13 THE NEW COVENANT- A New Covenant Was Promised. There are many prophecies that let it be known of a New and Better Covenant. The most used scriptures are Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Ezekiel 36:25-28. The Old Covenant (Mosaic) was of Law, and was taken out of the way by The New Covenant with Christ of Grace (undeserved favour) and Spirit. The Mosaic Covenant put in place was never given so that by keeping it people would be saved from God‘s wrath against sin, but that they do realise they cannot keep the law, humanly, but need God's help. Their only hope to receive righteousness before God was through the Messiah, Jesus. Jesus placed a stamp of approval on the Law by declaring, "Do not think that I have come to destroy the Law or the prophets but I have come to fulfil." (them). The Law and the prophets were until John, The Baptist. Those under the Old Covenant mainly had unchanged hearts. The people, not God, were responsible for breaking the Old Covenant, by worshipping 'foreign, useless, dead, pagan demi-gods', so He promised to put His Law internally on the hearts of people.




This Covenant focused on the reign of Jesus as Lord in people's hearts, making God directly involved in personal lives. In the New Covenant, God provided a way free from under the curse of sin, which always required blood sacrifice because of God's holiness. In this Covenant, God declared that the Blood of Christ would be for the remission of sin. Christ took God’s wrath upon Himself and suffered for the sake of humankind, and God The Father never counts those sins repented of, nor confronts people about them again. The Old Covenant was never designed for Salvation, but The New Covenant was and for forgiveness through faith and gives people access to The Throne of God. This has been made personally available to them through trusting Christ, no matter who, the young, the aged, male or female or nationality.

The promised New Covenant that was mediated by Jesus Christ, sealed with His blood, and is a covenant of Grace, which includes forgiveness of sins, a renewed relationship with God through The Holy Spirit, because of The Death and Resurrection of Christ. This New Covenant fulfils all of The Old, and is an inward transformation. It is a superior Priesthood, a superior Mediator, a superior Sacrifice and is a lasting Covenant.

Ÿ         Jesus was selfless in giving of His Life for others.

Ÿ         This bonded treaty was a reality, not temporary as the Old Covenant was but eternal and with limitless promises.

Ÿ         Christ was faithful in His agreement, He did not falter with His commitment in carrying out the Will of The Father.

Ÿ         All people need Christ, to accept Him as their deliverer, their redeemer, for without His faithfulness and obedience humans could not, did not and can not keep their bond of oath with God, nor have a right relationship with God, The Father.

Ÿ         The New Covenant was inward change, a new heart with The Laws of God written upon it instead of Tablets of Stone.

Ÿ         People are accountable to God but with not a set of legalistic rules and rituals.

Ÿ         In The New Covenant there is unlimited access to God, based on love and forgiveness.

Ÿ         God is personally available to help from breaking covenant with Him through His mercy.

Ÿ         Personal internal cleansing that makes a person complete, sins are not just removed.

Ÿ         Christ's sacrifice was permanent, final, conclusive and perfect. People have a bond relationship to serve and not operate because of regulations.

Ÿ         Sins are freely and completely forgiven by God's grace through His love for His people when asked and His Grace is available to all.

Ÿ         Jesus proved to be a loyal, reliable, devoted, constant and faithful servant who kept His part of the covenant on the behalf of mankind.


Believers enter a new covenant with God through the Blood of Jesus. All Covenant Promises meet their fulfilments in The Person of Jesus Christ and most conditions of the Old Testament were momentary, a shadow of what was to come in the New Covenant. The Christian is under The New Covenant, The Messianic Promise of Grace and Spirit.                                                                

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