Priscilla also called Prisca, and her husband Aquila had left Rome because the Emperor of Rome had expelled all Jews. Continual trouble was caused by the traditional Jews against those in the Jewish community who had believed Christ was their Messiah and became His disciples.

The Jewish Christian couple settled in Corinth, Greece (Asia-Minor) and met the Apostle Paul during the time he was witnessing throughout southern Greece. They were much beloved friends of Paul and he was their guests for 18 months, and the three worked together practicability as well as spiritual leaders to the community. Both Priscilla and Aquila were established Christians when they met Paul.

Knowing Hebrew, Priscilla and her husband deeply entrenched in the Old Testament prophecies and through these found their Lord and Saviour and were able to work with Paul in his remarkable ministry. As a husband and wife team they were the most outstanding among his fellow workers of the early church.

Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers as was Paul. Priscilla's husband had a tent repair shop. When not preaching or teaching the three supported themselves by tent making. Tents were made of goat's hair. Priscilla shared the duties of their workshop as an equal partner as well as sharing equally the Lord's work. All Jewish parents educated their children with a trade including females, whether rich or poor.

Priscilla outshone Aquila, who praised God for his talented wife. Both their names are Roman, but being Jews and Christians they were not unequally yoked, and had a righteous union. Priscilla and Aquila's immediate family is not mentioned in the Bible and it is assumed that they were childless. All three had great affection and respect for each other. Paul called Priscilla and her husband, his fellow co-workers in Christ. They shared in Paul's ministry and as missionaries they assisted him wherever they went. They faced the loss of their lives for the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Priscilla's name precedes that of her husbands, which indicates she had a more prominent spiritual gifted role to the Body of Christ than her husband. That did not mean she was more important than Aquila.

Priscilla and her husband joined Paul in his work for The Lord Jesus Christ and travelled with him to Ephesus. Priscilla had a deep knowledge of Christian truth and used to teach the brilliant preacher Apollos, who was a jew, converted to Christianity by Priscilla and Aquila.

Apollos became a very adequate speaker and debater amongst the Jews on the scriptures proving Jesus was The Christ. Because of Priscilla, Apollos contributed mightily and effectively to the growth of the Gospel of Christ to others. All that Apollos had accomplished, he owed after Christ, to Priscilla his teacher, whose spiritual influence was the turning point for many.

Priscilla and her husband were also used as church planters. Priscilla and Aquila being humble people, consecrated their home to God for the meeting of saints. In 66 A.D. Priscilla and her husband were still living in Ephesus. Priscilla and her husband became leaders in the church at Ephesus. She worked side by side with her husband and they eventually returned to Rome. On returning to Rome they dedicated their home to Christ and the church began in their house. Their home became a meeting place for true worshippers to gather, pray and fellowship.

Priscilla has always been a respected Christian leader because of being deeply involved in the spreading of the gospel. Priscilla was more active in Christian service than her husband, and both had a great opportunity to work in evangelistic outreach with Paul.

Paul never forgot the self-sacrifice of Priscilla and her husband of being exposed to martyrdom for his sake. Priscilla was a competent women who was actively involved in the early Christian ministry. She managed her domestic duties, a trading shop, as well as having a complete and thorough comprehension of the Word of God to be able to teach it to others, and was obviously successful and well equipped in teaching. She was extraordinary in many aspects and characteristics. She had been given gifts wisdom, diplomacy, comeliness, great courage and great love.

Tradition records that Priscilla and Aquila were beheaded beyond the walls of the city, either in Rome or Ephesus.

There is a great need for workers like Priscilla and her husband, having a holy zeal for their saviour living to service Him, in spreading The Knowledge of Christ.

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