ONE GOD who is SPIRIT and is three Divine Persons altogether in ONE, has revealed Himself as GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON (CHRIST) and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT existed before time began and in this Trinity, the Persons are co-equal together. Example: the sun is light, fire and power, yet is one in wholeness and entirety. Exodus 20:3; Deuteronomy 4:6; Isaiah 43,44,45; Mark 12:1; Corinthians 8; Galatians 4


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This small statement is one of the most truthful ever acknowledged, and it teaches us about God; that the Triune Godhead is creative, eternal, in control of the universe and all its galaxies spinning throughout the vast universe. Everything is a complex design of a pattern, functioning with order and efficiency.

God has the capability to preserve all these cosmic bodies in their sequence. Just in the atmosphere of the earth when it is considered of one atom and the design of spinning molecules with so much power, but billions upon billions are all kept in check and controlled.

The universe is far too complex for 'it just to have happened by chance' as many people might think. Scientists have tried to work out different theories and all have different opinions of how the earth might have started and the age of it all. All experts differ on methods of testing for the age of just this earth, and all their answers are millions of years different from each other. It seems an impossible task for the human mind. Human minds cannot grasp the magnitude of it all.

God created Angels who are mighty spirit beings, worshippers of God and are messengers for Him, to do His bidding. Their power and intelligence is far greater than that of natural human beings. Angels are created as part of the spiritual world and they will endure for eternity. Angels are completely devoted to God and were created before mankind. These celestial beings are not a race, they are personal beings, but are not glorified human beings and very distinct from mankind, having various ranks. Angels assist the servants of The Lord, and being of the spiritual world know for certain that God is The Supreme Deity of all things.

Scripture is silent about the time of fallen angels, although throughout The Bible there are subtle hints of which was a deliberate rebellious act against the will of God and that it definitely happened before the fall of man. The rebellion was led by Lucifer (now called Satan) who was once the most important of angels but became full of pride wanting the worship of the other angels for himself. The result of the rebellion is why God created the race of mankind.

Mankind was created to prove the wisdom of God amongst the powers an principalities of the spirit world, but also for fellowship, but this was cut off by sin. This was the beginning of the failure of mankind, who now, each and every individual born, needed a Saviour. As the Creator is distinct from His Creation, He is the authority over all His Creation including human beings, whom He created out of love to fulfil His plans, precepts and purposes.

Only The Bible shows One Complete Being creating not only the earth, the galaxies, the Universe, but also the heavens all of which cannot contain the greatness and enormity of God. The Bible says God gave humans, who are created in His image a special place in it. And God called all of His creation very good. There is a difference between animals and humans; instinct for animals and intellect for humans; animals only have body and soul, human beings have three, spirit soul and body; a triune being like God and therefore giving man a unique relationship to God. GENESIS 2 and 3.

Adam and Eve possessed both life and moral discernment. they were created with the power of self-will to make choices regarding the Sovereignty of God. Adam was warned that if he doubted God and did not believe what God said was true then mankind would die, both spiritually and physically. Satan sowed the seed of doubt not to believe God, because he is God's enemy. Tempted that what God had said maybe a lie, they began to doubt and not believe the truth. This caused Adam and Eve to disobey God's Word. Doubting and not believing God The Creator, leads to disobedience against Him, against His truthful word and this is sin. Because of sin Adam and Eve became separated from God, so The Lord God banished man from The Garden Of Eden. GENESIS 3:23.

Because Adam and Eve didn't trust God, this led to separation from God. God, however, made a promise that He would restore both the spiritual and physical life forever. Even though man had yielded to the temptation and gave himself to the will of God's enemy, God in His love set in motion His Plan to win mankind back to Himself and for man to want God's Will which leads to life and not to be under Satan's deceptive will, which leads to death eternally, which is the fate of every human being born.

The Promise of The Person, Jesus, The Messiah was first pledged when Satan deceived both Adam and Eve. The announcement of a Deliverer to come was made to Satan himself. God already had a plan for the Salvation of mankind. The first prophecy was that the D

eliverer to come would destroy the works of the devil. Christ is exceptional, without peer, is God Himself, timeless in His domain. Prophecy is the evidence of Divine knowledge. The Prophecies and their fulfilment provide some of the greatest proofs of scripture. Prophecy must be uttered before events come to pass. "And he shall strike you on your head, while you will strike him at His heel." GENESIS 3:15. The offspring of a woman would crush Satan's head that was promised, was fulfilled in Christ's victory all believers will share. A bruise to the heel is not deadly but a strike on the head is fatal.

God did not abandon Adam and Eve even though they were spiritually cut off from Him, for all God's Creation is dependant upon Him, God placed two mighty Cherubim east of The Garden Of Eden to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life, also a flaming sword that flashed back and forth. If He had not done this, mankind would have been doomed to live in that state of spiritual and physical death forever, with no chance of reconciliation back to Him in the future by Jesus Christ, who would reopen The Only Way Back to God, The Father. GENESIS 3

Cain and Abel were Adam and Eve's first two sons. Cain became jealous of his younger brother and God encouraged him to rid himself of bitterness, but Cain refused to listen and even though God continued to warn him, he acted upon his murderous thoughts and killed Abel without any repentance. (Evidence of a new self-centred degenerate attitude that had already entered into the nature of mankind, being separate and independent from God.) Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth and many began to call on God and from him came the human ancestral lineage of Christ. GENESIS 4.

Enoch was born in the seventh generation from Adam. He was taken away from the earth without experiencing death to the presence of God because he walked with God, he believed God, he prophesied for God, he pleased God. He was most probably saved from an ungodly world which rejected his warnings of wickedness against God. He prophesied The Lord's Coming at the End of The Age to judge the ungodly. GENESIS 5, HEBREWS 11, JUDE 1.

1- Adam and Eve
2-Garden of Eden
3-1st Prophecy of Christ
4-Cherubim Guarding



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