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64-Jesus' Enthronement
65-Pentecost Day
66-Gifts Promised

His Exaltation fulfilled prophecies of Psalm 24:7-10. 68:18, Isaiah 52:13. The Exalted Christ in a glorified human body left earth to go back to heaven to sit at The Right Hand of God, The Father, to rule and reign. He ascended physically and visibly and was overshadowed by a cloud of God's presence. Today, Christ is alive and enthroned at The Right Hand of God, The Father, still continuing to save people's lives and helping them in their daily living.

The Word of God provides by revelation the fact of Jesus' Enthronement and the significance of it. Jesus Himself, spoke of His Exaltation, Peter preached about it and Stephen in his dying moments of martyrdom saw Jesus at God's Right Hand. This signified that Redemption was a completed work and Jesus is now reigning as the Exalted Christ over all beings and things, both materially and spiritually. He is a King who reigns over all His enemies.

God anointed His Regent, The Messiah, with a Divine decree as a King and a Priest. He was highly Exalted because of His faithfulness and voluntary sacrifice He willingly made for the salvation of others.

Jesus' reign at present is only recognized by Christians but His Sovereignty over all with be openly visible at His Second Coming. The Reigning Seated Saviour gives full assurance of the forgiveness for every sinner who acknowledges Him.

In His Glorified state of a physical/spiritual, resurrected body, He continues to intercede for believers in the presence of God, The Father, for their growth, development of holiness in their living, and to prepare them to dwell in His presence.His Exaltation covers both His Resurrection and His Ascension, and God's Word pays much attention to The Messiah's Exaltation, His Servant, Jesus.

After the EXALTATION of Christ to the Father's Right Hand, of which there are four recorded witnesses in the New Testament, Jesus sent The Holy Spirit by whose power the disciples could boldly preached to all about Christ's Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, His Ascension and His Glorification. Jesus had prepared all of His believers for the coming of The Holy Spirit. The guarantee of receiving The Holy Spirit from The Father and sending Him to His followers, was a sign of His Ascension, of His Exaltation. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

Jesus commanded His followers to receive The promised Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth. The Holy Spirit gifts are for the use of the individual believer in the Kingdom of God, and the church, which is the Body of Christ, and is the Living Temple of God. Fifty days after Christ's Death and Resurrection was the Jewish Pentecost Harvest Festival, during which an offering of The First Fruits are returned to God.

Jesus' surrender of His life had been the ultimate blessing to God and now God received the first of a great harvest of believers. The coming of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit was marked by a roaring sound of Wind and visible Tongues of Fire resting upon each of 120 believers, including the women, who had gathered for prayer.(NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

This was followed by all of them, speaking in foreign languages. Wind and Fire are also accepted symbols for the powerful cleansing operation of The Holy Spirit.(NEED TO KNOW TEXT) Many Jews came to Jerusalem for The Feast of Pentecost from 150 Jewish colonies scattered around the known world. These visitors stood stunned as they each heard the believers of Jesus speaking in their own language about the miracles of God.

Peter explained to them that this was a fulfillment of scripture being Joel 2:28-32. He told them that Jesus was crucified and was raised from the dead in accordance with prophecy of Holy Writ. Peter proclaimed that Joel's prophecy of the out pouring of The Holy Spirit of all flesh, male or female, young or old, race or status, Jew or non-Jew began on the day of Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit is for the church age until Jesus' Second coming. The New Covenant is The Covenant of Grace and Spirit. God, The Father promised The Holy Spirit to all believers and their children's children and even to those who are afar off, not just the believers at the time of the initial outpouring, it is an ongoing promise to all who accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour, all believers are co-heirs with Christ.

He is The Christ and to all who believe, to repent and turn to God, be baptized in water and they will receive The Gift of The Holy Spirit. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

John 4:14 explains the Salvation- the gift of Eternal Life, a perpetual spring of water. This is being born again by The Holy Spirit as Jesus had told Nicodemus. Then a believer may ask for The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, explained in John 7:37-39 of rivers of living waters flowing from within which gives power from above to testify about Jesus with great effect and is made available to all. There are seven references in the New Testament concerning the Baptism of The Holy Spirit, which is separate from Salvation.
Not only the Baptism of The Holy Spirit promised it was the will of God, The Father.

Baptism means to 'immerse', to be 'dipped in so we are immersed in union with God in a spiritual and covenant relationship, and we are One Spiritual Family with each believer. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) Water baptism identifies us with Christ symbolically, dying to the old life and rising to the new life, a new creation in Christ.

Believers can also ask and receive individual gifts of The Holy Spirit for themselves so that all may benefit by God's power,
fulfilling prophecies of Psalm 68:18, Acts 1:4,5, John 15:26.

The manifestation of The Holy Spirit makes known God's presence among his people and The Holy Spirit's purpose is to convict of sin, righteousness and judgment and to point all those convicted, found guilty and condemned, to Jesus.

God's prophets, Joel and Ezekeil prophesied a fresh work of God's and, and all are given equal access to God's spiritual gifts. At Pentecost the church started a new era, the gifts are for the building up and edifying believers in the Truth of God. When Christ returns these gifts will cease. Spiritual gifts are for use here on earth for supernatural help in every area of a believer's life. The promised Holy Spirit has always been active throughout the Old Testament and throughout the life of Jesus.

Moses, when leading the Israelites through he wilderness under the direction of God, wished that all people would have the Gift of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit assure those who are doubtful to believe The Truth and is at work in believers. The Holy Spirit helps a person to be equipped to do God's work and carry out the plan that God has for each person's life.

The gifts of The Holy Spirit will only cease at the end of church age when Jesus, He that is perfect comes. There is no where in scripture where it might suggest that the spiritual gifts of The Holy Spirit are to be withdrawn from use in the church throughout the world, in fact it tells the opposite that they are not to be forbidden to cease. These things are in the controlling hands of God and not of man's plans or ideas. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) The Holy Spirit brings God's direction to the Body of Christ by gifts, grace, favour, the source of good advantages for the church to benefit from His anointing of infilling, and refreshing. The gifts are special endowment to enlarge the work of Christ on earth. The Gifts display the supernatural power of God. The Holy Spirit abides forever. He is the third person of the Triune Godhead. He indwells in believers, infills believers, produces fruit in believers, believers are sealed by Him which gives assurance of salvation. He strengthens the inner-man and directs, guides, leads a believer's steps in life.

The Holy Spirit equips believers in revelation, instruction, and empowering with Christ's Truths. He helps the believer's communication with The Father in prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving. He quickens God's Word to believers.

The Holy Spirit's dwelling presence is a pledge to the believer for future inheritance.
Jesus is The Baptizer of The Holy Spirit.
The Fruits of The Holy Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.
The Fruits of The Holy Spirit as a gift, are received when a person realizes the Truth of the knowledge of Christ, believes, turns to God, repents and accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour, as it is the indwelling seal of salvation, the distinct renewal birth of The New Covenant. His presence within us produces a rich harvest and as a believer yields and obeys God, The Holy Spirit will strengthen and mature these Christian characteristics of virtue and acts which are to be seen by others for they are put into our heart and are not of the law, for no law forbids such qualities.

The Gifts of The Holy Spirit listed here are mainly ministry gifts for private and public use. There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.

Everyone is accountable for every Gift given, and all Gifts are to be tested by doctrine in the scriptures of God.There are 3 power gifts (to do)-faith, miracles, healings. There are 3 utterance gifts (to say)-prophecy, divers of tongues, interpretation of tongues. There are 3 revelation gifts (to reveal)-word of wisdom, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits.


APOSTLES, PROPHETS, EVANGELISTS, PASTORS AND TEACHERS-These anointed ministries were given to the church for the edification, strengthening and knowledge of God's Word and Doctrine to and for the saints. They did not end with the death of the first apostles and disciples of the young early church. All bring the knowledge of The Truth to others- clarifying the application of the Truth to enable others to obey God's Word and keep all doctrines and teachings to be in line with The Word of God.

SERVICES THAT SUPPORT ALL MINISTRIES-Administration-oversight governing and finalizing discussions-being stewards of money and property. Elder-is one whose ministry is mature and consistent with their age and experience. Deacons- are to serve and minister to the poor-to pray for the sick-to serve the local church. Deaconess-to minister to local church-instruction to the women-interceding in prayer for believers and exhorting the word. Helps-to help relieve the natural and spiritual burdens of believers and to support all ministries.

Jesus' Life, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and Glorification
is the witness of the New Covenant between God and man.

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