Sin is basically failing to meet divine requirement, consciously, subconsciously and unintentionally.

"Come, let's talk this over! says The Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool." Isaiah 1:18


The Bible says that the world's sin is not believing in God's Son, Jesus Christ. John 16:9

Sin is coming short of God's standard, through the act of will, which leads to an attitude of mind and heart that deliberately chooses to disobey and displease God, wanting to be independent from God in will, thought and deed. The sinner tries to completely rationalize with themselves that God doesn't exist so it does not matter what mankind does, forgetting that this leads to death if not brought to repentance, sincerely asking for God's forgiveness.

.Our Sin Nature is like a tree-

The product fruit is various kinds of sins.

The Bible makes it clear that God is not the tempter to sin nor the author of evil, which comes from Satan, who was made perfect by God, but chose to rebel. Originally all things were made good, even animals were not flesh eating. Humans were created without sin but chose to sin by doubting what God says and acting on that thought. This act brought immediate separation between God and man which has continued through all generations; depravity now resides in the hearts of mankind as does the decline of morals and principles.

An evil heart

33  "Either make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit.
34  You brood of vipers! How can you speak good things, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
35  The good person brings good things out of a good treasure, and the evil person brings evil things out of an evil treasure.
36  I tell you, on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter;
37  for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

Matthew 12:Verses 33-37. A person’s unpremeditated language discovers what manner of character they are, good or evil. The  corrupt heart, sends forth unseemly and unpleasant issues. Nothing but grace,  will heal and season the speech, and purify the underhand statements. An evil person has an evil treasure in his heart, and out of it brings forth evil things. Lusts and corruptions, dwelling and reigning in the heart, are an evil treasure, out of which the sinner brings forth bad words and actions, to dishonour God, and hurt others. The good person will bring forth the good that is stored up in their heart.

The Pharisees of Jesus’ Day refused to accept Him and wanted signs. They had called him the devil, which reveal the state of their heart.

The spoken words give outward evidence of the inward truths of the heart. The Pharisee wanted evidence of Christ’s claim. A violation against God’s holiness is not a trivial matter. The demands for a sign is unbelief. Believers are not damned, they are not a brood of vipers, offspring of the devil but saved sons of  The Kingdom by the grace and mercy of the Father through the Cross of His Son, Jesus Christ. (See the Topic The Believer’s Judgement) Christians are to keep constant attention to their attitudes and motives, so that they may think and speak words agreeable to the Christian moral fibre.

Wilful disobedience against God's commands and moral principles bring sorrow, suffering and death. Sin does affect mankind's whole being, in will, thought, emotions, and appetites of want. The human need for the understanding of wisdom, as well as the conscience, is closed, darkened and polluted; the relationship between God and man is forfeited. Mankind chose calamity instead of peace. Account after account the Scriptures demonstrate the deadly effects in time and eternity of violating God's standards.

God is holy in nature, perfect, consecrated and set apart totally from sin of any kind. Sin is an insult to God, that is why, in His Great Wisdom and because of His Love for mankind, He sent Christ to die to conquer the effects of sin and the works of the devil. He proved this victory by the resurrection of Jesus, for all beings both mortal and spiritual, to know that mankind might be reconciled to Him and not be caught in a delusion.

Sin promotes a wrong relationship with God which is expressed by wrong attitudes and actions. The Bible reveals that this situation is deeply embedded in human nature. All sin is directed against God. Sin is the corruption of God's good intentions. The human heart is dominated by sin and evil, universally being opposed to God.

Sin is disobedience to the commands of God. Humankind tries to hide disobedience. Sin affects every relationship in life, with God and among other human beings. Sin comes from within the human mind, will and emotions. Al human beings are sinful. Scripture teaches that each individual is responsible for his or her sin.

Sin resulted from the human desire to be like God.

Sin affects individuals by a lack of peace which is taken by guilt and condemnation, it is bondage and not freedom. A sinful life leads to spiritual death.

The Works of Jesus Christ and the Benefits of The Cross are the supreme revelation of God's love for those in bondage to sin. Only Jesus was and is sinless.

Sin comes under judgement from God because it is contrary to His nature and His judgement is in proportion according to the seriousness of it.
God knows all sin and grieves over it for He hates every aspect of harm that it does. This provokes God's anger at sin.

Unrepentant sinners are excluded from the Kingdom of God but He is always ready to forgive, and no longer remembers the sin of the repentant person. Deliverance from sin includes repentance, removal of sin, a cleansing, justification, sanctification to God and receiving Eternal life.

Human weakness and failings is a result of a flawed human nature. People are to accept blame for their own faults. Believers are not to be controlled by their sinful nature. God provides freedom from the power of sin through His Son, Jesus Christ.

God's people are to avoid sin, resist it with His help that has been made available through Christ, His Word and His Holy Spirit.

God justly blames His created people for their sins.

God's standard for man, His will, His moral law were always made known. To those who recognise their sin and confess and their inability to achieve God's standard and ask for forgiveness and grace, there came redemption and blessing, both in time and eternity.
Every human being needs to repent of sin to God and also there are causes to make the need of repentance to others. Repentance is not remorse. Those who choose to repent of sin, ask forgiveness, mercy, and believe in the Son of The living God, are looked upon by God as righteous in His eyes, not guilty and can enter Life everlasting. People who are immoral are guilty in God's eyes, so apart from repenting of sin nature and forgiveness of all daily sins, in the name of the sinless Jesus Christ, are not reconciled to God.

Until individuals yield to God, The Father, through Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son, The Only Mediator, The Only Saviour and Redeemer, they continue in their lost heritage that originally belonged to them.
Sins committed in ignorance still need atonement by the blood of Jesus, God's Son. Sin nature was inherited by all mankind because the first child was born after man disobeyed and doubted God (both parents being sinners). Every person was born with a sin nature even though they were covered by God with the life blood of an innocent animal.

There are sins of ignorance, and of presumption and the guilt is measured by the degree of the light of knowledge given or known. Any deviations from God's moral and virtuous laws and principles of scripture are sins and in this age of grace, God's kind favour, Christ has suffered for us and vindicated the sinner who acknowledges their sins. God is gracious and patient, but His justice and righteousness will not allow sin to go unpunished indefinitely. No sin or tragedy is beyond God's mercy and forgiveness. There is sin in general and specific sin. Infants are innocent of individual acts of sin but were not free from sin in general upon mankind, by one man's disobedience. God responds to the sin of mankind with mercy and forgiveness. This proves man's value is above the animals.


1500 years before Christ, God initiated laws of sacrifices to cover sins, these were very complicated to cover all various aspects of sin. God chose the nation of Israel to be an example to other nations, but they have failed to do what was right, they came short of obeying and following God's command to cover their sins. These laws proved to mankind that they could not in their own strength, keep true to God and proved the need for His help, so Christ came from heaven, sinless, to be THE ONCE AND FOR ALL offering, of sins, not just to cover them, but to be totally removed, never to be remembered by God again.

All mankind has sinned and fallen short in God's eyes. Jesus offers the right relationship with God, The Father for believers to be described by God as righteous, because of The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The angel Gabriel predicted that Jesus would save the people from their sins. Matthew 1:21. To fully grasp what Jesus did on the cross, in the way of abolishing the wrath of God held against mankind through sin, a study of the old testament offerings and sacrifices is recommended to identify with various offerings that cover conscious, unconscious, and unintentional sins that Jesus took upon Himself. Jesus took all our guilt and condemnation; the condemnation comes from the one behind evil, being Satan.

There are spiritual sins and spiritual adultery. i.e. false religions and the worship of something or someone else other than God, who is the Creator of All.Disobedience is flagrant disregard for and rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to The bible there are varying degrees of types of sin and there are different words for sin, for example- Heresy, is a deliberate departure from The Truth of God by false teaching of Jesus Christ, by false teaching of The Holy Spirit. To err, is straying from The Truth, the moral code and has mistaken the principles by which to live. Error, is false teaching, a deviation from that which is correct. Iniquity, a perverse heart, wicked, morally evil. Sex-sin, covers a wide variety of degrees and is serious in God's eyes. Transgression, to go beyond the boundaries that God has set. Trespass, to go beyond the limits of what is moral and right and needs human recompense, brings guilt, for the rights of God and man have been violated, the wrong has to be righted, dues withheld from God and man and is robbery; the breaking of an oath, making a false oath with men, swearing falsely of anything that is lost.

Christ became our guilt offering from the Old Testament sacrifices. Sin of any kind incurs God's wrath. There is power in the blood of Jesus, mercy, forgiveness, holiness and peace comes as there is acknowledgment and repentance of sin. Accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour brings about a restored blessed relationship with God, The Father, because of the New Covenant of Grace. Those who follow after Christ and keep The Word of God, not only have the means to discern true right from wrong, but have the power to chose between the two.

Sin must be confessed, God will restore those who turn away from evil, for He forgives confessed sin. Confession of sin accompanies a changed lifestyle. God purifies those who confess their sin.

The will to sin also proves man's value above the animals which brings forth the first prophecy of Christ to save and redeem mankind.

There are hidden sins in the heart which express themselves in various ways. The following is a list of which people should confess and come to repentance.

Neglecting God and others through prayer, thought and deed, hatred, jealousy, not keeping promises, impure thoughts, wild orgies, sowing discord among others, discourtesy, adultery in any form, dishonesty, greed in any form, immorality, gossip, false witness, sex-sin, covetousness, homosexuality in any form, envy, grumbling, fornication, boasting, spiritism, criticizing, grudges, bitterness, fighting, disrespect, lust, anger, stubbornness, murder, cheating, plotting evil, lying spiritual adultery, murmuring, compromising with wrong, resentment, revengeful, drunkenness, rebellion, presumption, complaining, grievance, stealing, eagerness to do wrong, idolatry.

Receive instead from God the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, to grow and mature in love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control

SCRIPTURES John 16:9, Isaiah 59:2, 1 John 1:9, James 4:17, Matthew 15:19, Genesis 3:4-5.
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