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Angels are mighty spirit beings created by God. Their power and intelligence is far greater than that of human beings. They are messengers for God, to do His bidding. Angels are created as part of the spiritual world and they will endure for eternity. Angels assist the servants of the Lord, and they minister to Christ and His Church. The Bible presents angels as an order of created life, they are not glorified human beings and very distinct from mankind, having various ranks. The three top heighrachy of Angels have presented themselves to man for man's understanding as Seraphs (also known as The Living Beings), Cherubs, and Archangels. Seraphim have manifested themselves to humans as having six wings and are in the presence of God continually. Cherubim have two wings and cover and protect The Throne of God. Archangels are the princes of the angels.

Angels execute God's will towards individuals and nations. They had a large part to play in the life of Jesus prior to His birth, at His birth, at His temptation, in the Garden of Gethsemane, at His resurrection and ascension.

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