There is a restoration of life in a Christian and there is the renewing of the mind to the things of God, a new and different way of living here on this earth. The eternal renewal of a believer's life has already begun as a new creation because of the process of Redemption through Jesus Christ. But the earth continues to groan under the heaviness of a curse and shall be restored for the Christian millennial Reign of Christ, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which will end this present dominated world system.

Some people think that the new heavens and new earth mean that this universe will only be purified and cleansed; only morally renewed and not physically destroyed. All agree however to a restoration of moral purification for the removal of the taint of sin through original rebellion, but not all agree it is a flood-like situation.

On this earth there is no absence of death, sorrow or pain as promised in the new earth, perfection has not yet come.

When both Adam and Eve doubted God's Word, the earth was cursed and weeds resulted. Instead of cursing man, God cursed the object of man's labour and made it reluctantly, yet richly produce and bear food through hard work, for the ground would yield weeds, thistles amd thorns. There were no unhealthy or harmful weeds previously, for now mankind in his own disorder would never subdue or bring into subjection and overcome the earth completely.

Moral cleansing and restoration is needed and will be carried out for the Christian 1,000 year period, Christ reigning as King of Kings. However, this present heaven and earth are burned up at the Great White Throne Judgement. The Solar system and galaxies will be taken away, abolished. It is the judgement of earth and all its works.

The time of judgement of the earth in human history will end in its present form. The heavens and earth's moral purification is intertwined. God also transforms the whole universe by cosmic renewal, as a continuing part of His plan for redemption. This earth which God has made for the habitation of human beings and the animals will be destroyed under His judgement and there will be the creation of a new earth and new heavens, that will replace the old.

At the end of this age the heavens will pass away, with a great noise, being on fire, the elements will melt with firmament heat. God's judgement will be to allow flames to incinerate the whole of the physical, natural earth in its present form. It will have passed away before the arrival of the new heaven and earth. (2 Peter 3: 10-13) The new will continue to be the place of God's presence. The effects of the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden will be non-existent.
The transitory nature of the material universe makes a difference to human values and priorities.

This restoration and recreation will come about at the end of time. The effects of the fall will be reversed. The old order will pass away and the new order will be established.

History, as humans have studied and come to know it, will come to an end.
God will begin a new chapter in His eternal history.

After the final White Throne Judgement, salvation history will have finished its course. A new setting is needed for the newly and perfected saints entering the eternal state beyond human history.

God's dwelling place, where the excellence of His presence is known will somehow be made new at the time of The White Throne Judgement.

Believer's resurrected physical/spiritual bodies are for the new creation in which there will be perfected harmony according to His purposes. This world as mankind now sees and knows it, will be no longer. There is purpose in changing the heavens and earth for a new creation. The new world in which righteousness dwells requires the Lord to first destroy the old sin-cursed earth; the universe will be different in quality.

The new world will be free from the scars of rebellion that was satanicly inspired, but allowed by the wisdom of God. The Redemption Plan of God will be completed.

The Book of Revelation witnesses to the fact that both Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures attest to the temporal attire of the heavens and earth, "for they will wear out like a garment" (Hebrews 1:11-12)

In preparation for this perfect state, every trace of discord in every realm of the universe is made anew. The destruction of the present old heaven and earth is to usher in a healthier and excellent state.

The heavens that are to be destroyed is not the abode of God, the Holy of Holies (sometimes referred to as the third heaven) but the visible and discernible heavens.

The Scriptures of The Bible do not reveal in detail the surpassing glory of the new creation, but it does reveal a perfect relationship with The Godhead.

Redeemed humans, as creatures will never attain to God's all-knowing character, nor ever equal any of His characteristics. The Bible explains that the redeemed will be continually increasing in the knowledge of God.

Matthew 24:16 Jesus quotes
"Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away."

The new eternal state will be obvious for there will be no more sea, which is a major part of this creation. Currently 3 /4 of the earth's surface is covered with water but the new environment will have different climate conditions. There will not be sun, moon or stars.

The new creation is for the redeemed and will last forever as a permanent residence for those who have salvation through Jesus Christ.

The beauty and perfection of the state where the transformed saints dwell with Christ, is of radiance and splendour, far beyond that of the Garden of Eden.

The new heavens and new earth will have a new city, for here on earth the first ancient cities were built by evil people, Cain and his descendants. The need for a city not built by human hands is promised, for God will dwell in and amongst the community.

When it is considered that mankind's present creation is temporary, it gives a strong motivation to store up treasures in heaven as Jesus explains, for it is the inheritance of the saints.

The New Jerusalem is the Celestial Holy City that Jesus has prepared to be the eternal home for His glorified saints, as the fulfilment of a promise through the ages for both Old Testament and New Testament believers who belong to the Kingdom of God.

The Holy City combines the components of the Garden of Eden, Jerusalem and The Temple.

The people of God will be fully new creatures with resurrected and glorified bodies that live in the Holy City in a different world. God continues to provide for all inhabitants. It is not Eden, but a great step beyond Eden, a more perfect development without sin.

The new creation will be a place of great beauty and abundance of joy in the presence of God with all the redeemed.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 24:16, Hebrews 1:11-12, 2 Peter 3:10-13.
QUESTIONS 1] Will the earth and its contents disappear? 2] What does Christ tell His disciples? 3] Will the heavens perish like a garment?

The Eternal State is a One Everlasting Whole Kingdom.
The volume of the old will be eternally closed.

"Behold I make all things new" (Revelation 21:5)

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