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1491 B.C. God provided water and manna for food for His people in the wilderness. Moses kept leading them until they came to Mt. Sinai, where God gave them The Ten Commandments, the instruction for making The Tabernacle for the Dwelling of The Lord and The Religious and Civil Laws which revealed values and morals.The Law was not a way of Salvation. Salvation doesn't come by obedience, but by belief and trust, it is a gift from God which cannot be earned. The building plan of the meeting tent symbolised many things to the Israelites. The pattern of things in Heaven. The shadow of good things to come and the gift of salvation through Christ, God's grace. The work of Christ's Life, set in order, His death, resurrection, ascension, the gift of The Holy Spirit and His renewing work. The Ark symbolised The Throne of God with cherubim at each end facing each other, made of pure gold.

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