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This parable was told to Jesus' disciples and not to the crowd.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant on the look-out for choice pearls. He discovers a real bargain, a pearl of great value, and sold everything he had to purchase it". Matthew 13:45-46

The pearl is a valuable gem, it is a unique gem. It is the product of a living creature. A precious pearl is without blemish. A pearl develops in the sea with in the shell of an oyster or mussel.

The pearl in Scripture symbolises beauty and value. Because of their beauty the pearl as a jewel has a standard of excellence.

The Kingdom is of great price and Christ is in that Kingdom, but He is not the pearl the merchant sold all for.

Christ is not for sale, and cannot be bought at any price, He made entry into the Kingdom free for all. The benefits of the Kingdom are eternal and worth more than any earthly value.

The pearl represents the precious truths of God's Word. The pearl also represents glory, the presence of God. Those who enter the Kingdom are presented before God without blemish because of Christ. The Kingdom will be handed to God by Christ.

All the redeemed who belong to the Kingdom are in the presence of God.

The Kingdom comes because of the existence of God. A pearl absorbs light as well as reflecting light. The Kingdom is in the darkness of the world among the sea of nations, yet will shine on those who seek the Truth.

The pearl was not found by accident, only by a diligent search. The searching was done whole-heartedly. No matter how a person enters The Kingdom of God its delights are beyond estimation. The merchant was earnestly searching and he did find it after seeking. The best comes to those who seek sincerely for the Truth.

Unlike the human search for satisfaction in the things of this world for material well-being, the human search for God is met by God's seeking lost humanity. God's desire is that all people should seek and find, for their hearts will be rewarded, but those who fail to seek His Kingdom will suffer eternal loss.

God promises to be found by those who seek Him. Seeking begins in the heart, and the consequence leads to an abundant life, understanding, wisdom, and both temporary and eternal blessings.

The Kingdom of God is like the pearl of the greatest value and once the pearl merchant knew, he was willingly to sell all to obtain its goodness.

A pearl's beauty is likened to Godly wisdom and God's Kingdom.

The value of The Kingdom exceeds all else. Those who comprehend the true value of The Kingdom Jesus came to declare, will gladly exchange all else to belong to it. The Kingdom of God is worth more than the cost of discipleship. Coming under the Sovereignty of God means a willing denial of self.

There is responsibility of disciples and believers who recognise The Kingdom's great worth.

The Kingdom brings all that is valuable to men but it demands abandonment of any other values, both morally, human principles and material wealth. The values are real, not false as many values are, nor will they perish like earthly valuables.

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