God's wisdom is supreme.Wisdom existed before The Creation of the Universe. God's wisdom arranged the plan of creation before it appeared.

Wisdom is divine knowledge, understanding is discernment and insight is a basic grasp of moral and ethical principles, which are for applying to life. Commonsense is sound practical judgement and sometimes falls short when particular decisions are needed.

From The Holy Spirit comes the source of Divine wisdom to mankind. The Holy Spirit is a teacher in wisdom and commonsense.

God's Wisdom and power can be trusted. Human beings have no way to discover God's thinking, except through His Word and The Holy Spirit, but His true wisdom belongs to Him alone. The Holy Spirit is the interpreter of the Scriptures. Because of this, mankind is able to make judgements based upon God's wisdom from His Word.

Wisdom as a gift from God cannot be received by those who put their trust in worldly wisdom, which is based upon the cleverness of mankind. Wisdom is revealed to those who are not 'worldwise', to those who are willing to give up relying on their own intelligence.

Those who receive wisdom, know that it is the path that opens up to life and security. Its value is priceless. Wisdom can be used to include material property, but it is more important for the use of morality and spiritual prosperity.

True wisdom includes spiritual discernment, reverence and knowledge of God. It teaches what is right. Those who are wise will listen to instruction.

Wisdom is needed for leaders to govern and to administer justice. Wisdom can be expressed as a skill, and in a right relationship with God.

Wisdom is better than strength, better than powerful weapons, a tremendous influence for good. Wisdom does not need the use of brawn. The values of this world are often the reverse of what they should be. Wisdom is greater than power and many have used its strength, skill and capabilities.

Human nature does not always appreciate wise counsel even if its value is proven beyond all doubt to be the quality of knowledge, discernment and understanding. Good advice soon is forgotten.

True wisdom is a gift from God via the Holy Spirit, and mankind is foolish to trust in their own human intelligence.

God's Wisdom is imparted in response to prayer.

Mankind may brag and boast, display their might of destruction, but it is wisdom that saves. There is emptiness in human effort, which builds pride and false hope.

The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom for people as a quality of mind. Wisdom in mankind makes The Word of God clear and meaningful.

A person is wise if he makes the right moral choices and lives a life well pleasing to God, His Creator, who has the power to destroy life and soul. A fool is recognised as having the lack of moral integrity.

Wisdom itself can be discerned in the choices a person actually makes in daily life. Wisdom is for application, for putting common sense direction into practise every day.

Insight without God's illumination will came to nothing. Worldly wisdom is foolishness to God. God cannot be know by the wisdom of the world.

Worldly wisdom builds pride and false hope and will be confounded, thrown into confusion of disorder and perplexity.

Human intelligence is often unwilling and unable to understand the wisdom in the works of God. God's wisdom is beyond measure, far superior and more profound than the wise of the world.

The wiser a person is, the more the wisdom and the knowledge of God is appreciated. A person with understanding has the ability to adapt their life to God's Will. Wisdom is connected to doing the Will of God, and is clear evidence of God in human affairs.

The quality or state of being wise with the knowledge of what is true or right, coupled with just judgment as to action, maturity, discretion, and common sense, gives a person good character and a good reputation, and because wisdom is eternal, it brings joy and grace of the Lord.

The superiority of God's wisdom is shown in Christ by way of righteousness, holiness and redemption. This alone should show to humankind that it is better to seek God's wisdom and not rely on the foolishness of mankind.

The Wisdom of God is revealed in Jesus Christ and is usually rejected by those who are the wise of the world. Human intelligence is opposed to the things of God.

Jesus Christ showed the wisdom and knowledge of God in His words, actions and dealings with people. He had wisdom as a young man and it flowed into His ministry which was exceptional. Great wisdom was in His teachings and in the dealing of those who opposed Him.

Christ on The Cross was the purpose of God to the solving of spiritual and physical problems of mankind. God's wisdom is expressed through the work and benefits of The Cross.

The life of Jesus shows forth God's wisdom, His Will and His purposes, and through His plans from the beginning of time, to prove His wisdom to all powers and principalities.

This shows God's wisdom and the mindful, intellectual thoughts of mankind are completely contradictory; man's wisdom is for self-gain and self-ego.

The wise obey the commands of God and the foolish ignore God's will.

God is willing to pass on to man His wisdom that it may be used in all areas of life, for human intellect will never solve mankind's problems, just as having understanding does not mean a person has an understanding heart.

It is in a person's best interest and advantage to ask God for wisdom for it benefits them more than anyone or anything else. There are many benefits for the person to whom God gives wisdom and it is available to all who ask of it. Wisdom is needed by God's people.

The sin of pride violates the principle of wisdom, which is to revere God. The sin of pride attributes to oneís self, that which comes by the mercy and grace and will of God. Wisdom is for building, for action, allows believers to live purposefully. Wisdom is application of Godís knowledge. Those without wisdom prefer human revelation of shallow reasoning rather than the infallible Truth. Knowledge that teaches, does good. This is Godís wisdom. To control anger and judgement is wisdom from God.

It is God who takes the initiative for He requires not intellectual ability but morality and uprightness, blamelessness, faithfulness and justice.

In Christ, all the treasures of wisdom are hidden.

SCRIPTURES Job 12:13, Psalms 19:7, Isaiah 47:10, 1Corinthians 1:21.
QUESTIONS 1] From where does wisdom come? 2] How is it received? 3] What stops a person from knowing God? 4] What is the result of worldly wisdom?

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