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NAHUM Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 663-612 B.C

The Book of Nahum reveals God's power and His patience and reveals the vision of the prophet Nahum.

Nahum means comfort and consolation

The theme of The Book of Nahum is a lesson to all that God allows no person, country or any power of any kind to assume His authority; no one can stop His purposes. Oppressors and those who are merciless will be dealt with.

The prophecies of Nahum were to comfort the people of Judah who feared their cruel Assyrian neighbours. The language of the prophet was strong and avenging, the poems are full of emotion and symbolism assuring God's people that the reign of terror from their neighbours was to end. Evil would not endure. The prophecy was fulfilled when The Babylonian Empire conquered the Assyrian forces. The proud empire of tyranny suffered a humbled end just as Nahum had predicted it would. The guilty will be punished.

The Book of the prophet Nahum is the seventh Book of the Minor Prophetical Books of which there are twelve. The text includes Hebrew alphabetic Poetry and Pre-exile History.



NAHUM 1:7(B)

God is a real stronghold. He is faithful to care for those who trust in Him, He is a place of security. He is able to deliver His people from any bondage or enemy, protecting them from harm or judgements that may be near.

The Eternal God is a Refuge and Shelter, only He can protect. God alone is good, He demonstrated His goodness in His actions and protection of His people. His promises are good. His people can rely on His protection. He is a safe retreat, He heals and renews and is a stronghold. As a refuge God calls Himself a fortress, a rock, shade, sheltering wings, a shield and a tower.

Because The Lord is good, He helps those endure and upholds them through the tribulations of life. He is a mighty fortress and a compassionate, helpful God to all who put their hope in Him. God is jealous over those He loves His people those who keep trusting in Him will be kept safe forever. God alone can truly rescue His people.

 God protects by watching over His people, by His presence with them, sending angels, and by using other people to defend them. God's protection comes as an answer to prayer.

Jesus is The Judge and Ruler of All Nations

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