The Beginning of The Ministry of Jesus, The Christ

All scripture is based on Christ and points to Christ, His Pre-existence, His Deity, His Kingship, His human Birth, Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, His Glorification, and His Second Coming.

This is what the Bible, scribes, scholars, and prophets wrote and taught about. All scripture points to Jesus, The Christ, for in Him is Eternal Life, and not other human being. Jesus is the only man who perfectly reflected God, The Father's likeness.

The Old Testament prophecies of The Messiah's ministry was a mission of Salvation and Judgment. It can be concluded that His First Coming was for Salvation and His Second Coming will be for Judgment.

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The Scripture writing of DUETERONOMY was written by MOSES between 1450-1410 B.C.
came to the Throne in 1010 B.C. and it was accredited to him the writing of PSALM 2
and PSALM 69 is known that KING DAVID was the author.
MICAH warned God's people in the year 742. B.C.of judgement to come and offering pardon to
those who will repent in the present time and in the furture.
ISAIAH told of God's salvation through The Messiah in 700 B.C.
JEREMIAH urged God's people to turn back to their God between 627 and 586 B.C.
EZEKIEL, a priest had many visions from God and ministered in 593 to 571 B.C.
MALACHI spoke for God to the Jewish people at Jerusalem in about 430 B.C.

In 26 A.D. the forerunner who cried out for the repentance of sin, to be made ready for redemption, was John The Baptist. He prepared the way for the saviour of mankind, Jesus, The Christ. This was necessary, so those who were to receive Christ had to be put of the right path of repentance of sins, for not being right with God offends Him. Those who had repented were ignited with enthusiasm for The Messiah by the Crier of Good News. Isaiah informed God's people of a messenger of the genuine report that God cares for His people, would spread to all peoples.

Christ brings salvation to all people, who have chosen to obey Him. This was fulfilled in Jesus' First Coming as The Person of Jesus and does also refer to now and to His Second Coming in the future. God's Word is constant, unchanging, consistent and Eternal.

John The Baptist was sent by God to warn the people that each individual person must make their own choice to return to God, so that God could forgive them and prepare them for the deliverance that was about to come, which was a fulfillment of prophecies of Isaiah 40:3-5, and Malachi 3:1, 4:56. The acceptance of baptism was a sign that they had done this, for God grants forgiveness where there is regret. Jews, in general, did not associate water baptism with an act of repentance. They, especially The Teachers of The Law of The Scriptures given to Moses, relied upon being descendants of Abraham to be accepted by God, without the moral and spiritual attitude as required by God towards Him.
John The Baptist, was recognized by all as a Prophet of God. John The Baptist, ate simple food, had simple clothing and a very simple lifestyle as a visual protest against indulgence of the present time and of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Herodians who were supposed to be teaching God's Word, including the political party of the Zealots, all of whom were being hypocritical. He lived in the wilderness, traveling around the Jordan Valley and his baptisms represented a change of heart and sorrow for past mistakes against God, and living a more dedicated lifestyle with a need for a Saviour.
"With water I baptize those who repent of their sins: but someone else is coming far greater than I am. He shall baptize you with The Holy Spirit and Fire", preached John.
John, The Baptist
, himself was a prophet and as forecast, did successfully prepare the way for Jesus' public ministry.

was 30 years old, when He was baptized by John in the Jordan River, the age that all Jewish Rabbis began their teachings and interpretations of the scriptures. Jesus traveled from Galilee to John, His forerunner. His act was that of obedience, to do things right before God-not that He needed to be baptized, nor any confession of sins- Jesus publicly identified Himself with the people He came to save and to show His agreement with John's ministry. Jesus' own baptism and His anointing by The Holy Spirit marked the beginning of His own ministry. God revealed to John, to witness that The One on whom The Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove was HIS SON-and so when this happened to Jesus, John openly testified that Jesus was 'The Lamb of God' whom God had sent, and that this man Jesus is the 'Light of the World'.

All three persons of The Trinity can be clearly seen at Jesus' baptism-(NEED TO KNOW TEXT)
The Father speaks, The Son baptized, The Holy Spirit descended. The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus to equip Him for His Ministry. Jesus' will to obey the Word of God and trust in God for all things is seen throughout His earthly ministry which was for 3 and 1/2 years. There is no room for doubt that Jesus of Nazareth is The Eternal Son of God,
fulfilling prophecies Psalm 2:7, Isaiah 42:1,2. Deuteronomy 18:15.

God announced His Authority is given to His Son. All of this psalm applies to Christ as the Son of David and God's Anointed Son and Heir. Psalm 2 is referred to in the new Testament describing the Arrival of Christ, The King and His Ministry in Life which established His Eternal Reign.

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Jesus was led into the wilderness by The Holy Spirit for 40 days, fasting and praying, where He was tempted by Satan. God used this as a test just as Israel was tested 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus demonstrated that He was obedient to The Word of God and used The Word of God to have Victory over temptation. The Temptations were focused on three human vulnerable areas.
-HUNGER physical needs and desires
-BELIEF AND TRUST (Faith), that God would always prove Himself
-ABANDONMENT OF GOD'S WILL to take short cuts to reach goals. Jesus remained faithful in temptation. God will test His people but it is Satan who tempts the wrong doings. (

Each individual has their own will to choose.(NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

Christ is also the Servant of God, The Father, who was to become a High Priest to a nation of priests. As High Priest he prepared Himself to make atonement for the sins of the world. He is to set free and deliver the world from the prison and bondage of sin, as the prophet Isaiah mentions.

Israel and Christ are called servants of The Lord. Israel helped bring the news of Salvation to the world through their Nation was this prophesied. Jesus as Christ was fulfilled as a servant in this task, for God showed Himself to the people of the world.

Christ fulfills all the Messianic expectations of this prophecy of Moses. The earthly ministry of Jesus, God's Anointed One, was part of God, The Father's unique representation.

Jesus was the Ultimate Prophet.

10- John, The Baptist
11-Jesus Baptism
12-Jesus was Tempted



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