To obey means to carry out what has been heard. The two concepts of listen and obey are inseparable. The Biblical representation is to comply with action, the Will and Word of God.

All mankind perceives God and is expected to obey. A child hears and obeys parents, a pupil hears and obeys the teacher, and employee hears and obeys the employer. All citizens are to obey those in governmental authority, unless there is a conflict with God's Word. e.g. governments prohibiting the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Obedience to God's statutes and His laws is an expected way of living by those who declare themselves to be Christians.

Obedience to God's commands are works of faith. If there is obedience, faith is real. Obedience is the supreme test of trust and belief in God and His Word. Obedience and faith are closely linked. Faith without obedience to The Word of God is not sincere faith nor is belief alive. The act of believing is obedience.

Commitment to a covenant relationship with God requires obedience to His Word. It is steadfast conformity which reflects God's own faithfulness, and is seen in unwavering devotion, in service, in giving, in prayer, in patient endurance.

Believers are to be obedient ethically in society, by paying due taxes, promoting justice, helping the poor, feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable, being peace makers in intercessory prayer, in giving, by serving others, in being honest, being productive, bearing fruit, and showing a correct balanced concern for the community welfare regarding the Commandments of The Bible in speaking of God's Word.

The works of a Christian are the hearing and doing, the carrying out in deed God's Word.

Works of Christians are helping and serving others, obeying the words and examples of Christ. Belief and obedience go together and produce works helped with the fruits of The Holy Spirit. Human effort is futile apart from God.

Works of obedience is God-ordained that they should glorify Him.

God gives the gifts needed for the work. Works of God are seen as stewardship from God Himself. Human workers should acknowledge their dependence upon God as they obey Him. The Bible points out the need, the reasons and rewards for believers to obey God and His will.

Jesus expected His disciples to follow His example of obedience, doing the will of God The Father.

Love and obedience are closely united, for a person can only obey willingly those who love them. Like everyone else Jesus had to learn obedience, regarding submission to God His Father, civil authorities and human relationships. The Bible also teaches that all people should submit to secular authorities, to the leaders of the country, church leaders and all authorities in all levels of society. Obedience is also to be within the family household. Love, like belief, cannot be separated from obedience.

Believers are called to imitate Christ who was totally obedient to God's Will and His Word. Jesus continually reminded His disciples the importance of obedience in all areas. He challenges all to take note of the principles. The general principles for all, being holiness, righteousness, justice and love.This can only be done generously with the help of The Holy Spirit.

Obedience to God's Word means personal cost and total commitment. Christlike obedience expresses love for God. Obedience refers to a complete and whole lifestyle which comes from a personal covenant relationship with God through Jesus, His son.

True reverence of God leads to an obedient lifestyle, willing to submit to God's authority, His will in Scripture, which emphasises the need for obedience from believers, stressing trustworthiness.

Obedience is demanded of God's people because it demonstrates the reality of a person's faith in Jesus Christ. Obedience and works are rewarded.The Gospel of Christ results in an obedient response to all that God has done for humanity.

Disobedience enters people's hearts for various reasons, self-centredness, lust, greed, pride and arrogance, impatience, fear, unbelief in God and what has been accomplished for mankind through Jesus Christ. There is disobedience among unbelievers and in the lives of believers. Disobedience results in judgement. Disobedience shows in character and lifestyle. Obedience is for one's own benefit and welfare.

Rejecting The Gospel of Christ brings estrangement from God and is itself disobedience.

People and nations will be punished, and like all sin, with repentance it can be forgiven.

Christ taught His disciples to pray for God's Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Obedience to God shows intelligence, it is understanding one's best interest lies with God. Whatever is commanded of by God, whether easy or difficult, agreeable or contrary, if it is God's Will it is to be done. Obedience is knowing and doing, being wise builders of God's Kingdom.

The works to be done by Christians are to obey in action, the commands in The Word of God.

SCRIPTURES John 12:26, Romans 1:5, Romans 6:6, Galatians 1:10,15,16, James 2:14-26, 1Peter 1:14-16. QUESTIONS 1] Why is obedience demanded from God's people? 2] Are believers to please God or people? 3] Has faith anything to do with obedience? 4] Does God reward obedience?

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