came to the Throne in 1010 B.C. and the writing of PSALMS 2:1,2.35:11.41:9.
35:19. 55:13,14.40:7-8.100:8.109:2,3.
is known that KING DAVID was the author.
MICAH warned God's people in the year 742. B.C.of judgement to come and offering pardon to
those who will repent in the present time and in the furture.
ISAIAH told of God's salvation through The Messiah in 700 B.C.
JEREMIAH urged God's people to turn back to their God between 627 and 586 B.C.
foretold of many events that would happen in the Life of The Messiah in 520 B.C

God chose an amazing plan to confound His enemies, He in the form of a humble servant, suffered to save the world. An outstanding report which many did not, and do not believe.

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44-Judas is paid to betray Jesus
45-Jesus Teaches Servant-hood
46-The New Covenant
47-Jesus' High Priestly Prayer

The Old Testament prophets could not understand the prophecies given to them, yet they were prepared for this by animal suffering to cover their sins. This is the Good News of God to be given to the nations. The whole Bible reveals His Plan of His Love for people through His Own anguish.

Despite all the miracles Jesus had done, His teaching, His preaching throughout three and a half years, he was still rejected by His people, which fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 53:1,6,10. The Chief Priests planned to arrest Jesus so He could to taken out of the way, killed to quieten the crowd-they regarded Him as a threat to their comfortable positions in society. King David prophesied in Psalms that The Messiah would be betrayed by one of His close friends, one who Christ considered close, telling Him all, one who had been always close with Jesus and the other disciples for over three years. A wound from a friend hurts. Jesus did pick Judas personally and knew that he was of the devil. Jesus quoted this Psalm of His human ancestor, King David, regarding Judas, a companion who had shared bread with Him. Their friendship also was witnessed in public and in worshipping God, The Father. A friendship that ended in betrayal.

Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus' disciples, went to them and made arrangements for Jesus to be handed over to them for thirty silver coins, fulfilling Psalms, 41:9. 55:13,14. The thirty pieces of silver was the price of a slave and an insult, but the signifigance of silver was that it is used for redemption, (liberation, rescue and freedom). Judas was disappointed, for he expected a political Messiah who would free Israel from The Roman Empire and wanted to force Jesus into this position, also his greed for money was an incentive to betray Jesus for he was known to steal money given by followers of Jesus to help others.

Jesus' final night began by sharing a meal with His disciples. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) At the beginning of the meal Jesus showed an example of servant-hood. He washed His disciples feet, a menial task, a lesson in humility that set forth the principle of selfless service. Only this act, so great, was He at last able to convey to His disciples to serve one another. The Passover that commemorated The Exodus from Egypt with Moses was celebrated with The Feast of Unleavened Bread. This feast was when the Passover Lamb was killed and eaten-the celebration lasted seven days. Jesus identified His betrayer and Judas by His own choice all owed himself to surrender to Satan and slipped away to the Chief Priests and made arrangements for Jesus' arrest. Peter was told by Jesus that he would deny that he ever knew Him, three times before the next day. Jesus announced that His Blood and His Body would institute the long promised New Covenant which was prophesied by Jeremiah 31:31-34.

The Old Covenant, which was continually being broken by the people was to be replaced and The Foundation of the New Covenant that the prophets spoke of was Christ. The Old Law defined sin, but it could only be covered, not freed from. Israel's objective was to show other nations that something better was needed. They themselves had sinned by rejecting Divine Love. It has always been a one sided Love, for God loved his people so much, he forgives them, even when they do not acknowledge Him, He allows His blessing and mercy upon them, such as living and enjoying all things in this world, having access to all of His creation and the seasons which we take advantage of for food. Those under the Old Covenant mainly had unchanged hearts. The people, not God were responsible for breaking the Old Covenant, by worshipping 'foreign useless dead pagan demi gods' so He promised to put His Law internally on the hearts of people. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

In this New Covenant God provided a way free from under the curse of sin, which always required sacrifice because of God's holiness. He would take upon Himself and suffer for our sakes, the sins against Himself and against others, and never count those sins repented of, against the people again. In The New Covenant, God declared that the Blood of Christ would seal this promise. The New Covenant does not abolish the Old but supersedes it. The Old Covenant was never designed for Salvation, it was designed for forgiveness through faith. The New Covenant gives people access to The Throne of God, it has been made personally available to them, the young and the old, male or female.

Mankind 's Redeemer is in the Person of Jesus Christ, who transacted the New Covenant of The Grace and Spirit of God (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) with His blood for those who recognize this Truth and repent of their sins. Christians are inheritors of this promise of God predicted through the prophet, Isaiah. This prophecy has been fulfilled by Jesus, by His Blood on the Cross and through His death, sin and inequity of those belonging to the family of God, has been forgiven and forgotten forever.

Christ, as a Redeemer is a protector and is zealous to defend His people. Christians receive The Holy Spirit, who indwells them. Jesus offers a partner relationship with God, The Father and for Him to be a personal Redeemer, people submit themselves to His sovereignty, and this includes both Jews and Non-Jews. Jesus made available the Knowledge of God to be shared by all, the young, the old, from the least to the greatest.

Jesus had His presence with The Father, because He has existed with God as part of the Godhead, before the creation of the universe. This splendour was hidden by Jesus' human flesh. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

Jesus quoted King David's Psalm 41: 9 to describe His betrayal by a close associate. He also quoted Zechariah 13:7 as a reference to Himself and His disciples. He knew before hand that His disciples would scatter when he was arrested and killed.

Jesus prayed for His present disciples and for future believers, that they realize they are no longer part of the world's system and that they may be brought to complete unity with God and each other, kept safe and given joy. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus expressed His commitment to do The Father's will even though he had become exhausted with sorrow, as predicted by the prophet Isaiah 53:3, because of His death to come. Taking the sin of mankind upon Himself, caused Him to be separated from The Father, because God in His Holiness cannot look upon sin, it has to be removed from His presence, and He would remove the sin of mankind from God's presence with His death and resurrection. Jesus was obedient in temptation throughout His life, which is a stark reversal of the situation in the Garden of Eden.





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