The Bible gives hints at aspects of the future for believers of Christ, God's Son, those who receive His offered Gift of Eternal Life.

Both Old and New Testament believers look forward to God's direct intervention in History in order to consummate The Kingdom of God at the Return of Jesus Christ.

The victory of Jesus Christ as God's Anointed and His universal righteous reign was applied in many Psalms, including Psalm 45, written by the sons of Korah, Psalm 72 written by King Solomon and Psalm 110 written by King David. The victory of God's Kingdom was foreseen with spiritual insight by Daniel the prophet of God, when Southern Israel was taken to Babylon in exile.

Many Scriptures in the Psalms and in the Book of Daniel are traditionally and inspirationally taken to be references of the Messiah's future kingdom, as are other references in other Books of The Bible.

The Messianic Age refers to the time of the First Coming of Christ, to His Second Coming
and to the era of The Millennium.

There is to be restoration during The Messianic Age; God's people are to be renewed and seek repentance from Him, both the Jew and the Gentile. God conditionally offers Eternal Life to human beings with unconditional love, by everlasting Salvation through Jesus Christ, The Messiah. Those who disown Christ, He will disown. Believers are to hold to sound teaching while waiting the Return of Christ, living godly lives.

Gifts and promises are available to believers in The Body of Christ and continuous refreshings, as well as outpourings from The Holy Spirit, which bring peace individually and spiritual reigning and conquering sin in this life.

The Kingdom of God consists of the saints (believers) as priests unto God. The Messianic Kingdom and the restoration of Israel are signs of The Last Days. Features of The Last Days are godlessness, deception, scoffing, persecution and apostasy.

The Last Days usher in a new era.

Acts 1:11 "Men of Galilee," they said, "why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven."

Christ will return physically and visibly at the beginning of a new era at the end of History. He will supremely bring to completion the fulfilling and perfection of His Kingdom to the highest quality.

He alone is qualified to do this task at the appointed time of God, The Father. It is impossible to predict the date of Jesus Christ's return, although when He does return it is a certainty it is a time of universal judgement.

The purpose of Judgement is to display God's glory by vindicating the righteous, to defend the weak, to complete the salvation of His people, to punish the sins of the nations.

God condemns sin and His judgement will be upon His enemies. He has forewarned the world of His impending judgement.

Christ will return unexpectantly even though signs may be discerned, it will be suddenly. There will be great upheavals in nature. Disaster foreshadows final judgement. The righteous will be rewarded. There are two eternal destinies. Judgement is according to the attitude toward Jesus, for the only basis of Salvation is belief in Jesus Christ and who He is. Judgement of the nations at the return of Christ will be on the basis of deeds, response to God's revelation.

Nations will gather against Jerusalem and The Lord will fight for Jerusalem. God's future judgement is exercised through Jesus His Son. Believers will share in Christ's Judgement Throne.

There will be judgement on God's enemies, on faithless people, careless leaders, those who are complacent, those who neglect social justice, godless nations, those who mislead others from The Truth, those who cause others to sin and upon those who refuse to forgive.

The Day of The Lord is the occasion known as God's final era of intervention in human affairs, to punish sin and establish rule over all nations of the earth. The Day of The Lord is a period of time when the fulfilment of the Messianic hope is realised. Believers will be gathered together and shall be exalted by God. It will be the ordained Kingdom of God that is to be universal.

A characteristic portrayal of the blessings of the age to come, in which those who belong share a Wedding Feast with Christ is pictured as a wedding banquet with Jesus as the Groom and the Church as both The Bride and the invited wedding guests.

The Marriage Banquet is to take place after the completion and perfection of God's Kingdom, The Body of Christ. The Lord's Supper is a prefigurement of The Messianic Banquet as He dined with His disciples then also.

Christ's deep love for the Church and His pledge to it is represented and symbolised by a marriage covenant. The betrothal to Christ takes place when an individual receives Salvation, and the ceremony at the time of His Second Coming.

The Banquet was promised both by Old Testament and New Testament prophets. Spiritual blessedness and spiritual satisfaction is the significance of the feast. It is fellowship with God, a Covenant meal. It is a celebration of God's goodness.

Attending the Wedding Feast comes by invitation, some people accept and some refuse, those who do reject the offer, their invitation is given to another.

The Millennium period begins with Satan bound in the abyss, which is also the place for the confinement of evil spirits. There is the first resurrection at the beginning of The Millennium which is blessed and holy, and a second resurrection at the end of the thousand year reign.

The glory of Christ's reign and characteristics of Him reigning is righteousness, justice, peace and security. His Kingdom shall never be destroyed. All blessings will be fully realised. The Kingdom of God shall be manifested in visible glory.

An unparalled Age

During this time there will be harmony of creation. The Millennium also includes the reigning of believers with Jesus Christ. Martyred saints reign with Jesus for they have suffered for the sake of the gospel and they receive their promised reward.

There will be universal acknowledgement of The Lord. There will be no oppression or injustice, no lies and corruption, no more war and conflict. There will be restoration of creation and of life.

During this period there will be a reign of universal peace on earth before the new re-creation of the heavens and of the earth, which will replace the old. The Scriptures of The Old Testament and of The New Testament foretell through The Holy Spirit, Christ's future earthly reign and it will be an age of blessedness.

At the end of the 1,000 years, Satan will be released with the permission of God, but it is his final defeat. Sin will be no more. The millennium reign shall end and The Kingdom of God shall be merged with eternity.

The second resurrection is of the wicked dead. There is judgement of unbelievers and the beginning of Eternity. God's judgement of all people is at the end of the age and is called The White Throne Judgement which takes place after the time called, The Millennium. The final judgement is a certainty, it was anticipated by the work of the Cross.

God's justice will have been completely shown.

The ungodly will be punished. Eternity is a limitless time over which God is continually Sovereign. There are many Scriptures that foretell of Eternal punishment, that is in an eternal universal prison for the spiritually dead.

The resurrected Body of believers will enter eternity. The Kingdom of God is for Eternity.

The New Jerusalem is divinely created. Eternity is unlimited by physical properties and believers will experience a new encountering of God's presence.

Eternal Life is guaranteed by The Holy Spirit. It is humanity's final state of existence. Believers have confidence in their destination.

All promises and prophecies will have been fulfilled.

The sun, moon and stars are needed -
The sea is needed -
Sin is evident -
People have been offered to accept God -
This earth is cursed -
Tears are shed with sorrow -
Pain and suffering -
Weariness and toil -
Fear and strife -
There is death -
The Tree of Life taken away -
- These created heavenly bodies will not be needed.
- The sea is not needed
- Sin is no more
- Those who accepted live with God forevermore.
- New earth purified
- There will be no more tears nor sorrow
- Will not be found
- Will be no more
- Will end
- There will be no more death
- The Tree of Life returned


SCRIPTURES Psalms 72:2,12,13, Isaiah 9:7, 11:3-5, Revelation 20, 21:1-4.
QUESTIONS 1] What are some characteristics of the Messianic Age? 2] When is The Kingdom of God consummated? 3] When is there restorations of all things? 4] What is the Millennium?

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Graphics and documents are copyright.1991-2003 All rights reserved.
Documents may be printed for single personal use but may not be alterted without written permission of the Publishers.
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