The issue of creation is important because the subject tells us who we are.

It is a scientific fact that life can only come from pre-existent life and not from matter alone.

This Life is God.

In the beginning God, who has life in Himself, created the heavens and the earth. This small sentence is one of the most truthful ever stated, and it teaches us about God; that the Godhead is creative, eternal, in control of the universe and all its galaxies spinning throughout the vast cosmos.

As the Creator is distinct from His Creation, He is the authority. God created out of love to fulfil his plans, precepts and purposes. The universe is far too complex for 'it to have happened by chance' as many people might think.

Everything is to a pattern, an intricate design, functioning with order and efficiency. God has the capability to preserve all these bodies in their sequence without crashing, colliding and blowing up. The sun is a star, all stars are suns, and planets in the solar system reflect light from the sun. Just in our atmosphere when you consider the atom and the design of spinning molecules with so much power, but they are all kept in check!

Scientists have tried to work out different theories and all have different opinions of how the earth might have started and the age of it all. All experts differ on methods of testing for the age of just this earth, and all their answers are millions of years different from each other. It seems an impossible task for the human mind. Human minds cannot grasp the magnitude of it all and never will.

Literally everything is made up of extremely tiny organised functioning atoms (the air, this book page, rocks, grass etc.). An atom is the smallest particle of matter that has distinct chemical characteristics. Atoms are so tiny they can only be seen by powerful microscopes magnified over 4 and 1/2 billion times! The atom is a miniature solar system. Electrons revolve around its nucleus at fantastic speeds and complete billions of trips around the nucleus in a millionth of a second! A drop of water contains more than 100 billion, billion atoms. A human body is made up of a collection of billions and billions and billions of atoms. God has the capability to preserve all these bodies in their sequence without crashing, colliding and blowing up. Just in our atmosphere when you consider the atom and the design of spinning molecules with so much power, but they are all kept in check!

The overwhelming evidence of design is why so many qualified scientists accept a Divine Creator. Scientist usually come to believe in a divine Creator purely on actual grounds, while they note that evolutionists are very subjective in data on true basis.

Items that mankind make e.g. watches, computers, engines etc., demand intelligence for their production, how much more a complex creation, its preservation of the controlled universe and especially nature upon this planet? How fantastic it would be if all the parts of an engine were separated and by chance and time it came together piece by piece and started as well, by itself?

A well known world Doctor of Science attempting to prove evolution, admitted to wasting 40 years of his life, by spending time on the issue that has lead him with no basis to be able to accept the hypothesis. Evolution has only been a theory which is built on supposition and comes from mankind's knowledge, of only a few short years.

The speculation of evolution demands a belief in processes of a far more creditable option than an immeasurable designer. Scientists and Evolutionists are forced to consider God as more and more discoveries about creation are detected.

Only the Bible shows One Complete Being creating not only the earth, the galaxies, the universe, but also the heavens all of which cannot contain the greatness and enormity of God. There is much more evidence for a wonder working Creator than a conjecture of suspicion in accepting the universe 'happened by chance'.

As knowledge increases man's wisdom decreases.
Evolution is a magical doctrine, with chance, time and nature in control. It is left without a competent cause, except for mystic explanations, and none explaining the purpose for life.

- Does the earth revolve by chance at 1100 miles per hour? If it was slower, all things upon it would be burnt by heat by day, if it was night all things would be frozen. All life would cease instantly.
-The earth is tilted by 23 degrees, if this were not so, there would be no seasons.
- If the crust of the earth was a few feet thicker, there would be no oxygen.
- If this planet was closer to the sun, it would be overheated and have no life, immediately.
- If this planet was further away from the sun, all life would freeze immediately because of the coldness.
- If the air was thinner, disaster would overtake the earth, nothing could live.

This design does not fit evolutionary assumption for there are mathematical designs, laws that refer to plant life, insects and birds, of microscopic life and most of all human life.

All the universe has been composed so that mankind is not without excuse of the manifested power of God. All the universe is working to a time table, all things accurately balanced in its preservation.

Around the earth is a filter that protects life on this earth. Scientists do not know how it was formed or why this is the only planet that has this protection from the killer rays of the sun in this solar system. Scientists have noted recently the power surges from the sun have increased by ten times as the previously erupting solar prominences.

Apart from a designing plan, from a Supreme Creator, there is no reason or purpose for life on this planet, for the earth to be revolving around a sun, to be the correct distance from the sun, or to have night and day, to heat up and cool down, or the moon to control the tides of the seas. Many people do not believe in life after death, or have a motive to a beginning of life or an end of it especially evolutionists.

Scientists have yet to discover another galaxy that has a planet revolving around its sun or another solar system within a galaxy, although there are many many galaxies. Also earth is the only planet that has in its atmosphere enough oxygen and water to sustain human life. If there was found to be another planet in another galaxy it would not make any difference to it all 'happening by chance', it would still be part of the complex design of the universe which has a Master Designer.

As history has proven, scientists are always changing their theories. The latest change in human rationale has been proven by the Pathfinder which has given new information from Mars which now the scientific minds have to rethink everything they had previously accepted, believed, approved or perceived.

Neither a scientist nor a believer in God has enough data to speak about the way or how the universe was created, but both can only confirm that the Bible's teaching has always proven trustworthy, and His Word declares that God created it. Also the Word of God clearly portrays that the pre-flood world was vastly different from the world we know, i.e. the land was watered by mist, from subterranean waters instead of rain.

The bringing together of everything into being requires greater magnitude than the human mind can contemplate.

The universe is full of perfect design and purpose. Mankind is the excellence of God's creative works and is made in the image of God, far superior and different from any animal. The intelligence of mankind is one of the greatest arguments for the existence of an intelligent God. Mankind also has an intuitive belief and knowledge of the existence of God and is created to worship Him.

SCRIPTURES Genesis 1:1, Psalm 36:9, Romans 1:20. Psalm 53:1.
QUESTIONS 1] How did the Universe come to be? 2] What makes scientists believe the Universe had a Creator? 3] Do the theories of mankind seem probable? 4] How big is the Universe?

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