5-SECOND CLEANSING OF THE TEMPLE- Jesus entered The Temple at Jerusalem and found the court full of traders and money changes who were making large profits as they gave out Jewish coins in exchange for 'pagan money' for the buying of doves. He drove these businessmen out and over-turned their tables, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 56:7,8 and Jeremiah 7:11. Jesus had quoted these verses because of the evil in The Temple.
The Jewish people foolishly trusted in the magnificent building for protection from God's Judgement, but Jesus exposed the hypocrisy, for they cheated the worshipers spiritually and financially; worshipers because they traded in the Gentile Praying Court and financially because the money transactions were dishonest, and not sincere before God.
They themselves drifted away from God and their attitude towards Him was false. Jesus put a stop to the trading being carried out in the Gentile Court of The Temple and He stopped those who were using the area for a short cut route between the City and the Mount of Olives, thus robbing The Temple of its sanctity.
The blind and crippled came to Him and He healed them there in The Temple. All were praising God, the children were asking God to bless the 'Son of David', the Messianic Title, but the Chief Priests were disturbed. Jesus told them they were fulfilling the scriptures Psalm 8:2. Children trust and truly worship The Father as the Psalm states. God appoints and evokes the praises of children to silence the powers that are displayed against Him. The Priests and Scribes wanted Jesus to stop their praises.

The people claimed to belong to God as His people but were disobedient to the Covenant conditions; thereby they deceived themselves in their hypocrisy, especially the Pharisees and Scribes. The Covenant mercies became obligations and religious rituals and not sincere or real to the people, their inner nature was far from God. God wants acknowledgment of His Sovereignty and repentance from His people so He can offer them insight. Hypocrisy means to profane, to be godless, to act insincerely, having a form of godliness but denying its power.

Jesusí attack was against these hypocrites among the people who professed to believe. Jesus found great opposition by those high in the Religious ranks of the Jerusalem Council. Jesus was a threat to their whole way of life that they had attained for themselves. This involved disrespect for God's character, His deeds, words and His chosen workers.

Jesus portrayed the Leaders as a group who was legalistic and had an empty spiritual life, who deceived other people and lead them astray from The Word of God. Jesus treated hypocrisy as one of the most wicked states of spiritual conditions. He had patience with sinners, but with hypocrites He showed neither patience nor sympathy.
Even though the nation of Israel through history, had been delivered by miracles time and time again, the peoplesí hearts remained stubborn to God, even though they had every chance to choose to acknowledge Him. The nation hardened their hearts. God continually warned them to repent. God promised blessings for obedience and destruction for disobedience.

To choose destruction without thinking ahead shows the waywardness of the people's minds and emphasizes their ignorance of God's Word. Israel seemed always in a cycle of rebellion against God and His Word. They never listened to the prophets who spoke God's messages to the people.

The Second Temple Cleansing at the end of Jesusí ministry was different from the First Temple Cleansing, which happened at the beginning of His public ministry.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

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