The Resurrection of Christ fulfilled prophecies of The Old Testament prophets. The event declared His Deity, certified Him as The Messiah, He completed victory over sin and death and assures those who recognize the Sovereignty of God, their own glorious resurrection and of ownership of their spiritual body, being with and living with their Saviour for eternity, the reward He achieved for them.

The spirit of knowledge was upon Jesus and His knowledge gave Him insight of His mission given to Him from The Father. He was promised exaltation because through His resurrection He caused many to become righteous, also because of His resurrection He gives Eternal Life to others.

Jesus, The Messiah totally trusted God, The Father, with His spirit, soul and body to be given back to Him after He volunteered to surrender Himself completely for The Father's plans and purposes.Christ would live forever Isaiah foretold, as he spoke of The Messiah's resurrection.

On the first day of the week after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene (COLOUR IN CAMEO), Mary the mother of the disciple James and Joanna (CAMEO) went to the tomb prepared with spices to anoint Jesus' body. They found the stone rolled away and two angels at the entrance of the tomb, told the women that Jesus was not among the dead, but the living. He had risen as it was written about.

Mary Magdalene went to inform the disciples. Peter and John ran to the tomb, both saw
Jesus' grave clothes that no longer contained the crucified Christ, lying empty of a body, but still lying in their original folds, untouched by human hands, as fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 53:10-12 and Psalm 16:10 and 49:15. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

The first person to see The Risen Lord was disciple Mary Magdalene, a woman who had traveled with Jesus and had supported his ministry and group financially, for she was very thankful to Jesus, as previously He had cast out seven demons from her, releasing her from a very distressing life. She was not a prostitute, nor the woman who anointed Jesus' feet, but was a wealthy woman from Magdala.

A teacher of God's Word is forbidden to live off the earnings of a prostitute, which supports the truth of her living a morally sound life.

She was also one of the few faithful disciples who did not abandon Jesus at the cross, she had watched Him die, and had been one of the women who discovered the empty tomb, for she had taken spices for the anointing of Jesus' body to the site early in the morning after the Jewish Sabbath. Recognizing Jesus in the Tomb Garden, He told her to tell the other disciples of His Resurrection from the dead and she responded with joy and obedience. Jesus had entrusted her first with the message of the Gospel.

The guards assigned the security of the tomb had fainted at the appearance of the angels. Later they told the Chief Priests what had happened. At a meeting of the Jewish Religious Leaders, it was decided to bribe the guards to lie, to tell others that Jesus' body was stolen, yet they themselves were the ones who took great measures in having Jesus' tomb legally sealed to prevent such a deception.

The guards accepted the bribe and those leaders, who were so proud of obeying the Law, had broken themselves, the Laws of Civil Justice, Moral and Religious Laws in every way by bribes, false accusers, secret trial at night, demanding the death of the innocent. They, who accused Jesus of lying and being a deceiver, became the ones who deceived the people.


Two of Jesus' followers walked home the afternoon of the day of His Resurrection to the village called Emmaus, their Risen Lord joined them, finally when their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, they rushed back to the other disciples to tell them. That evening the disciples met behind locked doors, in fear of the Jewish Leaders, when suddenly Jesus was standing there amongst them. (NEED TO KNOW TEXT)

There are many incidents to prove of the Resurrection of Christ, here are just a few evidences. The Empty Tomb-The Roman Seal-The Temple Guards who were as if dead-The Roman Guards-The Missing Body-The Empty Grave Clothes-Transformation of The Disciples from being afraid to boldly preaching and suffering persecution, even death because of it-The testimony of The Church itself-The Lord's Day which was changed by Jewish Christians as the First Day of the week to worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and God.

The empty tomb was checked out by Religious Officials; it could not have gone unchecked in Jerusalem, where it had happened, for the disciples were starting to tell each other.

Jesus was seen by over five hundred of His Disciples at the same time.

If Christ had not been resurrected, then all mankind are still in bondage to sin and death. Jesus' Resurrection is the guarantee of man being freed from the bondage of sin by forgiveness and receiving Eternal Life. The Resurrection of Christ is historically attested and well documented as an event that happened. This was eyewtitnesed by hundreds of people, who talked with and physically touched the Resurrected Lord.

Knowing that God acts in the world of mankind and that He physically dwelt amongst his creation as a person called Jesus, The Christ, is proof of supernatural occurrences, for His purposes, one of them being, the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

The importance of
Jesus' Resurrection guarantees that he, The Second person of the Godhead is alive today, to accomplish all that God has promised to mankind through His Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection.

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