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ZEPHANIAH Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 640-609 B.C

The Book of Zephaniah is unusual by the fact the prophet himself is a Prince of Judah, a Royal descendant of King Hezekiah during a time of reform.

Zephaniah means who God has hidden

The Book of Zephaniah discusses God's holiness and His righteousness, which calls for a Day of Judgement upon the Nations. Though God's judgement shall be great, there is hope and joy. The text is also a call for repentance. God will cleanse the nations; He will purify His people. The book is a tool to warn people of all nations about complacency, and that God does not take sin of idol worship against Him lightly.

A righteous remnant survive of both Jew and Gentile who shall be blessed.

The Word of The Lord through Zephaniah also speaks of the hope to come in His perfect Kingdom, a faithful remnant delivered. The end would come by fire, scorching the earth. God will act. The judgement Day of The Lord for Judah came from southern Russia, Babylon and the Romans, other aspects of the prophecy is still to occur at the end of human History.

The Book of the prophet Zephaniah is the ninth Book of the Minor Prophetical Books of which there are twelve. The text includes Hebrew Poetry, vivid use of symbolism and political, religious Pre-exile History.



Humility is grounded in the recognition of God's status in Creation. God exalts the humble. Humility is always linked with true repentance and God's favour. Lack of humility is linked with all that which is disobedient before God. God humbles the proud. God commands humility.

Although judgement comes to all, there is an invitation to repent. If the arrogant and the proud will humble themselves, the mercy of God is available. Humble means modest, meek, without pride, to humble one's heart.

Walking with God is the only means of escape and protection, to be hid in Him. Seek the Lord's righteousness with humility. It is God's desire that people seek His righteousness and live according to His word. To seek humility by acknowledging their helplessness and their need to depend on Him sincerely and desire His help.

To do things right is right conduct in accordance with what is just or good, in conformity with God's standards and principles, correct moral actions. Obedience in turning from sin and being modest and meek, without pride, courteous and respectful in daily living. God encourages all to know that the humble of the land are those who depend upon Him. The pious must become humble and produce fruits, which belong to a life of those saved from His wrath.

The Key to Knowing God is to continually seek Him.

Christ is portrayed as The One who Fulfils Great Promises, The One who Reigns, The King, and The Purifier.

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