Those who read The Life of Christ are faced with unavoidable statement.

Truly, the destiny of a person's soul depends upon the agreement and reception or rejection and disagreement of His proclamations.

Jesus made claims of Himself which could have only have been made by God. For Jesus to accept the worship, titles and works attributed to Him, He did assert Divinity. No other person in the History of mankind have anyone else made such prerogatives or accepted such homage and honour. He demonstrated The Divine God manifested in flesh, as Jesus, Son of The Living God.

He is worshipped by men, He is worshipped by angels, He is worshipped by all creatures, He is prayed to as God The Father is prayed to, He is honoured equally with the Father throughout The Word of God. He is worshipped by angels with God The Father's consent. His pre-existence and His Resurrection indicated and confirmed His Deity.


-God is His Father, He never acknowledged Joseph as His Father
-He is the second person of The Godhead
-He is One with God
-He loves as God loves
-He is The I AM
-He had Eternal existence
-He was before Abraham
-He was before creation
-He was with God at the beginning
He is The Creator
-He is equal with God
-He is The Exact Image of God
-He is The Promised Saviour
-He came from heaven
-He is The Fulfillment of The Old Testament
-He is The High Priest
-He is The Promised Seed
-He is The Son of Man
-He is The Son of God
-He is The Son of David
-He is The Messiah
-His Works are Divine
-He is The Teacher
-He is The Master
-He is The Prophet
-He is The Lord
-He is The Redeemer of mankind
-He is Immanuel
-He is The Saviour of mankind
-He is The Servant
-He is Lord of The Sabbath
-He spoke on behalf of God, The Father
-He came to do God's Will
-He has Life in Himself
-He is Lord over nature
-He has Authority over all manner of diseases
-He is Lord over demonic powers
-Has authority to forgive sins
-The scriptures refer and point to Him
-He came from Heaven
-He spoke on behalf of God The Father
-He willingly gave up His own Life and took it up again
-He had the Power to lay down His life
-He had the Power to take it up again
-He gives Eternal Life
-He is The Living One
-He is The Exalted One
-He is The Light of The World
-He is The Bright Morning Star
-He is The One who raises the dead
-He is The Good and Great Shepherd
-He is The Gate for the sheep
-He is The Word of God
-He is The Bread of Life
-He is The Lamb of God
-He is The True Vine
-He is The True Light
-He is The Gate
-He is The Door
-He is The Alpha and Omega
-He is The First and The Last
-He is The Way, The Truth and The Life
-He is The Only Mediator between heaven and earth
-He sets the captives free
-He heals the broken hearted
-He has overcome the world
-He restores physical and spiritual blindness
-He is The Resurrection and The Life
-He ascended back to heaven
-He was and is and is to come
-He is coming again
-He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
-He is King of a Kingdom
-He is the intercessor of His disciples
-He is The Sender of The Holy Spirit
-He has authority to judge all
-All things are entrusted unto Him
-He has power in heaven and on earth, over all things
-He has authority over the prince of the world
-He had never prayed for forgiveness of any of His own sin
-He is without sin
-He is God in the flesh
-He is the exact likenessof the unseen God
-He was before all things
-His power holds everything together
-He is The Head of His Body of bleivers
-He is The Leader of His Church
-He is The Leader of all who rise form the dead
-He is The First in All things
-He began The Church
-He cleanses beleivers
-He shines out with God's glory
-He regulates the Universe by His power
-His Kingdom will last forever
-He is exalted over all
-He will never change
-He will live forever
-He is the One who reconciles humankind back to God.
-He is seated at The Right Hand of God

-He is The Amen


Jesus demonstrated His omnipotence when He calmed the Galilean Sea with a word, multiplied the fish and bread, changed water into wine and many supernatural events with which He manifested His own glory.

The Bible records in John 2;11 miracles were of His own Divine power. In Acts the believers prayed for healing through God's Holy servant Jesus.

Jesus Christ reigns supreme over all of the created order, over all people, over His enemies, over every power and authority, over all traditions and institutions.

Humankind searches the philosophies of men throughout the world and try to guess the nature of the universe, but the Bible, God's Word directs souls towards the Truth in Christ, being free from any uncertainty.

Jesus spoke revealing Truths about Himself, revealing reality.

Prophecies of Holy Law speak of Christ as The Righteous One, The Holy One,
The Sinless Saviour of the sinner from Eternal desolation.

SCRIPTURES John 2:16, 8:58, Isaiah 9:6-9, Luke 4:18-21, Psalm 45:6.
QUESTIONS 1] Who did Jesus say was His Father? 2] Did Jesus say He was God? 3] Could Jesus forgive the sins of mankind? 4] What two gifts did Jesus provide to all who believe Him?

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