THE KINGDOM OF GOD is the Kingly Sovereign Rule of God in and over the lives of people and nations. It is the realm of recognition of the authority of God by people and not a geographical area. It is the fulfillment  of God's Plan for humankind by the achievement of His Authoritative Will through His people.

NIV Romans 14:17 "For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking,
but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit."

Righteousness in The Holy Spirit -is being and living in a right relationship with God, believing and trusting Him and not in individuals or self. People cannot achieve to be right with God themselves. It is the result of a loving act of God. It is God-given and cannot be achieved by human effort. Righteousness is an aspect of God's nature which expresses His unique perfection and it is made known and available to mankind through The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Peace in The Holy Spirit -Peace is an indication of The Holy Spirit's presence. It is part of the nature of The Holy Spirit, who imparts peace to God's people concerning their circumstances, including peaceful relationships between His people and Himself.

Joy in The Holy Spirit -is an attitude of delight and happiness which is grounded in the Word of God, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings joy to believers, an inner contentment and happiness which is not dependent upon external circumstances, and including the knowing of Christ's return.

Jesus announced The Kingdom's arrival during His ministry on earth. Heirs of The Kingdom are believers of Christ who have been made right with God, reconciled to Him through the Blood of Jesus Christ, and have been given the gift of Eternal Life.

The arrival of The Kingdom of God comes into being whenever God is acknowledged as The Total Authority. Although God is Sovereign, His Word looks to a future environment of salvation for the citizens of The Kingdom. Jesus calls this Kingdom His, at His return. The Kingdom has come in Christ, this is present, and is yet to come in fullness when He returns as promised, which is in the future. Jesus rules over The Kingdom until all His enemies are defeated and then He hands it over to God, The Father.

The Kingdom of God was the central teaching in the parables and preaching of Jesus, of the apostles as recorded in Scripture of the New Testament and is one of the principal themes of preaching the Gospel today.

Entering or inheriting The Kingdom of God is the privilege of those who have been given God's favour because of Jesus Christ, and willingly acknowledge and desire to live obediently, morally and ethically, before God and man, the commands of God, being led by The Holy Spirit and who have become part of the new creation of which Jesus and the early church are the firstfruits, in salvation and righteousness of Christ.

Entrance into the Kingdom of God is of vital importance, it is a matter of urgency, it means life or death of the soul and where a person will spend eternity. It will either be in peace and harmony with God or separated from God, sadly in unquenchable and interminable torture.

Conditions for entry into the Kingdom are for people to be childlike in their trusting towards The Supremacy and Authority of God and His promises, to be born again of God's Holy Spirit, willingly following and obeying God's Will, a total commitment as a disciple of Christ. Only through Jesus Christ is there access. The wicked and rebellious against God will not inherit The Kingdom because of pride, refusing the offer of Eternal Life and the need of depending upon God, preferring their independence and self-reliance.

Entry is not based on outward appearances or granted to all who claim to know The Lord Jesus Christ.

In parables Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God in many different ways. The Kingdom of God was likened to a farmer, seed, yeast, treasure, a priceless pearl, fish, a marriage feast.

Jesus taught simply of The Supremacy and Rule of God. The Kingdom of God in the reign and realm of God. People cannot build the Kingdom of God; on the contrary the establishment of The Kingdom is the work of God.

God calls people into His Kingdom, to be spiritually reborn, The Kingdom of God affects lives dramatically and powerfully. God's Kingdom is also in believer's hearts now. Loyal disciples of Jesus who obey God's commands are members producing great rewards.

No-one deserves to be in The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is distinguished from the people
who enter it.

The Kingdom of God in one sense is extended over human lives through The Work of Jesus, but it is also to be made complete in the future. God's Kingdom cannot be shaken and will arrive in the future.

People are to make The Kingdom a priority and seek it ahead of all else. Believers pray God's Kingdom to come soon, both in their lives and for the future consummation.

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom, is universal and is of undeserved favour, it belongs to those who have believed the conditions set. It belongs to the humble, those who are willing to depend upon God, those who admit their failings and acknowledge they need His help. It belongs to sinners who are ready to repent, to believers who are persecuted for Christ's sake, to both Jews and Gentiles, no matter what socio- economical scale or status. The cost is giving up self-centred egotism for The Blessings of The Holy Spirit.

The blessings of being in The Kingdom of God are innumerable and it is ultimate well-being and distinctive spiritual joy of those who share in the salvation of their soul and spirit. The Kingdom, like salvation and receiving Eternal Life, is a Gift from God, it cannot be earned. People who receive the gift of Salvation become citizens of the Kingdom of God.

There are characteristics of those who have entered The Kingdom of God. Saints live according to it's values, anticipating the return of Jesus Christ, His Second Coming to this world. Those in The kingdom do not conform to the standards of this world. Heirs to The Kingdom are fruit-bearers proclaiming the Truth of Christ to others, are spiritually alert and faithful in doing righteous deeds. It is a Kingdom of forgiveness and mercy, excluding The Wrath of God. the Holy Spirit is the Kingdom's power and displays  through Kingdom people God's tangible presence. It is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in The Holy Spirit.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 26:29, 24:14, Romans 14:17.
QUESTIONS 1] What did Jesus preach about? 2] What is the Kingdom of God? 3] What are the conditions of entry into the Kingdom of God? 4] When will the Kingdom of God come in its fulness?

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