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WHO IS SPIRIT and is three Divine Persons altogether in ONE, has revealed Himself to humankind as GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON (JESUS CHRIST) and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. God existed before time began and in this Trinity, the Persons are co-equal together. The Scriptures declare the distinction of the Godhead. The word 'trinity' was introduced to define the teaching concerning the Godhead which simply means 'three-fold'. The Scriptures use the words 'three' and 'one' to reveal that the God of the Bible is 'triune' in nature and being.

From Genesis to Revelation whether it be type or symbol, pattern or created things, shadows or theophenic revelations, or manifestation, or whether it be by clear declaration, Scripture shows that God is always revealed as 'one in three and three in one' that is a 'trinity'. Trinity means 'three in oneness', God is three equal persons, but not separate, yet One God.

Example-The sun as seen in the daytime has light energy and power, yet it is a whole sun. The Father has light, energy and power. The Son has light, energy and power. The Holy Spirit has light, energy and power. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not separate from each other i.e. a whole and not a part. The lack of full personality of each part would be deficient.

God eternally exists as a Triune Godhead. God's greatness has been made known to mankind by the Creation of all things that exist. To worship anything other than The One True God of Creation, is idolatry and as such would come under the curse and wrath of God.

The Bible and Christianity declares that there is One Eternal True God, distinguishable, undivided, indivisible, in concentrated form yet there are three existing, eternal persons who are distinct from each other, interrelated with each other, and each fully equal, fully Divine, not three separate beings. The more a person enters into a covenant relationship with God, more understanding is comprehended and recognised. The revelation to believers of the three persons of the Godhead is one of the greatest themes of Truth throughout The Bible.

The Word of God is the revelation of God.

Scripture is abundantly clear that there is only One God. The three different persons of The Trinity are one in purpose and agreement, and are one in essence. Christianity is not a belief in three Gods, but One God.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a trinity of separate persons united in totality and substance as One Being. The knowledge of The Triune Godhead comes by the way each person of The Godhead is presented in Scripture through their designations and accomplishments. Each person of The Godhead is fully God.

This is The God who created the heavens and the earth and all that is upon it, and is worthy to receive honour for He is Holy, set-apart from all else. He but spoke and all came into being. God The Father spoke, to bring creation into being through The Son, God The Son was The Divine agent who carried the life-giving word into being. The Holy Spirit was active in providing and protecting. God is unchanging, He cannot be other than who He is. The Father summoned The Son to work with Him in the activity of Creation. The Father directed the powerful work of The Son in the Creation of the universe with the provision of The Holy Spirit.

All three persons in One Being took part in Creation. The Godhead created and sustains the heavens and the earth. The Son did not come to exist at His birth in human form, He has always existed.

God has revealed to humankind that He is One Sovereign and Living God with many characteristics - Eternal, Mighty, All Powerful, Unchangeable, All-knowing, Self- existent, He is Everywhere, is Love, a consuming Fire and a Warrior. He is Sinless, He is Just, Fair and Faithful. He has shown us that He is Good and Kind, Trustworthy and Holy, very Merciful and Gracious. The Bible clearly shows that The Godhead, existing of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, equally each have the same characteristics.

Old Testament Scriptures Gen 1:1,2 'In the beginning God.....and the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters'. (John 1: 1-3) The word for God is 'Elohim', plural of the Hebrew word 'El'. It is a uni-plural word denoting plurality of Divine Persons without stating the number, but which subsequent Scriptures show to be three Divine Persons being The Father, The Son and Holy Spirit, each active. Gen 1:26,27-God (Elohim) said : "Man is become as one of US, to know good and evil". (Gen. 11:6) Isaiah 6:8 - "The voice of the Lord saying, Who will go for US?" (John 12:41) All of these verses speak of the plurality of divine Persons in the one God, and generally this Hebrew uni-plural word "Elohim" is used in the O.T . to speak of the Eternal Godhead. It is the O.T. equivalent for the N.T. definition of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or, the Godhead. Isaiah 48:16 - The Lord God (the Father) and His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) has sent Me (the Son)". Isaiah 61:1 - "The Spirit (the Holy Spirit) of the Lord (the Father) is upon Me, because He has anointed Me" (Luke 4:18) Psalm 110:1- "The Lord (the Father) said unto my Lord (the Son), sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Thy footstool". Genesis 19:24 - "Then the Lord (the Son) rained fire and brimstone from the Lord (the Father) out of heaven" Pslam 45:6-7 - "Your throne O God (the Son cf. Hebrews 1:8-9) is forever....therefore God, Thy God (the Father) has anointed You."
The Old Testament speaks of: THE FATHER (Isaiah 63:16; Malachi 2:10) THE SON (Psalm 45:6-7; 2:6-7,12; Proverbs 30:4; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6) THE HOLY SPIRIT (Genesis 1:2; Isaiah 11;1-3; 48:16; Genesis 6:3 61:1; 63:10)

The term used in the New Testament relative to God is "the Godhead". Colossians 2:9 "For in Him (Christ) dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily". Romans 1:19,20 "For the invisible things of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead". Both Old and New Testament teach of the unity within the One Godhead, and there are interchangeable expressions, The Angel of The Lord, The Word of God, the Spirit of God, The Messiah.

The Father is God and has The Fullness of The Godhead. The Son is God and has The Fullness of The Godhead. The Holy Spirit is God and has The Fullness of The Godhead. The Bible reveals that the Son is fully united with The Father, The Holy Spirit is identified with God. The Father speaks to The Son from heaven, The Spirit speaks to The Father on behalf of believers.

The relationship between The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit is unique, The Father has delegated His authority to The Son, The Father and The Son indwell each other. The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of God and The Spirit of Christ. The Son is equal with The Father, The Holy Spirit is equal to The Father and Son. The equality, unity and mutuality of the three persons, glorify one another.

The Son glorifies The Father, The Spirit glorifies The Son and The Father. All three persons of The Trinity operate in all works together. The Son and The Holy Spirit do God's work on earth.

The Father sent the Son, the Son reveals The Father, The Son speaks The Father's words. The Father testifies to The Son. The Father sent The Holy Spirit, The Son gaves The Holy Spirit from The Father, The Father sends The Holy Spirit through The Son.

All believers are baptised into The Name (not names) of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


All three work in Salvation through Redemption, All three at Christ's baptism, His ministry and their work of redemption, commissioning the disciples, Jesus' exaltation, proclaiming the gospel, building the Church.

Each person of The Godhead has different functions in relating to the world. These roles cannot be reversed. The Father never ceases to be The Father, The Son never ceases to be The Son, the Holy Spirit never ceases to be The Holy Spirit. The Son or The Holy Spirit were never created through The Father.

The different functions are the working of an eternal relationship between the distinct persons of The Godhead, which is of order, office and operation.

THE FATHER is the Source of the plan for our salvation. He is The Cause, The Covenant Maker, The Sustainer The Authority.

THE SON, JESUS carried that plan out; He Accomplished for us our redemption, saved us from eternal destruction. He is The Word, Mediator, Saviour, the invisible God in the flesh, God-man.

THE HOLY SPIRIT is The Administrator of our rescue and wholeness. Is sent from the Father, through the Son. He is The Inspirer, Illustrator, Comforter, the Anointing, the Power and the Fruit producer.

The persons of the Triune God are not different ways of looking at the one being God. God was not divided into three equal parts. God in Himself has unity and diversity. The Father never ceases to be the whole of God's being. The Son never ceases to be the whole of God's being. The Holy Spirit never ceases to be the whole of God's being.

Mankind is made in The Image of God. A person is also one, but there are three parts, body, soul and spirit. People have access to The Father through the Son, by The Holy Spirit.

It is important to remember The Bible teaches that God is One and God is Three, as a whole. If the teaching is over-emphasised concerning the fact that God is three, then it results in heresy, the worship of three separate Gods.

Heretical teaching is that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are simply three aspects of three manifestations of the absolute number one God. This is contrary to the Scriptures which make clear distinctions between Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each of whom are a whole and not a part. The Son prays and intercedes with the Father. The Father and the Son send the Spirit. The Spirit intercedes with the Father and takes the place of the Son.

The balance is to recognise that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three distinct personalities in the one God, but not three separate Gods.

The Bible teaches of one God, The Bible teaches of one Godhead. The Bible teaches of the Unity. The Godhead works together on everything. All attributes are of equal measure of being Divine.

The Father is always the Father, The Father is not the Son, nor the Holy Spirit. The Son is always the Son. The Son is not the Father, nor the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is always the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not the Father nor the Son.

The Father is eternally the Father. The Son is eternally the Son. The Holy Spirit is eternally the Holy Spirit. The characteristics and attributes of the Godhead are changeless.

God is one in operation, but three in revelation and made obvious. Each person of the Godhead is The One Supreme Being, not just a function.

God's revelation of Himself is that He is clearly sovereign over all. No human pen or tongue can define God. The Scriptures do not attempt to explain the mystery; they simply declare it.

Jude 1:20,21. "pray in The Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

SCRIPTURES Some examples of THE GODHEAD - Isaiah 3:22, 61:1, Psalm 110:1, Mathew 3:16-17, 28:9, Luke 4:18, John 14:16,17, 2 Corinthians 13:14, 2:18.
Examples of scripture revealing THREE AS ONE- John1:1,18, 6:27, Acts 5:34 . Examples of TRINITY- Aaron's rod, Numbers 17, The contents of The Ark, Hebrews 9, The Burning bush, Exodus 3:1-6
QUESTIONS 1] How has God revealed Himself? 2] What are the divine identities of The Godhead? 3] How are the personalities distinct from One another? 4] How can they all be One?

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