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The Book of Numbers displays how God takes care of His people even when they disobey Him.

Numbers means census, counting. The Book is about Israel wandering in the wilderness covering a span of approximately forty years. It is known as the Roll Call, The March, but also as the Book of Murmerings. The message is the patience of God while there is great failure on the part of humankind to walk His ways. Tragedy follows disobedience, but the obedience of a new age group brings willing obedience for victory; they are eager and ready to enter the Promised Land. The Divine discipline transforms a nation of slaves into a worshipping obedient generation. The people learn how to function together in the wilderness. Religious, Cilvil and Military resources are prepared and put in order ready to be a stable nation. The Book emphasises the faithfulness of a covenant keeping God.

Numbers is seen as the fourth part of the collection of 5 books called The Law.


Numbers 23:19

The proclamation that God does not lie points out the immutability of God and the integrity of His Word, which is a huge distinction between God and mankind. He is changeless and is incapable to change His purposes and therefore cannot lie. In contrast to the unreliability of mankind, His Words always will come to pass and mankind is totally inadequate if compared with God, The Creator of all.

God is not unreliable, fickle or changeable. God is faithful to His Word of Truth, whereas mankind change their minds continuously which causes them to break their word, therefore commit themselves to lie and then the need of repentance. God does neither, He never has to recall his plans, precepts, purposes, promises or principles, and He does not need to repent.

God cannot change, even with all His power, He cannot deny Himself of His own promises. God Himself is faultless and cannot fail, as does humankind.

The blessings of God are irrevocable.

The Bronze Serpent lifted up by Moses in the wilderness is a clear portrait of Christ, as is the Rock that quenches thirst. The Daily Manna is the Bread of Life. Christ is seen as the Star, out of Jacob, the Sceptre of Israel, including the presence and guidance seen in the pillar of cloud and fire. There is the sinner's refuge in the cities of Refuge and the red heifer sacrifice.

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