30 THE RESURRECTED JESUS APPEARS TO MARY OF MAGDALA-Mary Magdalene was there when The Lord Jesus first appeared after He was resurrected from the dead. Just as she was the last to witness the previous events in Jesusí death and burial, she was the first to witness the most important occurrence in all history, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Son of The Living God.

When the disciples left the tomb, Mary Magdalene stood outside the empty grave crying. As she wept she bent over the entrance of the tomb and saw two angels in dazzling white brilliance. One was seated where Jesus' head had been and the other where His feet had been. (a very strong symbol of Christ, being the mercy seat from the ark of the Covenant with Moses and the people of Israel 1500 years prior).

The angels spoke to her asking why she was crying and she turned around and saw Jesus there. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her in His Resurrected Body after being raised from the dead by The Power of The Holy Spirit of God. She was the first person to whom He showed Himself.

He called her by name and He too asked her why she was crying and recognizing Jesus in the Garden, Mary called to Him. Mary tried to cling to Jesus, but He told her she must let Him go as He had not yet returned to the Father with His human life still bearing the scars inflicted upon His body.

Jesus told her not to be afraid and to tell the other disciples of His Resurrection from the dead and that she had seen Him. Mary responded with joy and obedience. Jesus had entrusted her first with the message of the Gospel and to go and tell the other disciples.

She ran to the disciples Simon Peter and John and told them that the tomb where they laid Jesus was empty and that He had risen from the dead. She became The Apostle to the apostles. The disciples did not believe Mary's report of The Resurrected Lord and later that night when Jesus did appear to them, He rebuked them for their stubbornness in not believing her.

Mary Magdalene saw all that Jesus went through, watching from a distance. Although Jesus' intimate friends deserted Him, she who had faithfully ministered to Him did not leave Him. She wept as Jesus was led to Calvary to be nailed to a tree. She was there when He was declared physically dead. She remained sitting and watching as they took Jesus' body to the grave. She had stayed and sat opposite the tomb watching Joseph and Nicodemus, as they buried His body.

Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesusí, He was Her teacher and she called Him as such. She was a woman who had travelled with Jesus and had supported his ministry and group financially, for she was very thankful to Jesus, as previously He had cast out seven demons from her, releasing her from a very distressing life.

She was not a prostitute, nor the woman who anointed Jesus' feet, but was a wealthy woman from Magdala.A teacher of God's Word is forbidden to live off the earnings of a prostitute, which supports the truth of her living a morally sound life.She was also one of the few faithful disciples who did not abandon Jesus at the cross, she had watched Him die, and had been one of the women who discovered the empty tomb.


She was the first eyewitness to Jesusí Resurrection and after seeing Her Risen Lord, she continued to obey Him and immediately did as He had said. She was the first person to proclaim The Good News.


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