Peace comes from fellowship with God and has its meaning in the Hebrew word Shalom, identified as reconciliation, accord, totality, completeness, maturity, soundness, wholeness, harmony, security and well-being. It is freedom from disturbance.

Peace with The Living God is made through the Lord Jesus Christ.

A person finds God's peace that passes all understanding, within themselves when there is a submission to God, a total commitment.

Peace is found in the presence of God, and is the opposite of disorder and confusion. Peace reflects the character of God. The peace that God gives is from The Holy Spirit. Christ is peace. Christ's Name is Prince of Peace. Jesus gives His disciples the foundation of peace. It is a peace that is there, no matter what is happening around or in amongst circumstances. The Holy Spirit brings a contentment of well-being and wholeness into a believers heart, no matter what the circumstance. The ministry of The Holy Spirit is peace.

Peace is part of The Holy Spirit's nature, and is likened to a dove, which is the symbol of peace throughout the world. Peace is a resource that The Comforter gives to believers. He changes situations to bring about peace. The Holy Spirit also brings peace into human relationships and situations.

To know and experience God's peace He has given to the choldren of His Kingdom, which is real and present, The Holy Spirit begins to work His ministry and fruit of peace.
Peace is the evidence of The Holy Spirit's work within the people of God.
The Bible teaches that true peace is to be found only in God. People also are to pray for peace and let peace rule in their hearts. Peace is the quietness of heart and mind based on the knowledge that all is well between God and the believer. Peace is produced in God's children as they allow The Holy Spirit and The Word of God to direct and influence their lives and their walk with God.

Peace results from God's forgiveness and is the ideal relationship with others. It is a mark of serenity, it is the heart of the message of Jesus Christ.

God's peace can be known as a tranquillity within, given from The Holy Spirit, peace with self and with Him as Sovereign. Peace was lost from God in the human race through sin, doubt and unbelief, but it was regained in the redemption of mankind through Christ's work upon the Cross, which was the restoration work of peace with God.

Christ brought a covenant of peace as prophesied. Jesus came to break down all the barriers of conflict that become part of the lives of mankind.

To be familiar with God and His peace is to know His will. Everything concerning God's will is in the Bible. God's Word and knowing His peace comes with the covenant relationship through Christ, and is trustworthy in its security.

It is necessary to know the Word of God and understand it clearly to mature spiritually, to grow as you emerge with and be encompassed by God's peace and love.

The Peace of God is like a verification so that when the will of God is violated, there can be an inner disturbance, which is not by one's own mind, will and emotions.

Forgiving and blessing enemies brings the peace and love of God. No one who is proud or self-righteous has a continuous flow of God's peace in their lives. Praying for others constantly keeps an attitude of peace, humility and rightstanding with God.

Those who are humble depend upon God, and seek Him in all situations, are guaranteed to receive God's peace in Christ. It is of great comfort to know that the Bible and God's Spirit can be relied upon for answers, wisdom and peace for daily living. God promises in times of crisis His peace will always be there, in these times believers will know it.

The Bible guides all to seek The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and the things of God shall be given to those who do. The Kingdom of God is eternal and there is peace in God's Kingdom for all inhabitants, His adopted heirs, as their inheritance.

Peace is the restoring factor of a relationship between God and an individual that allows the removal of the weight of sin, condemnation and guilt, to freely receive God's peace and joy, because of Christ. The peace of God is inner spiritual peace and is experienced by a believer despite surrounding turmoil. The true peae of God protects the hearts and minds from worry, fear and anxiety.

God offers His presence in the lives of His people by the Holy Spirit. A quite confidence regardless of circumstances. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit of God and part of the armour of God that allows beleivers to stand during spritual battles.

The destruction of peace is brought about through fears and anxiety, idolatry, self-centredness, turning away from God and rejecting Him. The benefits of peace are found in captivity, in suffering in poverty and in God's presence

Isaiah 26:3 "He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!"

SCRIPTURES John 14:27, 1 Peter 3:11, Philippians 4:7.
QUESTIONS 1] Where is peace found? 2] How is peace made with God? 3] What does peace result from? 4] How are people guaranteed to receive peace?

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