives and children. Because they had wed with the neighbouring peoples they had joined with their detestable worship practices of false gods and idols, one of the reasons for exile from God, seventy years prior.

To know more about Ezra there is a cameo and colouring page

6-Did you know that angels are mentioned over three hundred times in the Bible? They are God’s created messengers in the spiritual realm and play important ministering roles to believers. Angels have important responsibilities not only do they attend God’s holy Throne, they protect His people and serve as messengers. They carry out God’s will and worship Him, though they themselves are not to be worshipped by humankind..

There is a colouring in page of angels at angmess.html

7-Did you know that the incident of Noah and the Ark yields an analysis as a type of Christ? The ark itself is a type of Christ also. God gave Noah every detail of how it was to be built in its purpose for protecting Noah and his family from the His coming judgement upon the world. God also planned every minute detail of how His Son, the Second Person of The Godhead, would save God’s people. Not a detail was left to humankind. The ark brought earthly salvation for Noah’s family from the flood , so Christ bring eternal salvation for all who believe in Him and can gain forgiveness for their sin. As Noah’s ark had only one door, so is Christ the only door to God The Father. He is the only way people

For a further look at Noah there is a colouring page of the ark being built by Noah and his sons at noah.html

8-Did you know that there is rejoicing in heaven amongst the angels when a person who has been lost, has sinned against God and humankind, and has been separated from God repents and turns towards God? The parable of the lost coin is likened to the rejoicing in heaven over the bridal coin when it is found.

There is a colouring in page of the Parable of The Lost Coin is at wm.html

9-Did you know that since Christians have been forgiven much, their sins, they should be willing to forgive others? There is a direct link between sin and death, God intended human beings to live and made provision for the sin and death problem.  

There is a colouring page and the Parable of The Unmerciful Servant at unmser.html

10-Did you know that Jesus knew He was God when He was on earth over 2,000 years ago? When Jesus made important statements such as “Your sins are forgiven” , He was indicating to those around Him that He was God, for they knew only God could forgive sins. He also healed on The Sabbath and was crucified for these comments and acts as many officials who were against Him believed He was blaspheming.

There is a colouring page of Christ healing a man on The Sabbath

at healpool.html

11-Did you know that Christians of The New Testament Covenant are not under Old Covenantal Laws? This includes the last day of the week as the Sabbath Rest. Christians worship on the first day of the week because Jesus was resurrected and appeared to some of his disciples on the first day of the week, His continued appearances were also on the first day, the descent of The Holy Spirit took place on the first day, the early church had a pattern of Sunday worship, the last vision given to the Apsoltle John by the risen Christ was on a Sunday (the Lord’s Day), and scripture of Col 2:16,17 specifies that the Jewish last weekday Sabbath was not longer binding, and that all was fulfilled Christ.

There is a colouring page of The Apostle John on Patmos Island receiving a revelation at patmos.html

12-Did you know that the Greek letter X is an old Christian symbol that is used to express the love and faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ and all believers? Each corner starting from the top, left (LOVE) points to the lower right (TO THE SAINTS) and the right top (FAITH) points to the lower left corner (THE LORD JESUS CHRIST). This was a very common Christian symbol as was the fish.
  • c Christmas v Xmas

    1. It is a misconception that Christmas is the name for the religious observance of the holiday and Xmas is the name for the secular observance.

      1. The X in Xmas stands for Christ.

      2. The word Christ is from the Greek word Χριστοσ (Christos, pronounced "Kris-toss").

      3. The X in Xmas is real the Greek letter X (chi, pronounced kie).

    2. X in Xmas is not the same as the x used in algebra (and other mathematics).

      1. The use of X as an abbreviation predates the birth of Mohamed and the introduction of Algebra to Europe.

      2. The x as used in mathematics was not in much use in Europe until around the Ninth Century when Moslems began to conquer parts of Southern and Southeastern Europe.

  • There is a simplified story of The Life of Jesus The Christ in chronological order at proindex.html


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