Great High Priest, King and Mediator-

King David who prophesied about a future ruler, whom he knew to be The Messiah, proclaimed that The Messiah's Kingdom would extend far beyond the area of Jerusalem.
Jesus acknowledged Psalm 110 to be about Himself and mentioned this, referring to Himself to the Scribes and Pharisees and silenced them in their disputes, for if they had admitted what David had prophesied was true, they would have acknowledged that Jesus was their Christ, for whom they had waited, for they knew this Psalm to be about their Messiah.

It is also declared and explained in the Book of Hebrews that His Kingdom would last forever.

God guaranteed His promise by swearing an oath, an unbreakable promise that The Messiah's Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace after the Priesthood Order of Melchizedek, would reign forever. The Psalm is also a reference to The Son of God in Heaven, seated at God's right Hand, the right hand is not only a sign of authority and power but also a position of exalted honour.

The Psalmist tells of the reign of Christ on earth, His Priestly Ministries for His people, and also speaks of the end times and The Messiah's role. The prophecy expounds that The Messiah was not only to be a priest but to come from King David's lineage, which caused great confusion and a complex problem for the Jewish teachers and scribes for they could not understand how a priest could not come from the Levi tribe, Aaron's descendants.

Melchizadek was a priest of The Most High God and appointed by Divine Decree and was not from the human lineage of Levites. He lived before God established the temporary Levitical Priesthood.
It was decreed that The Messiah's Priesthood and Kingship would be superior to King David and superior to the Levitical Priesthood.
God's oath established The Messiah's Kingdom to be worldwide and assured Him of Victory over all powers that would oppose Him. His reign would be approved, upheld, was permanently legalized, and unchangeable.

The Levitical priesthood had a High Priest who was an Intercessor, and Jesus is the Only High Priest and Only Mediator between God and man, within the New Covenant.

No one can go to the Father except through Christ.

Jesus is a superior High Priest of a Divine Eternal Priesthood, instead of cleansing rituals for the people daily and coming before God, once a year, for atonement, like the Old Testament priests who each lived and died,

Jesus is a permanent living High Priest who is always interceding, representing believers as a reminder of His sacrifice on their behalf.

Jesus is the High Priest after the Order of Righteousness and Peace of The New Covenant of Spirit and Grace.

Melchizdek's name means King of Righteousness, he was the King and Priest of the City of Salem, meaning Peace (Jerusalem) both which are Titles ascribed to The Messiah. It is Jesus who makes peace between mankind and God, and through His Righteousness, mankind is reconciled to God, and have peace with God, sins are forgiven because of Jesus, The Christ, The Only High Priest of the New Covenant.


The Name Joshua is the English equivalent to Jesus- Both also mean The Lord Saves. The High Priest Joshua in The Book of Zechariah, is seen as a prototype of Christ, who removed the sins of the people in one day, the 'once and for all 'sacrifice. With Christ as High Priest, every Christian is a Priest unto God in His Kingdom, offering their lives to be co-workers with God.

The Branch is a Messiah Title. Not only is the Messiah to reign as a Righteous King but also a Priest who established true worship in Spirit and in Truth. The High Priest oversees those who are cleansed, sanctified, restored, the life of those redeemed and judges the nations.

Jesus lives and is serving as High Priest and He does give personal guidance to each believer. Christ as The High Priest has experienced human temptations and He is ready to give immediate sympathy and help to those who ask for His aid, when being tempted, for the things of the world system are focused on the philosophy of humanism, selfishness and self-reliance, 'the strongest and the fittest to survive' motto and attitude, which is a great deception in itself.

Jesus as The Great High Priest is with believers in times of weakness. He understands and makes assurances that He will extend mercy toward His people when they fail or provide assistance to meet their needs in any given situation.

Jesus was appointed by God, The Father.

No other person has come from Heaven. Jesus, who was both God and man, was made perfect as a human. Obedient and sinless in the sense that He retained His dignity under every assault, even with righteous anger, He lived the Word of God. This made Him the source of Eternal Salvation through Atonement made at The Cross, for the souls of mankind to respond to God in faith and repentance and continue to advance to maturity.

He is the Great High Priest of a stunning superior covenant.

After obtaining Redemption through The Cross for believers, Christ ascended back into the heavenly sanctuary as a person who had walked upon this earth.

No other human has been raised from the dead and ascended into heaven
from whence He came.

Redemption is performed by a 'kinsman redeemer' and Jesus is the Kinsman Redeemer of mankind. Redemption is a ransom price that is paid for release, it is not paid to God or the devil, it is simply a price for deliverance, of the release of captives, Jesus redeemed the souls from being captive and in bondage spiritually and physically. He paid the price for mankind to enter freedom and Abundant Life.

Christ's sacrifice was accomplished once for all. The Old Testament sacrifices had to be continually repeated until the perfect sin removing sacrifice of Jesus was made.

Christ was obedient to The Father in coming to earth and His perfect sacrifice was offered in complete submission to do the will of God for the salvation of many souls.

Christ died for those who would be His, and is presently seated at the right hand of God in a position of authority and power interceding for His own, reminding the father that He died for them. As a High Priest He is always ready as a priestly representative, to remind the Father that He has completed atonement and made it possible for both Jew and Gentile to come before God's Throne of Grace.

The Old Testament Priest's work was never finished, but Jesus finished His task, all His work was completed except for His Second return and judgment of the nations. His provision in reconciling man to God allows mankind to draw nearer to God.

Christ's office as Great High Priest is intertwined with the sacrifice offering for forgiveness of sins. Christ was the offerer and the offered.

In one person He is High Priest, King, God's Advocate, God's Judge, God's Mediator, God's Saviour and Deliverer, He is God's Word and God's Ruler over the redeemed.

Jesus is the Mediator as Moses was a mediator on behalf of the nation of Israel, when they traveled throughout the wilderness; He is an Intercessory Representative as Aaron the High Priest was through the wilderness. God's purposes are in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. He gives to all access to God's mercy in the heavenly Holy of Holies, of which the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon was a copy in detail. Jesus' body is the believer's mercy seat from which His blood flowed forth, as the mercy seat in the ark of The Covenant in the wilderness on which had to be sprinkled with blood, by a hyssop branch, (also a feature used in The Death of Christ on The Cross).

This fulfillment of what God requires for reconciliation, is why there is no other way to God, The Father, Jesus is the only Mediator.

Christ had to be anointed with spiritual aptitude by The Holy Spirit for serving God, just as did the priests of the Old Covenant. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, not for the remission of sins, but that things be done right and in order, to meet the requirements, for Christ was born under the Law. His baptism is signifying purity and cleanliness ready for total commitment and service.

Not only was Aaron, the Levitical High Priest in the wilderness a prototype of Christ, so was the seat of mercy, which was covered in gold, on top of the ark, between two cherubim, sprinkled with sinless blood by the High Priest for the Jewish Assembly. Symbolic of Christ, His blood on the 'mercy seat' for the cleansing of sins made God available and accessible to mankind. Under Old Testament law no one except the High Priest could come before God, and make Atonement on behalf of the people once a year.

Christ supersedes, in His own personal being, all the functions of the Levitical Priesthood. The Priesthood of the Old Testament is the outward form of the acknowledgment of God's Sovereign power and is the reality in Christ, of which no other human being in any age can surpass.

From the moment of Christ's death and the tearing of the veil from top to bottom in the temple, to the resurrection of Christ and his ascension, the new covenant of Grace and Spirit had begun.

Atonement means bringing together into harmony of those who have been separated as enemies.

Jesus as a consecrated High Priest had not appeared before The Heavenly Holy of Holies when
Mary Magdalene had seen Jesus after His resurrection, perhaps that is why at that time she was not allowed to touch him. He then appeared to all for the assurance of forgiveness, the security of the removal of sins was in fact complete. Jesus' unblemished blood fulfilled the requirements of God's justice for total forgiveness and the removal of the consciousness of guilt.

His appearance was assurance that the way to God was made complete on the Cross.

This is the same as the High Priest of the Old Testament had to do, he had to be consecrated and prepare himself to go before the ark in the Holy of Holies behind the veil. All the people would stand afar off watching for the sign of his appearance from the presence of God over the mercy seat of the ark, so that they could be reassured that their sins were covered over and forgiveness was given by God as he presented himself to the people on Atonement Day.
In the new Covenant, sins are entirely removed. They are never mentioned again in the presence of God.

On the Cross the Atonement for mankind was finished, Jesus himself said this. The way open for all to the Father's mercy was revealed by the tearing of the veil, into the very presence of God. Atonement is a finished issue between God and the believer being reconciled, the work on the Cross never has to be repeated. A believer is reconciled back to God, for mankind was born separated and apart from God, born 'under Adam' an inherited nature of broken fellowship with the Creator.

A High Priest had to be called by God and selected from among men and must represent them before God, and this was so with Jesus. Christ's priesthood was not in any way opposite to the Levitical Order with a High Priest from the family of Aaron, but it did fulfil the importance and meaning of it.

The Levitical Priesthood was only a shadow and symbol of Christ
who was to come with a Higher Order forever.

The Priesthood of Christ was made complete. Christ is the High Priest of Redemption for God's people in His Kingdom. Christ as Redeemer executes the Offices of Priest and King. Melchizedek was Abraham's superior in order before The Most High God, therefore He was Levi's superior, and this increases the fact that the Priesthood of Jesus, The Messiah, was superior to The Levitical Priesthood and The Aaronic High Priesthood. It assures that The Messiah was to be a 'priest on a throne', one who had neither the beginning nor end of life.

Christians are priests in The Royal Priesthood of The Kingdom of God and have been anointed with oil (The Holy Spirit) by Jesus, The Great High Priest who baptizes them with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.

The Church of Believers is a priesthood and all have a part in the first resurrection. As priests of The Body of Christ, Christians are to take the gospel of Christ to other human beings so that it might be received by them and have their souls secured for eternity, being translated out of the kingdom of deception and destruction and into the Kingdom of God, with the assurance of Eternal Life under the Headship of Jesus, The Christ. The priesthood of believers is for sharing God's word with each other, correction and encouragement of each other, and the priestly ministry to God is exercised in prayer, representing others before God, worship and obedience, passing on the News of God's Salvation of forgiveness, grace and mercy to others, for the reconciliation of their souls with God for Eternity. Believers serve the Lord and each other in their priestly roles.

CHRIST IS GOD in the flesh. Nothing compares to Christ, not angels, rituals nor human role models. He is capable of providing the sanctification of mankind.

Jesus Christ, being truly human and as High Priest perfectly represents humanity before God. Being truly Divine as a High Priest, it was a 'once and for all' act of eternal value. He makes believers perfect, He helps those who are being tempted, He is a constant representative for believers at The Throne of God.

The Divine High Priest, Jesus strongly contrasted with human high priests because He did not offer sacrifices for His own sins, for He was sinless. As High Priest, Jesus calls for the keeping of trust and belief in God, invites all to seek Gods help and to stay near to God.

Christ does not have a successor. He, as High Priest is forever unique.

Priestly functions of believer's would be continued through the millennial reign of Christ, and perhaps would not be needed after The White Throne Judgment except to minister and worship unto God, for salvation of souls would have been settled and there would be no evil nor sin in the new heavens and new earth.

Believers are now justified in Christ and Christ as permanent High Priest has presented the victory over sin nature before God, The Father in the Heavenly Holy of Holies. Christ protects, covers, assures, strengthens and guides through The Holy Spirit all who are His.

Jesus' High Priestly Prayer

SCRIPTURES Hebrews 4:15,5:1-10, 5:2-7, 8:1, 9:11-28, 10:19,20.
QUESTIONS 1] How is Jesus a believer's High Priest? 2] Is Jesus merciful to His own people in His role as High Priest? 3] Who appointed Jesus as High Priest? 4] Why is Jesus the only Mediator? 5] What is The Priesthood over which Jesus is Head? 5] Who belongs to this royal priest hood?

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