Jesus' Begins Year of Popularity

During the time of Jesus' Galilean trips there were notable healings and miracles. The restorative changes, both spiritual and physical, mainly took place on the Jewish Sabbath, their Holy Day.

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17-Jesus heals a non-Jew
18-Jesus Tells Parables
19-Jesus Called Disciples

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20-Jesus Heals a Leper
21-Friends Help
22-Bethesda Pool

Those receiving healings were many who believed Who He was, but certain people were healed out of His compassion for the people. Jesus preachings, teachings and healings were warmly received by the people but there was a growing opposition amongst the Pharisees and other Teachers of The Law.

Isaiah proclaimed that The Messiah would minister through out Northern Israel. Jesus ministered throughout this area. His message of salvation was a light unto the Gentiles (non-Jews). They had never heard the Word of God personally to and for them before Christ taught the scriptures. Christ broke the bandage of sin in the lives of the people. Dramatic changes were to come in the Good News that Jesus preached, for He freed all who were in darkness, During His ministry in Galilee, He became very popular and well-known. His mission was to bring peace to the Jewish people and to the gentiles, God as man, bring the Light, His blessings, His presence, and His revelation. The Messiah, The High Priest (NEED TO KNOW TEXT) for a godly nation of people of Jews and gentiles would bring peace not only with each other by his Spirit but between God and themselves. His Servant's role and purpose was to redeem the people, bring them to God and show the way unto the gentiles.

Galileans welcomed Jesus. When he was visiting Cana, a Government official in the Royal Court had traveled twenty miles from Capernaum to ask Jesus to heal his son who was dying. Jesus told the officer that his son was healed. This healing brought this man's family and servants to believe that Jesus was The Messiah that the Jews had spoken about. It grieved Jesus that the people were more interested in his many miracles than in Him as their Saviour. The Officer and his whole household had recognized Him for who He Was and Is. Fulfilling prophecies of Isaiah 9:1-2, 42:1-3.

As Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew. They had been with Jesus before and they were fishermen the same as James and John, who were also brothers. They had already been baptized in the River Jordan by John The Baptist before Jesus' baptism. They were casting their nets but not successfully. Great crowds pressed in on Jesus to listen to Him preach God's Word. Jesus stepped into Simon Peter's boat and asked him to push it out further from the shore, as this made it easier to speak to the people. Later He told Simon Peter to go out again and let down the nets. He promised them a good catch of fish-the nets were so full they began to tear.

Jesus called to the men, "Come, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men". They left their fishing and went with Him and became His disciples. The fishing was a family affair and the boats stilled stayed in the family. It did not mean that they were unresponsible when they gave up their fishing trade

At the synagogue in Capernaum, Jesus taught with great authority. He was teaching when a young man, posessed by a demon began shouting at Jesus, "Go away! We want nothing to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth. You have come to destroy us, I know who you are-The Holy One of God". "Be silent and come out". Jesus told the demon-the demon obeyed. People were amazed at His Authority and power by The Word of God. From the synagogue Jesus went to the house of Simon Peter's mother-in-law where He healed her from a high fever. That evening all who were sick came to Jesus and he healed them all. They begged Him to stay but He continued to travel throughout Judea, Preaching, Teaching and Healing.
Fulfilling prophecies of
Isaiah 29:18-21, 35:5-6, 61:1.

On entering a Galilean village, a man with leprosy saw Jesus and fell down on the ground begging to be healed. Jesus healed him and instructed that he go immediately to be examined by the Jewish Priest. This healing caused vast crowds, as other reports of all Jesus' healings did. When this occurred Jesus would go off into the wilderness to pray, for healing were wondrous acts to show God's glory and He did not want to fall into Satan's trap of being a popular esteem- worker.

Jesus then traveled back to Capernaum and continued to teach. The religious leaders were present, when men, carrying a paralytic on a mat went up onto the roof because of the crowded house, and after removing the tiles and clay, lowered him down to Jesus. Because of their faith He said to the paralytic man, "Your sins are forgiven; you are healed".
The people praised God but the Teachers of The Law were thinking who can forgive sins except God alone?
Jesus said out loud, "So that you may know that The Son has authority on earth to forgive sins". It was clear that one purpose of miracles was to give evidence of Jesus' deity.

God's provision through
His Messiah were both spiritual and physical. The people who belong to God under go a transformation because of Christ's Ministry of healing. These who were blind can now see and understand, spiritually and physically. Jesus proclaimed He was the Messianic Servant to free captives from their bondage, to release those from their captors. He had received the authority and anointing for healing and liberation to those bound. Isaiah wrote much from God's Spirit about The Messiah and His Salvation through Him, comfort of the people and the blessings for the people.

God requires loyalty and right conduct towards Himself and towards other people. Faithfulness must be a certainty for religious rituals are only helpful if careered out with live and obedience to God. God wants the love from the heart, He prefers to see results of a of a repentant lifestyle turned to do what is just and right, to turn form sin and follow His instructions, and to be blessed by His loving care.
Devotion towards Him instead of doing ritual deeds with out sincerity, for it is not just head knowledge but a genuine recognition of His Authority. and Sovereignty.
Jesus still does make an impact on the life of a person who seeks Him.

Jesus went down to the seashore and preached to the crowds that had gathered around Him. He saw Matthew (Levi) sitting at his tax collection booth (COLOUR IN CAMEO) and said to him, "Come with me and be My disciple". Matthew immediately followed Jesus. That night Matthew invited all his fellow tax collectors to dine and meet Jesus. The Jewish leaders of religion could not understand why Jesus would have anything to do with them for the tax collectors were cheats and thieves, known to be wealthy by dishonest means. Jesus knew these men to be repentant, but the Leaders were self-righteous, thinking they were more respectable and did not need to repent. The repentance and changed lives of known sinners was and is a powerful demonstration of Jesus' authority over sin and of His power to forgive.
Prophecy fulfilled of Hosea 6:6

Jesus returned to Jerusalem for one of The Jewish Feasts. Inside the city was Bethesda Pool, which from time to time had remedial virtue. A crippled man for thirty-eight years had been daily frustrated at trying to get down the platform to the water. Jesus healed him; the man did not know who Jesus was-this happened to be on the Jewish Sabbath.

The Sabbath was set apart in the Old Testament as a day of rest. The Pharisees now criticized Jesus for breaking The Law.
Jesus claimed the right as Lord of The Sabbath, to interpret its true meaning by healing a man, announcing that it is lawful to do good. Jesus exposes the uncaring attitude of the Teachers of The Law and establishes the priority God places on human needs.

Returning to Galilee, The Teachers of The Law criticized Jesus and His disciples for eating the grain as they walked along on The Jewish Sabbath Day through the grainfields. The eating was not the problem, the act of pulling off the ripe husks and grinding them between their palms was considered work, according to the self-righteous Teachers.

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