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The Lord's Prayer is the Title given to the supplication which Jesus taught His disciples when they asked Him how to pray however it is mainly called The Disciple's Prayer
because it was given to the them for a model of the proper approach and order of prayer.
Aspects of The Prayer are the recognition of God as Father, a desire for His will to be done, physical and spiritual protection and seeking forgiveness.
Jesus instructed disciples that they are members of God's own family and to pray to a personal Father.

The prayer is firstly related to God's considerations, then in descending order from God Himself, to His Kingdom now and The Messianic Reign, to His Will being carried out. After acknowledging God's sovereignty and importance, the disciples were taught to pray for their own needs which were also in descending order, from daily supply of material needs to the ultimate deliverance.
God has always promised to answer prayer for personal and corporate needs as well as the needs of others. God heeds the prayers of individuals for deliverance from enemies, those who are oppressed, those who need healing. Jesus also taught His disciples persistance in prayer.

Jesus' own life of prayer was an example for disciples. In a brief instruction He gave vital aspects for Christians to pray with a clear perspective and stressed the dependence upon God as sovereign and to live humbly, not self-dependant nor self- centred, but godly and rightly with others.

The disciples asked Jesus' help to guide them how to seek God and speak to God reverently and scriptually.
Today this is the most widely used Christian prayer.

The prayer is a pattern for believers, and regarding petitions, Jesus urged His disciples to be bold in prayer and gave assurance that God answers prayer. God as Father would not reject any believer who comes in prayer through Christ, before Him. Scripture affirms God is faithful to those who pray according to His will.
Human understanding is limited and does not comprehend the whole view of each situation. God rebukes those who question His authority, but will explain events to those who inquire of Him.

Without prayer, vital communication and relationship with God is impoverished.

Deliverance from danger, suffering, sin, God's wrath, trouble, Satan, comes from God. There is no other means by which deliverance comes except God. God directly intervenes.

Believer's know that an outward sign of religion is not the issue, but an inner sensitivity to God and a desire to please Him, which comes from The Holy Spirit.

Matthew 6:9 "This, then, is how you should pray:

"'Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
For yours is the glory, the kingdom and power, forever and ever. Amen.

It is also recognised that in six of the petitions included in the model of prayer quoted to His followers, is also part of 'The Sermon on the Mount' which included the beatitudes, ethical warnings, contrasts between the teaching of Jesus and Jewish traditions. Jesus also taught parables on these issues, stressing their importance.

The pattern of prayer reminds us of God's character, uniqueness and holiness, His will and His purposes. All prayer should begin with adoration of God Almighty, of His Greatness and of His purposes. It is God's responsibility to respond to prayer and this He has promised to do. This prayer is not to be reduced to empty recitation as Jesus cautioned the disciples. This is a community prayer as well as for an individual.


As well as being the majestic Sovereign Creator He is also a loving personal Father, affirming an intimate contrast. All disciples of Christ have a personal covenant relationship with God, who recognise Him as Lord over all things, and give Him the rightful place of authority.
Disciples are adopted by God into His Kingdom.


God will justify the Holiness of His Name, for many throughout the nations profane His Name. His Name shows the characteristics and attributes of God, and believers need to respect His kindness and awesomeness.
God expects His people to Honour Him, He is The One and Only All-Powerful Living God.
He has made Himself known to the people of His creation through His Name, His Word and His Son, Jesus. God has a Book of Remembrance of those who revere His Name.


Believers accept God's right to rule in their lives and in the future perfect completion of His Kingdom. This is a reference to His Kingdom priorities, His programme and promises.
God's Kingdom is also a testimonial to His spiritual realm.
His Kingdom is present, regarding Christ reigning in the heart of His disciples and His Kingdom will be complete when evil is destroyed and He establishes a new earth and new heaven, according to His timing and preparation.


Yielding to God's authority is giving Him permission to fulfil His purposes in a believer's life.
He knows better what is right and good as a guide here on earth, in society and in individual lives,
so as not to obstruct and hinder the advancement of His Kingdom in both spheres, the physical and the spiritual. Asking for God's will to be done is not fate, but that His perfect direction
be done in the lives of His people, in this world and in His world to come.
There is a great desire for God's work to come to pass.


This is recognisant of God's continuing involvement in daily provisions for any need and daily experiences. He is acknowledged by disciples that He is The sustainer and provider, trusting Him to provide what He knows His people need and what is requested. Jesus encourages all to pray for physical needs as well as spiritual covering and growth.


Forgiveness is needed for any type of sin, for unpardoned sin breaks fellowship and communion with God. Believers need forgiveness from the immorality both physically and spiritually and from the tasks and issues of all rebelliousness, to be able to express God's love to others.
Forgiveness is qualified by the readiness to forgive others of hurts, unjust cruelty of any personal injury for God readily forgives others who request forgiveness of the same issues. He overlooks the equivalent done to Him. Acknowledgement on the basis of God's mercy, believers must forgive.
If the restored person is marked out by an unforgiving spirit, it is the truest sign that he does not have Jesus as Lord in his Life. Jesus gives stern warnings in the Bible about unforgiveness, if, as Christ's disciples refuse to forgive others, then God also refuses to forgive them.


Petitioning for God's strength to withstand moral or perilous trials, so as not to fall or stumble into the deception of the evil one, is also giving acknowledgement to God as Supreme in authority, as well as mankind's own personal choices. God does not cause people to sin, nor is it He who tempts.
Christians need not fear strife or trials for God has promised to be with them, and requesting help is the wisest thing to do when going through any trial or tribulation. It is asking for deliverance from Satan and all Christians deal with different types of temptation in life,which is mainly to compromise on all levels.
God does not allow the temptation from Satan or mankind's own wickedness to go beyond endurance. God does expect His people to recognise temptation and to choose His way of dealing with it,
for if one falls into temptation, the repercussions always effect others.


This doxology is an affirmation of belief in God's Supreme Authority of Control in all things.
This is a confirming expression of truth and reliability on acceptance of God's will.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:1-4.
QUESTIONS 1] Is a prayerless disciple powerless? 2] What example did Jesus give to His disciples? 3] How does this prayer resemble each of the Ten Commandments? 4] Are the disciples to live out what is prayed in this prayer?



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