The Resurrection of Jesus Christ after His Death is one of the basic doctrines of Christianity, and there are many Divine reasons for His Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, which transcended natural laws.

Both His Death and His Resurrection were prophesied in great detail and Christ Himself foretold of both issues.

The First prophecy of this event is in the First Book of The Bible, Genesis, Chapter 3 verse 15.

Jesus, Himself said the sign He would give to the unbelieving Jewish people, would be the sign of Jonah, and that His Body, the temple or the tent that housed His spirit and soul, He would raise up in three days.

The Bible, God's Word declares Jesus' physical Death and Resurrection were not an accident, it was a completion. Christ died for the sin of mankind, He was raised for their Justification.

God had chosen in the Garden of Eden, that innocent blood would cover the sins of mankind, to give satisfaction of divine anger against faithlessness and injustice. The first sacrifice was made in this manner to clothe Adam and Eve of their shame of disobedience and doubt before Him.

The sacrifices in the Law of Moses were symbolic substitute offerings that pointed towards the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ, who laid down His life for all. Burnt offerings pointed to Christ's atoning death for sins and His total consecration to God. Meal offerings symbolised the best fruits of humans living to God, peace offerings celebrated the covering of sin, forgiveness by God and the restoration of a right relationship with God, sin offerings were offered in which guilt for the worshipper was transferred.

Jesus alone, and no other, died for the sins of others.
He was born sinless and remained sinless

Jesus surrended His spirit into the hands of God, The Father. He, Himself voluntarily gave up His life. No-one took it from Him. His body was not left to decompose, His body received a proper burial. Crucifixion victims were usually left hanging in disgrace until the body decomposed.

According to the Teaching of Moses a person who had been killed by hanging on a tree was accursed of God. This form of death was repulsive to the Jewish people.

Being cursed of God, Jesus Christ took God's wrath for the sins of mankind upon Himself for the sake of the destiny of those who believed in the knowledge of the truth of God's plan and purpose.

This was the stumbling block to many selfighteous Jewish Teachers and seen as foolishness to the Gentiles, but this was God's wisdom in Christ, fulfilling the purpose of the saving of mankind.

Jesus' DEATH physically on The Cross took place after He had almost been killed by the scourging of the whip by the Roman Soldiers.

The tip of the whips used for lashing contained broken sharp metal similar to glass. This cut the back of Jesus raw to the bones. Many victims died on having these floggings before their crucifixion.

Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, inquired of the assurance of Jesus' death when the report came to Him; a lance from a Roman soldier speared His side while He was still on The Cross, and out flowed blood and water, which was the result of piercing the pericardium, the sac that surrounds the heart and the heart itself. The assurance of His death was given by the soldiers, for they were very experienced at crucifixions.

Every detail in the way Jesus died had been prophesied many times and hundreds of years prior to the event. Jesus was buried.

According to the Jewish custom of the time, a body was prepared for burial by realitives. Jesus' body was wrapped with spices in strips of linen, by two Jewish Teachers who were His followers, and knew that He was sent from God. He was laid in a rock hewn tomb, which was closed by a large stone at the entrance.

The Chief Priests and Pharisees, the religious teachers of the day went to the Roman Governor, Pilate and asked for an order to be given to secure the tomb, this was allowed. A Roman seal was put on the tomb with Roman guards and Temple Guards also on duty to watch the tomb.

To break this seal meant death to any who interfered with it. The Guards also were under the sentence of death if found asleep at their post.

The RESURRECTION of Jesus took place 3 nights and 3 days after His death and burial. His Body saw no corruption, for God, as promised, raised Him from the dead by The Power of The Holy Spirit.

Because Christ was sinless, death had no hold over Him. Being sinless, His resurrection happened because of who He was.

The women who went to the tomb, found the stone had been rolled away, the guards were fearful for their lives.

Behind locked doors the frightened disciples of Jesus fearing that they too might be crucified, for they were followers of Jesus, did not believe the report of the women and could not comprehend what was told to them.

Two disciples spoke to The Risen Christ on the road to Emmaus, and returned to Jerusalem to tell the others who were locked away in hiding

Two of the disciples ran to the tomb and found it empty, and the grave clothes lying there still folded by themselves, flattened in the folds where the body had been. The burial head cloth was also folded upon itself.


The guards were paid money by The Temple Religious Leaders to circulate rumors and they were assured that they would not lose their lives if they maintained that they had fallen asleep.

Until Jesus appeared to them in a locked room that same evening, the disciples refused to believe that Jesus had risen, but they started to remember what He had said would happen concerning Himself.

The empty tomb was checked out by Religious Officials; it could not have gone unchecked in Jerusalem, where it had happened, for the disciples were starting to tell each other.

There were numerous witnesses who saw Jesus after His Resurrection, in many different places, even a group of 500 together saw him. He stayed on earth for 40 days teaching the disciples and followers about the Kingdom of Heaven.

His new spiritual/human body is a sample of which all resurrected believer's bodies will also be like.

There are many incidents to prove of the Resurrection of Christ, here are just a few evidences.
The Empty Tomb-The Roman Seal-The Temple Guards who were as if dead-The Roman Guards-The Missing Body-The Empty Grave Clothes-Transformation of The Disciples from being afraid to boldly preaching and suffering persecution, even death because of it-The testimony of The Body of Christ itself-The Lord's Day which was changed by Jewish Christians as the First Day of the week to worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and God.

If Christ had not been resurrected, then all mankind are still in bondage to sin and death, unable to commune with God, and unable to go to be with Him at the time of death. Jesus' Resurrection is the guarantee of man being freed from the bondage of sin by forgiveness and receiving Eternal Life.

The Resurrection of Christ is historically attested and well documented as an event that happened. This was eye-witnesed by hundreds of people, who talked with and physically touched the Resurrected Lord.

Knowing that God acts in the world of mankind and that He physically dwelt amongst his creation as a person called Jesus, The Christ, is proof of supernatural occurrences, for His purposes, one of them being, the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

The importance of Jesus' Resurrection guarantees that He, The Second person of the Godhead is alive today, to accomplish all that God has promised to mankind through His Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection.


After THE ASCENSION of Christ to the Father's right hand, of which there are four recordings of many, many eye-witnesses in the New Testament, the disciples boldly preached to all about Christ's Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, Glorification and His Ascension.

His Life, Death , Resurrection, Glorification and Ascension
was the witness of the New Covenant between God and man.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 12:40, Luke 24:36, John 20:19,20, Acts 1:9,10.
QUESTIONS 1] Was the death of Jesus prophesied in The Bible? 2] How do people know that Jesus was really alive after His death and burial, what was the proof? 3] what did Jesus achieve through His Death, Resurrection and Ascension? 4] W hat kind of body did Jesus have after His resurrection? 5] Did Jesus visible ascend to God's right Hand in heaven?

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