Salvation is the transformation of a person's individual relationship with God as a result of repentance, and faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ on The Cross. Salvation includes personal renewal through the regeneration work of The Holy Spirit. Believers receive heavenly citizenship, righteousness in the sight of God. Salvation is deliverance and victory.

Jesus preached Salvation to the Lost and after His death, resurrection and ascension, He sent The Holy Spirit who continues to work through disciples proclaiming Salvation to the lost.

"Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other Name
under heaven among men by which we can be saved". Acts 4:12

Salvation is when a person receives the Gift of Eternal Life, the moment they make Christ, their Lord and Saviour, the moment they receive The Holy Spirit.

Those who accept the Gift of Salvation are saved from The Law of Sin and Death, The Wrath of God, from The Second Death and from Eternal Separation from God.

Salvation is needed by all human beings. Mankind's nature needs the righteousness of God, and to approach God people can only do so on His terms, receive what He has made available for all, new lives in which sins have been forgiven and forgotten.

When people are saved they are new creatures, have passed from death to life, transferred from darkness into the Kingdom of God. Theyhave been born again, and have been adopted by God, receive benefits including eternal life. Proof of salvation from 'The Second Death' is in Scripture. Revelation 2:11, 20:12,14,15, Luke10: 20, Romans 5:9, 1 Thessalonians 5:9.

Salvation is offered to all who accept. Sacrifice and discipline is not salvation, denying of self is not salvation, right thinking is not salvation, service is not salvation, turning over a new leaf is not salvation.

Believers enter a personal covenant relationship with God through Christ and given the gifts of the Holy Spirit within, that gives spiritual life. This new life is a gift and a life-changing transformation, which is for the benefit of each individual.

Christ came to meet a human need, He came to be the sinner's substitute, He came to do what no other can do, He provided assurance to those seeking to find The Truth. Proof of salvation from 'The Second Death' is in Scripture.

To all those who will believe the Truths of God there are promised blessings and rewards in this world and the world to come. The promise of blessing is dependant on grace and mercy given to the sinner. Sanctity is a method by which sin is no longer held against the sinner. God's chosen servant, the only One who was qualified to satisfy Holy Justice, was Jesus.

When those who sins come to God, repentant, God declares them righteous, and free from sin because of the obedience of Christ.

Faith itself is not a work that merits salvation, it is a response of trust initiated by God through The Holy Spirit which leads to the gift of salvation. Some view salvation as a deliverance only from the consequences of sin and its penalty, but the Bible teaches that it is from its power as well.

All believers have God as their inheritance and go to heaven at their death. Salvation refers to final deliverance from Satan and the dominion of sin. Salvation also includes victorious endurance, deliverance from spiritual impoverishment, and personal sanctification.

The Bible promises that there is no room for doubt of a believer's Salvation, for God does what He says.

People must respond to God's kindness in repentance and belief. Salvation is grounded in the Love of God. Jesus' death was totally sufficient for the reality and purpose of Salvation.

To have a relationship with God, it involves a choice as The Holy Spirit urges the individual person. People are called to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Believers have the privilege to enter into the presence of God because of Christ and undeserved favour of God.

Salvation is from God, it has been always God's initiative, it is a free gift and it is to be received as a free gift.

Salvation which is spoken of as being saved by Christians, and receiving The Holy Spirit is a different experience than The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

Salvation in The Old Testament means victory or deliverance from ones nations or personal enemies, from troubles, from sickness.

Many scriptures in The Old Testament show with confidence that people can only rely upon God to provide victory or deliverance.

In The New Testament Salvation is still the work of The Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but the emphasis on this New Covenant is deliverance from sin itself. In Christ, God took steps fulfilling His prophecy in Genesis, chapter 3, of deliverance from the born sin nature inherited as being set apart from God, and forgiveness of sins when repented. Jesus delivers us from the consequences of sin, from Satan and his power and will deliver us from temptation of evil.

The Title of Saviour is transferred from The Father to The Son as The Old Testament changes to the New Testament.

Man is lost, fallen under condemnation, under the Wrath of God. Salvation is the restoration of man, from what was lost by mankind through Adam.

God, The Father is the instigator of Salvation of mankind.

Jesus Christ. the second person of the Godhead is the mediator of Salvation. We are saved by faith in Him and not of any work we do or earn ourselves. Apart from Him, there is no Salvation.

Salvation is applied by The Holy Spirit. Salvation is only accomplished through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, because of Jesus Christ's atoning Work on The Cross and the Love of God The Father.

Been Saved -Past- The moment believers were made righteous before God.
Christians can usually remember the time that they yielded their lives to Christ and asked Him to be Lord of their lives, consciously, whether the trust was strong or not, but sincere. This is what Jesus called being 'born again'. A covenant relationship believers enter into, is wittnessed by the fact they have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to The Kingdom of God, His Light and Truth, already being members of The Family of God, co-heirs with Christ in The Kingdom of God, having received the Seal of The Holy Spirit.

Being Saved -Present-Salvation is a present reality.
God works in our lives with the refreshing and renewal work of The Holy Spirit, delivering us from the strength and temptations of sin in our lives, as we slowly live a better quality of life unto Him, wanting to do His Will and His work rather than for ourselves. Storing treasures in Heaven. There are many references in The New Testament to this growth of renewal which is gradual; from infants in Christ to Sons and Daughters in Christ. Believers are new creatures in Christ and we continue to grow more and more in focus with His nature, His Character. The is an all present time happening.

Will Be Saved -Future-Salvation is a future hope, being saved from The Wrath of God during The Final Judgement to come upon the earth. Believers shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye and the very presence of sin and sin nature in lives will be gone. There will be no evil, no more suffering, pain, sickness or death, for we will be in the presence of The Holy One, in The Fullness complete work of Salvation that Christ made victorious for us before The Father. Believers are to be made completely holy as He is Holy, ministering unto Him. All Christians are expectant of this time as The Bible tells will be a future event. The joy of complete Salvation, having resurrected bodies, like Christ is the Final Glorification of The Redeemed and is by God's Grace undeserved in union with Jesus Christ.

Salvation has been accomplished, it is now, and a future hope, when God brings all into the fullness of Life in the new heavens and the new earth of The Age to come.

Those who receive God's Gift of Salvation, enters a Covenant relationship with The Godhead and receiving Salvation is personal and internal, and is received when a person repents. (grieves and sorrowfully regrets)

Salvation for mankind was obtained by The Blood of Jesus Christ.

SCRIPTURE 2 Corinthians 1-10.
QUESTIONS 1] What are believers saved from? 2] Who instigated the Salvation of humankind? 3] Who achieved Salvation for those who believe the Truth? 4] Who carries out the work of Salvation?

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