God's weapons for believers are for use over temptation to sin, compromise, wrong attitudes, self deception, jealousy, bitterness etc., and spiritual forces that would drive people away from The Truth to false beliefs and keep them on the path of destruction. God's people are to trust Him and His Word, for He provides all the necessary facilities for achieving the tasks that are set before believers. They are equipped for spiritual tasks with the authority needed.
People have to acknowledge that Satan does exist; an enemy of God and humans.. His greatest deception is having widely succeeded in disguising his existance, and causing people to not believe that he is a real being, Believers should be aware of his activities by temptations, lies, slander, false accusations, and deception; all to lead and trick many to destruction.The Bible teaches of an ongoing battle against heresy, false teaching and the temptations to compromise with worldly activities. The world is hostile to The Truth of Christ and the people of God. People in the world are deceived and persuaded to be at war with Christians and attack Christians externally by persecution.
A believer can stand against all his schemes in The Name of Jesus Christ and all that it stands for, because of what He accomplished for His Body (The Church). We can take hold of Christ's spiritual authority which He has given to us, plus the Word of God and other weapons listed below. 
.. Jesus has given His believers (The Body of 
Christ), the armour for protection and weapons 
for defence, to stand firmly in The Truth. Both 
the armour and the weapons are Divinely
Powerful. Believers are called by Christ and 
given The Holy Spirit who imparts spiritual gifts.
The empowering of The Holy Spirit for spiritual 
conflict brings forth the weapons of warfare. 

The weapons of warfare are spiritual, not 
fashioned by humans, to pull down proud 
arguments against The Truth and The 
Knowledge of Christ. That is, deception and
lies that could lead people to a false security
that is not The Truth of God; false teachings, 
new ideas apart from God's Word. A believer
has to know defenses against false teaching, 
to discern the errors of counterfeit religions.
The instruments of warfare are trust and belief 
in God rather than force. Spiritual warfare 
originated with Satanís rebellion against God, 
A thought Christís Victory over death has 
defeated Satan and his demons, there is still 
a powerful threat to individual believers. 
Satan persecutes believers; he opposes the 
Gospel and tries to halt the building of The 
Body of Christ. Christians and the worldís 
system are opposed. The world system 
frustrated the efforts of believers to serve 
God effectively. In this conflict which is 
spiritual, personal and ongoing, determination,
courage and prayer are called for. Believers 
must stand on Christian principles and be 
watchful in Godís strength.

They are weapons against pride, arrogance,
selfishness etc., in a believer, not just spiritual
affliction and oppression.

They are powerful against temptation to 
think or act evil, to overcome doubts during 
trials. They are the source of strength to allow 
a believer to be triumphant; to bring every
thought and action under The Lordship of 
Christ for intercessory prayer. The struggle 
against the forces of evil is a constant battle
throughout a believer's life. It is personal, 
spiritual and continual. Believers must stand in
God's strength, using the weapons He has 

Jesus, The Christ, Son of The Living God, who has The Fullness of the
Godhead, has given His people the legal right to use His Name. It is The 
Highest Name in all time and eternity; The Name at which every knee will bow.
Believers should know what The Bible says and the meaning of scripture
so the true facts on God's Word are known ready for use against any false 
teachings of error.
Disciples are cleansed and brought near to God by The Blood of Christ;
justified, sanctified, conscience cleared, protected and purchased, and have 
a covenant relationship with God by The Blood of Christ. His Blood protects
and shields from deception, it is what God accepts to make disciples heirs with 
Christ in The Kingdom of God; it is what makes God truly Father, nothing can
be victorious against the Truth of Christ, or separate the Love of God. The 
Powerful Blood of Jesus breaks any false doctrine, oppression or affliction of 
evil, breaks any affinity with evil and deceit.
It is a blessing to be filled with The Holy Spirit and Jesus, The Christ, is
The Baptizer of The Holy Spirit. Believers need to walk daily with The
Holy Spirit, to be led and guided by Him, The Holy Spirit who is the Finger
of God, the Hand of God. The Holy Spirit guides us into all Truth, Peace and
Comfort. He gives Gifts to believers that are necessary weapons for various circumstances.
Thanksgiving, praise and worship to God is powerful in the spirit realm. 
Praise God for His Greatness, Glory, Perfection, His Works and His Benefits
to believers. Praise breaks bondages and oppression.
Communication with God continually builds up inner spiritual strength, 
In The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 6: Dead to mankind in Adam (the world system without God), 
and made a new creation, alive in Christ, empowered by God.
Nothing can separate a believer from the Love of God displayed on the Cross by Jesus. It has been done for mankind and it cannot be reversed. His Love makes it possible for believers to imitate. 
God, The Father willingly gives wisdom to those who ask. His Wisdom is throughout His Word to trust and believe Him completely in all matters. Nothing compares with His wisdom, and there are many benefits from learning to be wise from His teaching.
Obedience to Godís will is a higher priority than any other act and is another great and powerful effective tool for use in attack or defence in combat. The revelation of Godís Will is in His Word. God desires justice and righteousness, honesty and truth, harmony and peace. Those desiring to do Godís Will and live a holy life will overcome with the help of The Holy Spirit. 
Jesus is The Armour of Light and He has made Himself available to believers for their triumphant victory in personal conflicts, temptations and spiritual battles. 
SCRIPTURES 2 Corinthians 10: 3-6, Matthew 4:1-7, 1 Corinthians 13. 
QUESTIONS 1] What are the weapons for? 2] How powerful are the weapons? 3] Is it important to know Scriptures? 4] What did Jesus use as weapons? 
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