The word revelation means to unveil or to disclose. Revelation is the only prophetic Book in the New Testament. The Book is The Revelation and Testimony of Jesus Christ. Christ Himself gave this Revelation from the Father and the Seven-fold Holy Spirit. It was communicated by an angel of things past seen, things present, and the things which will be (future).

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament give glimpses of the future. Eschatology is the study of the end times.

The Book of Revelation presents a glorious, triumphant, awesome resurrected reigning Christ, and it also records that Satan continues to strive for control. This Book tells of Christ's complete and eternal victory, and it deals with His return to this earth as promised. No matter how time passes, The Kingdom Age will be ushered in at Christ, The Lord's Second Coming. God has already been victorious through His wisdom and will totally destroy all evil.

Christ is the Theme of Revelation and Christ Himself is the Spirit of prophecy. The Book is an authentic, triumphant portrait of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is The Beginning and The End. Although these passages are symbolic portrayal of cosmic and spiritual conflict, they are about issues throughout The Bible.

TheBook is an authentic, triumphant portrait of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is The Beginning and The End.

In Genesis
, the heavens and the earth were created-In Revelation, a new heaven and a new earth. In Genesis the sun and moon appear-In Revelation, there is no need for sun or moon. In Genesis there is a garden-In Revelation there is a Holy City. In Genesis is the beginning of sin-In Revelation sin is ended.

Christ has absolute control over all things
and the whole world will see Him coming in all His glory.

The letters to the churches are personal from Christ to His Church, asking disciples to be faithful to Him as He remained faithful, no matter what the circumstances might be. The Body of Christ are to be light-bearers and the salt of seasoning in the world, presenting The Word of God to those in ignorance or in rebellion. Those in The Body of Christ are to be lights, with boldness from The Holy Spirit, shining in the dark.

The thrones represent Judgement, each throne had elders sitting upon them, 12 tribes of Israel of the Old Testament and 12 Apostles of the New Testament, these 24 elders are usually representatives of all God's people, or they are exalted heavenly angels.

The seven Seals and seven Trumpets are Christ's Wrath against His enemies.

Only Christ can open the seals, for He alone can claim The Kingdom of the World by right of conquest. He prevailed in the wilderness, prevailed in the Garden of Gethsemane and on The Cross of Calvary. He destroyed all manner of evil for He took no part in sin, He conquered physical and spiritual death, sin, hell and Satan and has the keys to death and Hades. His enthronement and authority came out of His victorious death and resurrection.

There are seven seals (after the 6th seal there is the protecting of 'the children of Israel' from every tribe, this also looks ahead to the multitudes from every part of the earth who have come out of the tribulation).

Upon opening the seals, the four horsemen are introduced, war and destruction are rampant. Mankind is reaping the rewards of human ambition, hatred and cruelty. Social chaos is the complete breaking of society and of a self-centred, boasting civilisation. Wrath comes and mankind pleads for death, fleeing away from God instead of repenting and turning to Him.

The seven Trumpets are also The Wrath of Christ.

Christ's judgements come upon the earth and His judgement comes upon Satan. Satan, knowing his time is short becomes exceedingly agitated, and contradictory for a short period of time. Sin is allowed and death is preferable to life.

The Gospel of Christ is still preached during this first period. Many are saved during the tribulation because of the affection of The Holy Spirit tugging at human hearts, a great multitude from all nations with garments washed in the Blood of The Lamb. God is beginning to gather His people unto Himself.

Two unnamed witnesses of God have a 3 and 1/2 years ministry and are overcome in the flesh, but their resurrection and ascension confound their enemies.

Satan will bring to the front His Antichrist, a charasmatic world ruler who deceives many people, demanding the honours due Christ to Himself. He is the embodiment of wickedness and will be a shrewd and clever leader, outdoing Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, all rolled into one.

Mankind will not be able to buy or sell without his permission by way of wearing his mark. Those who refuse the mark will be slain.To wear the mark is to give up on God and their own personal soul for eternity. Surrendering to the mark 666 which is the number of mankind tripled, will mean eternal death. The Antichrist and The False prophet who accompanies him are both empowered by Satan. The false prophet does false signs and wonders by magic and sorcery, as did the wizards of Egypt. Those who are righteous and bear witness of Christ to the world and hold firm to their testimony are maliciously persecuted.

The Hallelujah chorus announces the Coming of the long promised King to catch away His church, which is not under wrath, this could happen at the beginning of the opening of the seals or after the trumpets. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb takes place and believers will be rewarded; this will be a time of rejoicing in The Lord's presence.

The bowls are The Wrath of God against Satan and against those who allow themselves to be deceived. There will be plagues similar to those in Ancient Egypt at the time of Moses for those who join with The Antichrist and his false prophet, as with the previous trumpets. Satan is forced into action and his rule is shaken and undone and civilisation now comes to utter collapse.

After the Battle of Armageddon, Christ having subdued all His enemies will take alive the Antichrist and his false prophet and cast the both of them into the lake of fire, the place of torment Jesus spoke of and warned all against when He was previously on earth, securing the redemption of those who would believe Him.

Christ and His chosen ones physically return to the earth. His millennial Kingdom is set up. Satan is bound for 1,000 years. The Prince of Peace, Christ, The Davidic King will reign over all nations. The saints that He brings with Him will reign with Him for the 1,000 years. When those years have ended, Satan shall be loosed to deceive the nations. He does succeed in finding some who are unfaithful and willing to be disloyal to Christ, and they gather for war but God sends fire from heaven and they are devoured. Satan is then thrown into the lake of Fire.

The blazing White Throne Judgement is the final verdict of the dead, they are apparently rewarded for their works (wages of sin) and final doom is pronounced for those who do not have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Mankind may not know how the future fits together, but the insights gained do give encouragement, hope and comfort in the reassurance and knowledge that Christ is living and is victorious, and although this world may pass away, there will be a new one where God shall dwell with His people.

To be The Bride is to be The Holy City, The New Jerusalem, to live in the presence of God and enjoy His protection and security, His Everlasting - giving Light. The Throne of God and of The Lamb is there among His people.

Those who ignore the warnings will be banished form God's presence.

God's Wisdom has proven victorious and His people will live with Him forever.
The Last Word's of Christ in His Revelation are "Surely, I am coming soon".

SCRIPTURES Revelation 1-22
QUESTIONS 1] What and who does Christ's judgements come upon? 2] Who is Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings? 3] What was another name that Christ was called? 4] What happens at the White Throne Judgement? 5] What were Christ's last words?

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