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This parable was told only to Christ's close disciples and not the crowd.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like the treasure a man discovered in a field. In his excitement he sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field and the treasure". Matthew 13:44-46

In ancient times, although there were bankers, the custom was to bury valuables, such as gems and money, to keep them safe from thieves or enemies. People believed this to be the better safeguard rather than to hand their possessions to a banker.

Treasure symbolises that which is of remarkable value. To obtain the treasure meant the land must be also obtained, for if any treasure was found it belonged to the owner, and not the finder.

The Treasure is the Kingdom of God. The Treasure of The Kingdom of God is among the world.

The Kingdom of God is a mystery in the world (the field) and is made up of a royal priesthood, a holy nation belonging to God. God's treasure amongst the world is known only by God and is made up of His people, those who have found the value of His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the most valuable possession any one can have, those who truly enter the Kingdom know of its value.

People who have The Kingdom of God revealed to them and realize the eternal value are willing to give up all they have for it. The Truths of The Kingdom are immense and far outweighs any sacrifice and inconvenience a person might encounter on earth.

The Kingdom is available for individual purchase and is of such great value that one should be willing to give up all he has in order to gain it. That is not implying one can purchase it with money or good deeds.

In this age of God's grace, within His Kingdom is the New Testament Church of Christ among the world.

There is great joy for those who find Salvation and enter into the Kingdom. It is priceless to be a member of God's family and certainly worth giving all for. There is joy both in heaven and in earth where the treasures of The Kingdom are found and taken hold of.

Those who know of the treasure will joyfully secure it. It is the responsibility of disciples and believers who recognise The Kingdom's great worth to keep the treasure, although not for themselves alone, but to reveal it to others.

The focus of the parable is on the value of the treasure, which is worth sacrifice, it is worth abandoning all else, all other values. The Truths of the Kingdom of God is compared to such immense treasure that it are worth securing at all cost.

The Treasure is available to all. To enter The Kingdom a person relinquishes their life to the control and ownership of Christ.

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