God was active in the writing of His Word. With Powerful involvement, He extends His presence and influence of authority throughout its entire contents as He reveals Himself to humankind, desiring that they may know Him. He is the source of His Word. The Holy Bible is God's disclosure of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is essential to know the complete Biblical message. God intends His Word to be understood and provides the directions to know His commands. The Bible is sufficient for every area of human life. The Truth does not change. The Holy Spirit enables believers to learn and grow in holiness through The Word of God.

2 Timothy 3:16,17 "All scripture is God-breathed, and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

The Bible is the most remarkable piece of literature humankind has ever had the privilege to have in its possession. Life's most complex questions are answered by the inspired Word of God. The Bible has been translated into more languages and reproduced more than any other book. This Work of God has outsold every other type of publication. It is The Infallible Word of The Living God, of Christ, of Life, of Truth, of Faith.

It is the Recorded History of The Human Race. It is the story of humankind from the beginning to the end.

Christ is the central theme as is God's Redemptive Deliverance.

The word Bible is derived from the Greek word 'biblios' meaning book, referring to the papyrus reeds used to make paper upon which original Scriptures were written. The Scriptures were known by the name 'biblia' meaning the books. The sixty-six books composed of the Old and New Testament became known as 'biblos', The Bible.

The Bible is not just one reference work, but a collection of many different kinds of reference works for many different purposes. Many of the books in The Bible contain advice on living. There is religious teaching, poetry, history, stories and songs. The stories are true. Its contents contain truths of ordinary people doing great things.

The Old and New Testaments are essential to one another. The Bible contains one History, one story, no one part will give the message as a whole. All the Books are necessary.

The New is in the Old contained, The Old in the New explained.

Moses and all the prophets who wrote the scriptures over the centuries of time, affirmed themselves they wrote under the direction of The Holy Spirit and not of themselves.

The thoughts of God have been freely given.

New Testament believers recognise the Old Testament writings are the inspired Word of God.

The Old Testament begins with God and The New Testament begins with Christ.

Jesus claimed the scriptures to be the Word of God and He Himself quoted scripture from twenty two Old Testament Books. The book of Hebrews in the New Testament refers to the Old Testament eighty-five times, and The Book of Revelation of Christ two hundred and forty-five times.

The Bible shows mankind of the unknown past and its prophesies are to the unknown future.

Lives are changed by its Truthful contents. The inspired Word of God has brought civilisation to many continents of those who did not previously respect fellow human beings.

The Holy Spirit possessed God's Word with outstanding unity. The authors through and on whom The Holy Spirit moved to record the 66 different books lived in different cultures, countries and eras. They were kings, princes, statesmen, a medical doctor, prophets, peasants, fishermen, priests, tradespeople, shepherds and prisoners. Their writings included history, law, parables and proverbs. With remarkable wisdom of The Holy Spirit, all books are unified and there are no contradictions. It was predicted by One mind.

The science of archaeology discovers new evidence almost daily throughout the middle east that continues to establish the trustworthiness and authenticity of scriptural accounts.

God's Word is for mankind, it is perfect and it is eternal.

In Genesis, the story of creation and the flood are told,
In Exodus, by the hand of God the plagues and waters unfold.
Leviticus records The Law,
While in Numbers, the increase of Israel the neighbours saw,
But in Deuteronomy once again God's commandments are known,
So absolute allegiance must be kept to Him alone.

Joshua's house true to God, he captured the Canaanite Kings,
In Judges the people's faith strayed, with many pagan sins.
Ruth followed Naomi and learned that God is Lord,
And Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer, became her royal reward.

In First and Second Samuel, against God the Nation rebelled,
Yet in the First Book of Kings, David the people upheld.
The Hebrews turned against God as recorded in Second of Kings,
A United Kingdom divides, and devastation it brings.
In Chronicles One and Two, their history is retold,
The consequences of their sins are yet about to unfold.
Sin will be dealt with and their time was then at hand,
When the Jewish people were forced to leave their Promised Land.
God's hand drew Nebucadnezzer to the Holy City of Zion,
And took captive most of its people and led them to Baby-lon.

With Ezra, captive Jews returned, although not all.
Bold Nehemiah as Governor rebuilt Jerusalem's wall.
Esther, the courageous Queen her race from death did save,
With the high hanging of Haman, no more could he rave.

In Job, lessons in patient faith are portrayed,
Psalms are full of worship and God is praised.
Proverbs instruct and teach of wisdom,
To those who listen about God's Kingdom.
Ecclesiastes reminds all that fleeting pleasures do not last,
But the Song of Solomon reveals that God's love is never surpassed.

Isaiah speaks of The Christ to come,
Jeremiah tells of the Lost Kingdom.
In Lamentations over Jerusalem his heart is torn,
The people refuse to hear him mourn.
God's glory is made manifest to the eyes of Ezekiel,
And to Daniel of Future Kingdoms, God does tell.

Hosea calls humankind to repent,
Joel tells of judgements that are to be sent.
Amos speaks of Almighty God's wrath,
And Obadiah tells Edom to forget the sack-cloth.
Jonah reveals the resurrection of Christ,
And Micah, where His Lord star will rise.
In Nahum, Ninevah's time has come,
Habakkuk asks about the Righteous Kingdom.
Zephaniah's theme is The Great Day of the Lord,
When nothing will stand but His Mighty Sword.

In Haggai, the people shout and yell,
The Temple has been built by Zerubbabel.
And Zachariah, eight visions he sees,
Of Christ who will come and judge the Pharisees.
Malachi says, the people shall repent and mourn,
For John will baptise sinners before the new dawn.

The Book of Matthew reveals Jesus is The King,
Mark shows that God's Anointed is serving.
In Luke, The Messiah is The Son of Man,
But in John God submits The Sacrificial Lamb.
Scriptures in Acts The Holy Spirit unlock,
As Christians spread out from Antioch.

Romans reveal that Salvation is by grace,
And the Corinthians have immorality to face.
In Galatians there is freedom from The Law,
Ephesians extols believers to spiritually soar.
To live for Christ is what Philippians is about,
But in Colossians the pre-eminence of Christ is paramount.
Thessalonians gives insight to the Second Advent,
And false conclusions are to make believers diligent.

One Timothy teaches of discipleship,
And advice is given about wine to sip.
In Two Timothy false doctrine is addressed,
The committing of apostasy must be confessed.
Titus tells of the quality for leaders,
To rebuke offenders and encourage 'good deeders'.
Philemon had found his runaway slave,
Who returned to Christ for his soul to be saved.

The writer of Hebrews surely knows,
That Christ is more superior than some suppose.
He humbled Himself to be one of the least,
But God exalted Him to the rank of High Priest.
Faith Heroes are listed in a Hall of Fame,
Their mistakes and errors are known just the same.
Believing in Christ makes a person one of the best,
To be able to enter God's Sabbath Rest.

James tells that faith shows itself in action,
And Peter comforts those headed for salvation.
He continues to appeal for maturity and growth,
While John supports a brotherly love oath.
Jude calls to contend for the true belief,
From among false teachers there must be relief.

The Book of Revelation reveals that Jesus is Lord,
All creatures worship and praise Him in one accord.
The Antichrist leads the world in rebellion defiant,
Against Christian believers he is not triumphant.
For unbelieving mankind there is to be judgement,
Which soon shall be followed by The Second Advent.
John describes the new earth and the new heaven,
And The New City inhabitants receive blessing number seven.
All believers continue to faithfully wait,
For Jesus to appear and He will not be late.

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