34 SPECIFIC PROPHECIES PERTAINING TO THE LIFE OF CHRIST -God can and does announce beforehand future events because he has the power and ability to bring His purposes to completion. This is what set God apart from idols, fortune-tellers, soothsayers, astrologers, and all who are deceived of the Truth, for their source has not the Power of God. His predictions are precise. What He promises He does perform and what He says does come to pass.

God is in charge of History. The fulfilled prophecies of The Bible cannot be denied. There is an astonishing display of fulfilled prophecies. Prophecy is evidence of Godly information. The fulfilments of Biblical predictions have given the utmost verification of Scripture.

Through the ministry of numerous prophets of God, His plan was being revealed of a King and a Servant, the Anointed Son of God. Because He was obedient to the Will of God, His Father He became able to deliver the world from bondage according to Godís plan.

A prophecy must be uttered before the event comes to pass, and should correspond exactly. The predictions of the Life of Christ were given details before hand to thirty different people over a period of time spanning 4,000 years before Jesus was born.

There are well over 300 Old Testament predictions recorded that were fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ. The odds of this happening to an ordinary man are impossible, but to Godís Messiah, it is awe-inspiring!! He Himself said that the Scriptures pointed to Him specifically. In the last twenty-four hours leading up to His death twenty-nine prophecies about the event were overwhelmingly fulfilled.

One chance of a few predictions being completed in a lifetime would be one in many hundreds of billions and billions, yet they all were fulfilled. In the Life of Jesus, just the prophecies of His Betrayal, Trial, Death, Burial and Resurrection were fulfilled in twenty-four hours.

To reject the Bibleís declarations that Jesus is The Messiah is to reject a fact that has more absolute proof than any other fact recognized in the world.

Such a collection of historical prophecies, divinely given over a long period of time, fulfilled by one person within approximately thirty-three years (almost one third of them in one day) is very impressive and hardly can be reckoned with as coincidences.

The acts of the Apostles show that they based their preaching and teaching on the writing of Old Testament Scripture to prove that Jesus was indeed Godís Messiah.

Only God can declare potential events that could have never been foreseen by human beings apart from the motivation of God, and fulfilled prophecy is proof that The Bible was not written and recorded by mankind only.


Throughout The Bible, God's Word, the future of the human race is told in prophecy and it also warns of judgement, in fact 25% of The Bible is prophecy of the future. No other world ordained religion has this amongst their general statements of humanity. Bible prophecy has the objective to humble the hearts of humans before God, so they can

receive His Love and Care and His Salvation.


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