Jesus willingly took upon Himself, the sorrows and anguish of mankind, mentally and physically. It was not His own sorrow nor His own grief that He bore, and because mankind did not understand the immensity of His commission He was left rejected by all those around Him.

Judas led a band of young priests, temple guards and soldiers, all who were carrying swords and clubs to arrest Jesus in the Garden, an olive grove, late at night. Peter wanted to fight against them. He struck the servant of the High Priest, cutting his ear off with a sword. Jesus immediately stopped him and healed the man's ear.

The chief priests had been too afraid to arrest Jesus during the previous days. He was taken before the High Priest, and later examined by the Jewish Religious Court. Night-time trials, and especially deciding the outcome for a person's life, were illegal, according to the Jewish Law.

Three charges that were bought against Jesus were 1) He threatened to destroy The Temple, 2) He claimed to be the Son of God, 3) He stirred up the Jewish people against Caesar of Rome. The false testimonies of the first and third charge against Jesus were not successful, therefore according to Legislation the matter should have been dropped, also according to the Jewish law, the false witnesses, who had failed in their accusations because of contradictions, should have been put to death themselves.

The accusers were unjustly seeking
Jesus' death, God's anointed Son. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)
Witnesses who do not tell the truth are not only shameful to themselves but to all who know them, and they invite God's Judgment upon them. Throughout the night Peter denied Christ, his Lord, three times as Jesus had told him he would earlier and all of His disciples were afraid, they scattered and deserted Him, fulfilling the prophecies of Psalm 41:9. 35:11, Zechariah 13:7.

The conspiracy on Jesus that took place, was an attack on The Divine Kingdom of God, and to rebel against God's Anointed is to be mutinous against the One who anointed Him. Jesus was hated for no reason. To experience such disfavour and hatred for no cause, hurts emotionally, and Jesus did suffer emotional and mental misery because of unprovoked attacks which were merciless in false rumors spread about Him amongst the Officials.

By dawn Judas realized he had betrayed Jesus, who was innocent and threw the money on The Temple floor. Instead of begging God's forgiveness, he killed himself and the priests decided to buy a potter's field with the money. Judas death was foretold by King David in Psalm 109:8 and that he would be replaced. The Apostles quoted this verse referring to choosing another apostle.

Blood money, which was the silver that Judas returned, was not allowed to be used by the Temple Treasury, so unknowingly fulfilling prophecy of Zechariah 11:13, by buying a potter's field.

The Chief Priest and his Officials had spat in Jesus' face, struck Him, slapped Him while Jesus remained silent before His accusers, except answering the claim to be The Son of God.
Jesus did not try to justify Himself before his enemies. He was a servant, willing to die for sinners, it marked his integrity, dignity, virtue, honour and supremacy. Criminals were disrespected by beating and the pulling out of their beards, as well as being spat upon and mocked, Jesus suffered the same humiliation. Contempt and loathing He submitted Himself to it all. No one realized he was suffering for the sins of others and not for His own.

Most of the people in Jerusalem and those who had traveled to the city for the Passover had been asleep and were unaware of what the jealous Jewish Teachers were doing except for a few local supporters who were loyal to the hypocritical priests. These incidents were fulfilled as prophesied by
Isaiah 50:6, 53:7, Zechariah 11:13, Jeremiah 18:1-4,19:1-4, Psalm 35:11.

The Jewish Court had no power to sentence a person to death under Roman Rule. Jesus, at daybreak was taken under armed guard to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilot. His accusers refused to enter the Roman Palace, a non-Jewish area, for fear they should become ceremonially defiled for The Passover Celebration that evening.

Anxious to avoid external defilement in order to observe the festival and eat the
Passover Lamb, which, as well as reminding them of their deliverance from Egypt, it pointed to Jesus, The True Passover lamb; this showed the irony of the situation. The sacrifice ahead of Jesus brought the reality of a truly secure deliverance into the Kingdom of God, but this they had rejected. Jesus admitted to being a King, but refused to defend Himself.

Pilate was convinced of Jesus' innocence and sent Him to Herod, who in turn, sent Him back to Pilate, who yielded to the pressure of the Chief Priests and their supporters, to gain popularity for himself.

Prior to the order given of crucifixion, the Roman soldiers had taken Jesus into the armory and gathered all the soldiers. They had stripped Him and whipped Him with a leaded whip, this was a usual thing to do to prisoners. Pilate was hoping that would satisfy the Jewish Officials, but to no avail.

A murderer who would have died instead of Jesus that day was released. It was essential to God's Divine Plan that Jesus should die, not by stoning, but 'by being lifted up from the earth', a death that could only be executed by crucifixion. Pilate ordered that the notice of crime identifying Jesus as King of the Jews be attached to His cross. These incidents fulfilled the prophecies of Numbers 21:9, Isaiah 53:7, John 3:14,15, 8:28, 12:32

In the wilderness, with Moses, the Israelites had to look upon a bronze replica of a serpent, the symbol of evil, to live, so it was with Jesus. Jesus spoke of His death as 'being lifted up', and all who look to Him will have Eternal Life. From Jesus' death upon the cross, came the greatest good for mankind and He draws peoples of all nations, of all status, and culture in to The Kingdom of God.

Christ was the One enthroned to serve as the Covenant Founder of the new ordinance. He was also obedient and willing in His attitude to do the will of The Father. The desire of His heart was to obey willingly the request of God, The Father.The True Good Shepherd was the 'worthless shepherd' to be struck by the Roman Sword, the instrument of death. The Lord God commanded the death of His Messiah, which is conclusive that Jesus death was not an accident or by chance but by a divinely arranged appointment. All the disciples were eventually dispersed because of the traditional Jews and then they themselves were widely separated throughout the nations by the Roman Army in 70 A.D.

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Jesus' Crucifixion and Death

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