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The Book of Philippians was written to the Church of Philippi, in Greece with the purpose of sharing Christian joy in living, fellowship and in service and rewards.

Philippia was a very prosperous Roman Colony and leading city of Macedonia

The first European convert was a female businesswoman who opened her house to be the first church, urged by The Holy Spirit. This document contains no Old Testament quotations but it is a thank you letter for the Philippian Church support and provisions. It also encourages believers to have knowledge of Christ to combat the problem of legalism with Judaizers. He appealed for them to the mind and peace of Christ by prayerful dependence.

The Apostle Paul wrote from prison but was full of joy and rejoicing affirming the deity and exaltation of Christ, which is one of the most profound passages in The New Testament.

The Letter also encourage for Christians to stand firm in the face of persecution and trials.

The Book of Philippians is the six of nine New Testament doctrinal and discipleship letters written by The Apostle Paul to the early churches. These books are also considered History Books containing teaching. It is also the eleventh of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 Christ-like Attitudes

 God At Work




This confession is the grace and power of Christ in a believer's life that helps when the promises of God are relied upon by Christ's power. Christ empowers believers, enabling them to be ready and equal in His sufficiency regarding all things. Believers know their resources are not from fortitude within themselves that enables them in life, but their strength and provision for everything, in every circumstance, lay in Christ, who continually empowers and provides all things that is for God's Will. God meets needs and believers are confident in that truthful fact.

The supplication for all needs and contentment is supplied and provided. To see life from God's point of view helps to correct priorities in life. It is gratitude expressed for God's providence and provision bringing comfort and ease. God provides for the poor and needy who call to Him, He provides for practical needs for His own people. Freedom from worry is knowing that God provides. It is not the circumstances of life, but the peace and strength to withstand all things, is given by God. God, Himself gives the provision and some times the preparation needed, whether in times of difficulty or prosperity.

Christ's strength sustains believers. The state of needing material possessions comes because of neglect of doing God's work. The righteous doing God's will do have their possessions provided, whether meager or grand

Humbleness does not lead to ungodliness; neither should wealth or poverty.


Jesus is The Model of Humility, The One who Strengthens.

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