Prior to His earthly ministry, The Only Son of God, Jesus Christ, The Second Person of The Trinity, took part in the Creation of the universe, of angels and mankind. He upholds and maintains the universe By His power. His Work is to fulfil The Father's Will.

The manifestations of God recorded during the period of The Old Testament are connected to the pre-incarnate Christ.

At the birth of Jesus, He took upon Himself a Human body to reveal God The Father and His Works, in a way people could grasp.

Jesus, The Messiah, is a doer of Mighty Works. During His earthly ministry, He performed the miracles of God's Kingdom in the time and space of mankind. Doing was part of His being. He did not come to be served but to serve and redeem mankind. The Work of redemption includes The Work of Atonement.

John The Baptist testified by the authority of God, that Jesus was The Messiah, The Lamb of God, sent from God.

To understand the Works of Christ He must be known as who He is.

Jesus became a bondservant, with humility, He made of Himself no reputation i.e. no boasting. He became obedient unto death.

Jesus did not do any public Works of teaching or Works of power, of miracles, healings or exorcisms until He was baptised in water and anointed by The Holy Spirit for His ministry.

Immediately after His baptism He began to move in the power of The Holy Spirit and carried out The Works that God The Father had given Him. He forgave sins, and is the giver of Eternal Life, both then, now and in the future.

By His Works Jesus revealed His true nature and His identity. He revealed God The Father, from whom He was sent to be the Saviour of mankind.

In the doing of His Mighty Works, Jesus healed all kinds of persons, a sign of God's ultimate healing. He raised some from the dead, a sign that He would bring God's resurrection life to all who would receive it. He cast out evil spirits.

The merciful Works of Christ were for the afflicted, they were acts of love. His Works were not to satisfy demands for unbelief, they were a testimony of His deity.

He showed to many that He is Lord over nature, indicating that by The power of The Holy Spirit, He made a spectacular impact of His Mighty Works upon the realm of Satan as He invaded the domain of oppression and bondage, spiritually and physically. These actions that reinforced His Lordship over the demonic realm, state His authoritative position and the power of His teachings.

The earliest universal teaching since the Ascension of Christ is put forth in the Gospels and the rest of The New Testament of The Bible, which led to a common thread of belief in The Apostles Creed in all branches of Christianity.

Jesus preached The Kingdom of God, and went around the nation doing good, destroying the works of the devil.

His ultimate Work for which He was sent was to voluntarily give up His life, to die for the sins of mankind, to be raised from the dead and ascend back to heaven from whence He came. His official titles which were bestowed upon Him were prophet, priest and king. (He told Pontius Pilate He was a King of a Kingdom).

This Jesus, The One who was raised, is the same One who died, and sent The Holy Spirit from The Father after His Ascension.

Jesus' Works are His Righteous acts and deeds. Jesus Christ came to do the work of God. The miraculous works of Christ testify to His divine nature and mission.

Some visible Works of Christ are, Creator, Redeemer, Saviour, King of a Kingdom, Divine Healer, Divine Worker of Miracles. His Ministry is High Priest, Judge, Prophet, Servant, Shepherd, Preacher, Teacher, Warrior, Intercessor.

Christians are expected and are enabled by The Holy Spirit to continue His Works of love and compassion towards others.

People who are separated from God are called to cast off the works of darkness, sometimes called wicked works or carnal works. Because humans cannot save themselves, they must rely on the grace of God, through The Works of Christ, and not on their own works.

The Lord knows the works of His people. He commends them (His Body) for their good works and rebukes them for the works that are not worthy of His people. God does not judge according to outward appearances but according to works and fruits.

True believers are saved because their lives are built on the solid foundation of Christ Himself. They will be rewarded for good works but any unworthy works will not survive God's judgement.

At His Second Coming He will change believers to perfection with new spiritual bodies. He will judge justly the nations and bring about the reformation of the new earth and the new heavens.

SCRIPTURES John 1:3, 1Corinthians 1:30, Titus 1:4, Philemon 2:6.
QUESTIONS 1] How was Jesus Christ involved in creation? 2] Name four works of Christ. 3] How did His work reveal His identity? 4] Why did Jesus describe Himself as a servant?

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