Christ's birthplace was accurately predicted hundreds of years before He was born.

Joseph and his family made two trips were made to the Temple at Jerusalem which was five miles from Bethlehem. The first trip was eight days after the birth of Jesus and was for His circumcision, for He was born under The Law. This covenant sign was soon to be changed under the New Covenant God was making. Jesus' dedication was 40 days later at Mary's purification.

At the Temple the family was approached by a sincere God-fearing man called Simeon. He was given a special insight by The Holy Spirit to recognize Jesus, The Christ, sent from God. He took the Baby into his arms praying, "Lord, I have seen the Saviour You have given the world. He is The Light that will shine upon the Nations". Fulfilling prophecy of Isaiah 60:2,3. Simeon also prophesied over Mary.

Anna, a prophetess (COLOUR IN CAMEO) was also at the Temple. She was very old and lived at the Temple in Jerusalem, worshipping God, praying and fasting as she ministered to God. She came up to The Christ Child Jesus, and began praising and thanking God. She went and told everyone in Jerusalem who had been waiting for their Saviour, that He had finally arrived. This truth was observed by those who faithfully kept close to God.

Simeon just after Jesus' birth prophesied suffering, deep anguish. This is a reference to Christ's suffering and death upon the cross. Simeon and Anna were among the first to bear witness to Jesus as The Messiah sent from God by The Holy Spirit. Their prophecies carried much weight for they were highly respected amongst the Jewish community there in Jerusalem.

People will either accept and receive the Truth of Christ or reject Him.

King Solomon, King David's son, made the proclamation of The Messiah's righteous rule. The early church used his Psalm as a portrait of Jesus, The Christ.

The wise men were from different lands, representing nations bringing gifts to The King of The Greatest Kingdom of All. They came to the Capital of the Nation expecting to find The King of Israel there. God's Salvation is shown here, at the beginning of Jesus' Life, that it is intended for Jews and Gentiles.

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Isaiah spoke out that the darkness is a symbol of gloom and oppression and told of a new manifestation of The Lord and people will be attracted to The Unveiled Light. Those in Spiritual darkness shall see a Great Light. God's Light radiates His Son's Light to the nations dispersing darkness, ignorange and evil.

Hosea prophesied the call from Egypt of Israel, and is typified of Jesus coming out of Egypt. His maessages illustrated God' love for the sinner, His forgiveness and restoration of individual people and nations.

Under the inspiration on The Holy Spirit, Israel is seen throughout the Life of Christ.
Christ was able to do what Israel as nation could not.

Several weeks had elapsed since the birth of Jesus, and His parents had moved from the stable into a house. Foreign soujourners, following a star that outshone all others, found it to be a sign for The Birth of The King of The Jewish Nation and went to Jerusalem looking for this baby, so they could greet Him and worship Him, for they would have studied Daniel's writings and knew that this Baby was very important.
King Herod, who had been appointed his position by the Roman Senate was greatly disturbed at the news of a rival king and asked that these wise men report back to him once they had found Him.
King Herod also asked the Chief Priests and Teachers of The Jewish Religious Laws, where the birthplace of The Christ was to be, and had them search the scriptures for prophecies spoken through the prophets of God. They told him that it was to be the village of Bethlehem. Micah 5:52 had written 700 years prior.
The wise men were warned in dream not to go back to King Herod.

The traveling visitors sought out the Child Jesus to pay homage to Him and offer gifts fulfilling prophecy Psalm 72:10 but King Herod was to search for Him to kill Him.
Joseph was warned by an angel to escape with his family to Egypt. "Out of Egypt I called my son", to save mankind from the bondage of sin, this was the fulfillment of extended prophecy-of Hosea 11:1
Just as Israel, an infant went down into Egypt, so the Child Jesus went there. As Israel was led by God out of Egypt, also His Son, Jesus.

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King Herod put to death all the male children in Bethlehem and surrounding areas, thinking that the newborn Baby King would be killed and would no longer be a threat to his throne-fulfillment of prophecy,
Jeremiah 31:15

Herod's orders to kill all male infants in Bethlehem and all those living in the surrounding region are stated as a fulfillment of the passage prophesied through the prophet Jeremiah. There was great weeping for the lost children, and terrible sadness was caused by King Herod's decree to have the children slaughtered, in an effort to kill Christ, The King of Israel.

After the death of King Herod, Joseph was instructed by an angel to return to Nazareth in Galilee.-fulfilling the scriptures, Isaiah 11:1- "He shall be called a Nazarene".

In Jesus' day a Nazarene was despised, for the town Nazareth was of bad report, also it was ascribed to the people living there. Nazarene likewise describes the word BRANCH, which is a title for The Messiah.

Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. When He was 12 years old, the family traveled to Jerusalem for the annual Feast of The Passover. After the feast was over, Jesus stayed for 3 days listening to The Teachers and asking them questions.

All were amazed at His understanding of the Scriptures of God.

On the way home, realizing that Jesus was not with the traveling company, His parents returned to Jerusalem to look for Him. They found Him among the Teachers at The Temple. Jesus was surprised that His parents spent a full day looking for Him without seeking Him first at 'His Fathers House'; at this age He was aware of His relationship to God.
Although Jesus, Himself was God, He had to experience obedience, knowledge and wisdom as a human being to grow as The Sinless 'Son of Man'.

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