Parenthood is a responsibility that is appointed by God in order to provide a solid and dependable life and education for their children. Parents cannot totally rely on the school education system to provide Christian tuition.

Parents are to desire to help their children learn of Jesus Christ and help them receive The Truths of God and teach them to have an unwillingness to receive and follow the knowledge that leads to spiritual darkness.

Parents form the basis of instruction to the children as Christians and God requires teaching be given by parents to their children.

Parents have the responsibility of instruction in relation to matters of belief and trust in God, and His morals, at home, in public, and in their private lives.

Parents are obliged to train their own children about The Lord and are commanded by Him to do so. To refuse, is to trespass against the First Commandment which prohibits spiritual adultery (Exod 20:3).

Parents are to dedicate their children to God for the purpose of having God, their Creator direct the spiritual growth and development of their children (Isaiah 54:13).

Parents have peace and confidence knowing their children have been presented to God and will be under His constant care and guidance. Parents are to submit their wills to God and relinquish any hold they have on the children, for God's wisdom to be imparted to them for the rearing of their children (Judges 13:8).

It is presupposed that children belong to their parents, in much the same way as their property does. However, scripture teaches that every living soul belongs to the Lord (Ex 18:4,Job 41:11) and children are a gift from Him (Ps 113:9, 127:5a).

Teaching and rearing children is a sacred stewardship given to parents by God and from Him the concept of family derives its existence and experience.

A family requires an environment that fosters an ongoing, deep-rooted, interwoven relationship. The family is of divine origin, and is of divine order. Jesus repeats this also in His teaching to the disciples.

Love for God must exceed the love of family. Children belong to The Lord, both father and mother have biblical duties to perform and parents play a part in setting good or bad examples to their children.

Parental guidance show the characteristics of Christianity as a living action of loving, training, discipline, and the provision of all their needs.

The Bible stresses the importance of individual responsibility by both parents and children. Adults do tend to ignore The Principles of God in subtle discriminating ways.

Christian parents are, as much as possible to protect their children from cultural challenges. This is easily conquered if the child is a recipient of well-balanced parents and environment. Christian parents should monitor the information being taught in their children's educational system.

Parents are not to assume that social and educational problems are harmless, but are duty bound to exercise their stewardship to the best of their ability, according to The Word of God.

Parents should encourage their children to be strong in Biblical belief, (a good knowledge of the Bible) and prayer, the teachings and life of Christ.

Parents are to teach their children all the days of their life. Marriage of a child does not stop parental directing, correction and guiding their child by the principles of God. They are never relieved of the responsibility of prayer for and admonishing their children in proper living. The parent who does not show objection by strong words when an adult child is in sin, is held accountable to God.

God has arranged a solidarity of family generations. Parents are to have the privilege of rearing their children early in life, and the children have the privilege of caring for their parents in their later years. Sadly today's society finds it more suitable to live life by visiting their parents in a hospice situation. This circumstance in many cases is necessary as their parents are close at hand to medical help.

God's way is a wonderful opportunity for children to demonstrate their love, loyalty and gratitude for the sacrifices their parents contributed in their lives.The idea of a modern nuclear family is foreign to Biblical Principles.

The Fifth Commandment still applies and expresses what God expects in family living. "Honour your father and your mother".
This statute is followed with a promise that all will be well with the person who does.

Parents should be honourable. To control the demands of children requires firmness to correct unsuitable behaviour. The Bible does recommend children be spanked by parents when it is needed. Spanking is to strike the buttocks with an open hand or a rod, a slender stick cut from a tree, and should only happen when the parent is in complete control of themselves. It is not to be done in anger.

There can be no love without strong discipline and no discipline without love.

Parenthood involves making disciples of the children. A child is not to be left to go their own way, on the path of destruction. Jesus responded in anger to the disciples denial of the worth of children in the Kingdom of God. (Mark 10:15,16). If a child who has been dedicated to God, dies before he/she is old enough to repent and be baptized, he/she is guaranteed entrance into The Kingdom of God.

Parents are to demonstrate God's pattern for Christian living and they are responsible for teaching their children spiritual truths and point out false teachings that are contrary to The Bible.

Many parents make the excuse of letting their children make their own choices regarding their spiritual life. A parent's complacency is a hindrance to a child's relationship with God.

Parents who decline to educate their children in biblical truths at home, leave their children in care of the school education system, and many choose to leave the option to be a disciple of Christ to the individual child. Although this may appear to be unobtrusive and unbiased, a decision has already been made on behalf of the children, by the parent's apparent indifference.

The responsibility is of parents to inform their children and they are commanded by God to talk about Him openly and daily (Deut 6: 1-11).

Jesus spoke of anguish and reprimanded those who would cause a child to sin (Matt 18:2-6). The Bible is a book about God and how He relates to man, it includes the consequences of their behaviour and correctly teaches readers to distinguish between good and evil.

Any criticism of God or His people that is said before children, hinders their confidence in God, which can be hard to renew if the child does not seek after God.

Children require instruction and teaching, guidance and discipline according to The Word of God. They need the Love of God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.To refuse to carry out the commands of God is disobedience. This rebellion is likened to the sin of witchcraft and arrogance towards God is idolatry ( 1Sam 15:23).

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