Jesus' Galilean Ministry

During the time of Jesus' Galilean trips there were notable healings and miracles. The restorative changes, both spiritual and physical, mainly took place on the Jewish Sabbath, their Holy Day.

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Arriving at Capernaum, Galilee, Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath at the temple, who had a withered arm. He was criticized for this act of caring also. Multitudes of people followed Him everywhere and many healing occurred. Fulfilling prophecies of Isaiah 35:5-6,42:3,53:4.

Every where Jesus went He healed the sick, He had compassion for them for they were like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus withdrew alone to the hills and prayed all night. At daybreak He called His followers together and chose twelve close friends who He would teach concerning The Kingdom of God and to send them out on missions with power and authority in His Name.

After Jesus ordered the slave of The Roman Army Captain be healed at the request of The Jewish Elders, He and His disciples went to the village of Nain where a funeral procession was coming out of the village gate. The boy who had died was the only son of a widow. Without a male provider or protector she was in great difficulty to earn a living. No-body asked Jesus to do anything-moved with compassion He acted. Jesus simply spoke and a miracle took place, the young dead man sat up and began to speak in response to Jesus' command. The crowd acknowledged that they had seen the hand of God at work.

One of the Pharisees, who were suppossed to be the Caretakers of God's Word, but used it the way they wanted it interpreted, had invited Jesus to his home for lunch. As they sat down to eat, a woman of the street-a prostitute, who had heard Jesus preach, courageously entered the house. Jesus had been reclining on a couch, which made it possible for her to anoint His feet with expensive perfume. As she stood there she became very emotional and her tears began to fall on Jesus' feet. She quickly wiped His feet with her hair and kissed His feet, as a mark of humility. Jesus' host disapproved but Jesus explained to him that he, as a host himself, did not provide water for His guest's feet, which was lacking in social courtesy, and now he had His feet washed in a much better way, with tears and perfume, out of love, for the forgiveness of many sins, that was given her through faith in who He was.

As Jesus toured the cities and villages of Galilee to announce the coming of The Kingdom of God, He was accompanied by His twelve disciples and many women, some of whom He had healed and were very grateful.

The three most prominent women who traveled with Jesus were Mary Magdaline, Joanna and Susanna. Mary of Magdala (COLOUR IN CAMEO) was an early follower of Jesus, she not only traveled with Him but also helped His ministry financially. She was a wealthy woman, not a prostitute as some people think of her today, it would have been against the Law of Moses for Jesus to accept Ministry money from ill-gotten gains, she did come from a town of ill repute but she herself was not involved with those activities, nor was she Mary of Bethany. Joanna was the wife of King Herod's business manager, her husband was in charge of the King's Palace, she too helped finance the needs of the group.
Other Jewish Rabbis refused to teach women and generally assigned them to an inferior place in society, but
Jesus freely admitted them into fellowship and accepted their service and support. Jesus throughout His ministry encouraged woman into alliance as well as ministration and showed an example that all are with equal respect under God.

Jesus cast out a demon from a blind mute-the crowd was excited that the man's sight and speech had returned to him. Because of Jesus' growing popularity, the Religious leaders felt their authority was being threatened, so they accused Jesus of being Satan. Jesus points out that all sin can be forgiven except blasphemy against The Holy Spirit.

These Leaders also demanded a miraculous sign-the only sign
Jesus would give would be of Himself likened to Jonah in the fish and Ninevah (COLOUR IN CAMEO). As Jesus was speaking, one of the Pharisees invited Him to his house for a meal, Jesus accepted and while dining He exposed The Teachers of The Law and their spiritual darkness. They were careful to tithe but forgot about love and justice; they liked the power and honour they were given, yet corrupted others; these so called teachers hid the truth from others who may have had a chance to believe the Truth of The Law.

Spiritual and physical healings are linked with the Ministry of Jesus. Bondages that hold people captive are loosed from the people. Jesus us has all authority of earthly disease and evil influences. He bore our sin on the cross. He mends and restores the poor the needy, those who come to Him. Jesus mends broken lives, He will not ruin what a person has, He supports and upholds them, He mends suffering and brings people to a new Life. He will not toss any aside who love God. He will help those who are bruised and wounded.

A Parable is a teaching with an illustration to get across to others a detail with deeper meaning, either to hide the particular purpose or to reveal it. The hiding of the meaning of The Truth was a judgment because of unbelief to the Jewish Teachers at that time.

Near Capernaum, in Galilee, Jesus spoke in Parables to explain The Kingdom of Heaven, fulfilling prophecy of Psalm 78:2-4. Jesus spoke in wisdom, giving moral principles and keys needed to understand them. Jesus taught parables about-Individuals responding differently to the Word of God-Citizens of the Kingdom grow in the world until Harvest time at the end of the age-The Kingdom began small but it grows, it has Greatness and gives Rest-Fills persons with righteousness and demands abandonment of all other values-There is a separation of the unrighteous from the righteousness.
He did this so that those who had rejected Him would hear, but not understand because of their spiritual dullness-
fulfilling prophecy of Isaiah 6:9,10.

used everyday objects and events familiar to the people. To those didn't comprehend or look for the meaning of the illustrations, were puzzled and bewildered, by the point made in the stories.
In private
Jesus explained the parables in more detail to His disciples, the secrets of The Kingdom that were kept hidden from over zealous casual observers. The particular meaning of each moral was hidden from The Teachers of The Law, because of their hard-heartedness and being unrepentant, their rebelliousness brought judgment.

had healed many people-proof of His control over disease, fulfilling prophecy of Isaiah 53:4, and as evening approached, He asked His disciples to sail to the other side of the lake (the Sea of Galilee). Leaving the crowd behind them, although other boats followed, Jesus had time to sleep. While He slept, a furious storm came suddenly and the waves broke over the boat. The disciples, being afraid, woke Jesus. He got up and rebuked the wind and stilled the water.
The men were amazed and asked, "What kind of Man is this? Even the wind and waves obey Him". God's presence as well as His power was demonstrated. This miracle increased their faith in His Deity.

As Jesus was stepping out of the boat, having arrived at the other side of the lake in a non-Jew area, a demon-possessed man ran to Jesus and fell down before Him. The man snapped the hand cuffs from his wrists and smashed the shackles that had been put on him by the villagers in an effort to control him. He lived in the graveyard and wandered amongst the tombs for many days and nights.
Many demons possessed this man and they knew who
Jesus was and called Him The Son of The Most High God, and they greatly feared Him. Jesus ordered the demons to leave and sent them into 2,000 pigs that were nearby-the herd in a frenzy rushed into the lake and were drowned. The people who had lived there were afraid because of what had happened and asked Jesus to leave. The restored man now begged to go with Jesus, but was told to go home to his family and friends and tell them what God had done for him- He was given the task to witness of Christ's healing ministry and of God's blessings and this he did faithfully and many people became awestruck by God's mercy.

and His disciples returned back from across the other side of the lake and a vast crowd gathered around Him. Jairus, the leader of the local synagogue fell down before Jesus begging Him to heal his daughter, who was dying. Jesus agreed and went with him and the crowd followed.
Amongst the crowd was a woman who had been sick for twelve years, suffering a hemorrhage and doctors could not help her. She had been told about
Jesus and believed what she had been told and came up to Jesus and touched Him-immediately she was healed. Jesus knew this and wanted her to publicly acknowledge the fact of her healing.
Messengers arrived telling
Jesus that Jairus' daughter was now dead and therefore no need for Him to go, but their commands went ignored. On arriving at Jairus' house, He bypassed the mourners and went in and spoke to the dead girl, asking her to get up, which she did. Her parents and friends were amazed and this report spread over the countryside.

All throughout Jesus' Ministry there was healing, both spiritually and physcially. Jesus had authority over all manner of disease and illnesses and over anything that came form an evil source. His Ministry is still the same today. He was given this authority by God, His Father; sickness and disease had no hold over him for He was born of God and was not born separated from God through the fallen human race.

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