Is it not foolish to procrasinate on deciding the most important issue of your life?

God has set before mankind the offer of Life or Death for Eternity. Your Decision determines your destiny. God has given mankind a free will, to live with Him or be forever separated from Him.

Jesus is the Living Word, God, the Son who carried out the work of creation: His Name is The Word of God. Jesus is the Christian's High Priest, in reality. He, in actuality was made The Perfect Sacrifice and the Object of God's Salvation Plan.

Christians who have heard the Gospel, but stay immature believers, are those who are continually being pulled in the direction of compromising in areas of doubting God Himself as well as His standards of morality, principles and approval.

Those who do not strengthen themselves in the knowledge of God's Word and maturity in difficult times, including temptation, are to stand fast in the power and might of The Holy Spirit and hold on tightly to what God's Word reveals.

Christians are to continue in Christ's ways for service of The Truth of The Gospel without wavering with the thoughts of new ideas and fads. Those who are doubtful should be reassured if they continue on in His Word, and turn to God in response to His faithfulness.

The evaluation of a Christian will be the crop of produce, everything that is worthless will be burned off for greater productivity. God is constantly warning His people to go on and receive all He promises.

Building on the firm foundation of Christ, learning in depth what He taught is the step to maturity.


God supplies all the resources for a believer's maturity. He desires spiritual growth for His people for Christlikeness is His goal for them.

Believers grow in understanding, holiness and commitment. This involves dying to self wants, studying His Word, prayer, persevering, wholesome thinking and following the example set by Jesus.

Those who do not resist God's openness of grace and mercy and continue in His ways, experience His salvation, His Promises, Eternal Rewards, enter into an unshakable Kingdom.

For believers who respond obediently, confident in a sure strong foundation for eternity, are committed to the Love of God, His Will and Work by trusting Him for all things. Believers should be teachable, have a willingness to learn, a readiness for help and guidance. Spiritual growth focuses on proclaiming God's Word without reservation.
Fruits of the Spirit are evidence of spiritual growth as an outward sign as well as fruits of labour.


These are, teaching others in developing depths of understanding, self-evaluation of solidness and security in and on the Foundation of Christ, seeking unity or disunity, study and observation of the things of God or desiring entertainment, active trusting and belief or doubt, confidence in God's Word or trust in feelings and experiences, evaluation with God's Word. Accept correction if from God checking with His Word.

Maturity and wisdom accept who Jesus is and what He has accomplished on behalf of mankind. Maturity involves obedience and discerning God's guidance. Tolerance should be exercised for the benefit of young Christians, but not for evil and wickedness.

Spiritual maturity beings trustworthiness, understanding, unselfishness, wisdom and a zeal single-mindedness, giving full attention to God's Word and continually to seek and draw near to God, obeying Him faithfully.

Growing in godliness shows a selfless, excellent character and integrity, always seeking after peace and reconciliation but in doing so relying on God's wisdom.

Both studying scripture and The Holy Spirit renews our minds to right thinking. A mature Christian devotes time to prayer, worship and the Word of God because of Jesus. Discard any practice of attitude that hinders the relationship with God, closeness to Jesus, or reliance on The Holy Spirit.

Maturity is complying with The Holy Spirit to go on to reach the goals set in God's Word, growing from children to adolescents in Christ. Adulthood as a Christian is not perfection.

Life for a Christian does have a significant goal, to allow The Holy Spirit to renew and restore so that living like Christ is more identifiable by others. To be as living letters, read by all. This is a gradual growth as is spiritual growth, learning about placing God's will, His values first in life before all else.

Jesus wants to lead His disciples under the guidance of The Holy Spirit. He died that they might have understanding of the mercy and love of God. to be strong in understanding in the basic issues but go on in discipleship, not limiting God in any area of life.


Backsliding is turning away from a professed commitment to God, becoming entangled in the world's system of temporary desires and appetites, but can be caused by trials and persecution as well as false teaching.

A great concern for money and possessions above all else is a sign of unfaithfulness to the gospel of Christ. Zeal for eternal treasure grows cold. This is the lessening of a person's commitment to Christ. An attitude and actions can regress to the point of living for self instead of investing in eternity. It usually happens when individuals do not fully understand the gospel of Christ.

Christians do become sluggish, lazy and do not progress onto mature Christians, under the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

Christians should be able to discern with sound judgment the difference between right and wrong.

This should be recognized as a warning sign of impending spiritual death by the compromising of the Teaching of Christ and ignorance of The Word of God which has not stayed deep enough in the believer's heart. It is possible for individuals who have turned away from Christ to be restored.

Backsliding is when a Christian falls back into a rut of living as before their conversion, but it is different from 'falling away' from Christ.


Apostasy is defined by trampling the Son of God underfoot, implying not only the rejecting of Christ but also despising Him. This causes the profaning of Christ's blood which ratified the New Covenant and insults The Holy Spirit, who applies the grace of God, and insolent self-assertion that disregards the respect due The Godhead.

Apostasy is frequently called spiritual adultery and it provokes the jealous anger of God. Scripture warns against this danger and the negative consequences. The rejection of God and His ways comes from the sins of humanity.

Falling away from Christ is a denouncement of Who He is and ends in judgement. The consequences of resisting God means a drifting away from His security of life to destruction and death.

This ends in a fruitless and unproductive life, for hope fades because life will be built on a foundation that will not last, a foundation that passes away, and will be entirely destroyed. Rebellion leads to hardened hearts. Stubbornness is an attitude of the heart, and is disobedience to God's will and a rejection of His commands.

To reject God is to reject all the benefits of The Gospel of Christ.

To deliberately turn away from Christ is to turn off God's offer of abundant life, forgiveness, mercy, His care and protection including His guidance and wisdom. There are examples in The Bible of personal belief being renewed.

1 John 5:11,12

11 And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
12 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life

SCRIPTURES Hebrews 5:14, 6:4-8, 10:26-29, 12:22-25.
QUESTIONS 1] What are Christians warned from? 2] Does perseverance bring believers to maturity? 3] What is backsliding? 4] What is Apostasy?

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