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Jesus constantly used descriptions when speaking to the crowds. In fact, because the prophets said that he would use so many, he never spoke to the people without at least one illustration. For it had been prophesied, "I will talk in parables, I will explain mysteries hidden since the beginning of time."

Both parables are of the growth of righteousness. God's power will not abate until the purpose is achieved.

Jesus said The Kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds but becomes the largest of plants and grows into a tree where birds can come and find shelter. The black mustard seed is the smallest of garden seeds that were used by the farmers and gardeners of Jesus' time. Even under unfavourable conditions the mustard tree still grew in height. The tiny seed grows into a mature plant. The birds perch on the tree branches for the sake of the seed they were very fond to eat. The birds made their nests there finding protection and feed on the seeds as well as having found shelter. The tree has many branches, as the Kingdom of God has many ministries and gifts.

EXPLANATION TO HIS DISCIPLES The field is the world, and The Kingdom of God was planted throughout by Christ, Apostles and disciples. The kingdom has come, but, like a mustard seed, it begins as something small and humble. Only gradually does the Kingdom of God develop. The seed symbolised small beginnings, sown to the world on the day of Pentecost to seek Christ's own. The tree has many branches, as the Kingdom of God has many ministries and gifts. The mustard seed grows persistently, as does the growth of God's Kingdom which is the result of divine power and not of human effort. Although The Kingdom will seem to have an insignificant beginning, it will eventually spread throughout the world and people from all nations will find rest in it.

The Kingdom of God grows beyond international and cultural boundaries. The Kingdom is like the tiny mustard seed which grows into a tree large enough to provide shelter for God's creatures. The greatness and power of God's Kingdom will be seen by all. The Kingdom of God provides God's security for all types of peoples.The parable of the mustard seed portrays the nature of the coming of God's Kingly reign. The scope of the parable is to show the beginnings would be small, but greatly increase. Matthew 13:31-32

The Kingdom of God can also be compared to a woman making bread. She takes a measure of flour and mixes the yeast until it permeates throughout every part of the dough.

EXPLANATION TO HIS DISCIPLES The yeast here is a symbol is of growth. As the yeast permeates a batch of dough, so the Kingdom of Heaven spreads through a person's life also, signifying the growth of The Kingdom by inner working of The Holy Spirit using God's Word to mature and renew. Matthew 13:33-35.

The tree denotes excess growth, the yeast suggests extensive transformation. The yeast represents both the spreading and the preservation of The Truths of The Kingdom. The mustard tree expresses the external development of The Kingdom while the making of the bread portrays of the internal development of the Kingdom.

As the tiny mustard seed is buried and the yeast hidden in the dough, the divine power of the Kingdom is at work.

When Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God, He meant, quite simply, the rule of God. The Kingdom of God is the reign of God. (SEE TEXT) He was not speaking of a geographical area such as the Holy Land or the Temple or of a political entity. He was not speaking of a group of people such as His disciples or the church. Rather, it is the Sovereign reign of God. This rule is independent of all geographical areas or political entities and Jesus called upon people to enter the kingdom.

The kingdom itself should be distinguished from the people who enter it.

The accounts deals with The Kingdom of God during this age.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God might look unimpressive, but it is something tremendous. The establishment of the Kingdom is a work of God and people can contribute nothing to the reign of God.

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