MARK Date A.D.55-65

The Book of Mark portrays Jesus as the Serving Lord, instantly responsive to the will of The Father.

Mark means large hammer

The Book of Mark presents Jesus' busy public Servant ministry, its shows Jesus serving to the spiritual and physical needs of others. His public teaching is noticeable as authoritative. Jesus' compassion and miracles are dominant clearly showing His power and authority over all realms.

The Gospel of Mark was the first Gospel written and records more miracles than any other gospel. It is the shortest and simplest text but very vivid on The Life of Christ. The Reference work speaks for itself. Eighteen miracles are described. It was written to Roman Christians and special attention is explained in the document on the teaching and application of discipleship.

The Book of Mark is the second of five New Testament Gospels, which are also considered History Books containing teaching, parables, miracles, death and resurrection of Christ. It is also the second of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.

MARK 12: 27

This verse is one of the most important verses in Christ's ministry. The Jewish group of Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection of the dead and their opposing religious Jewish group, the Pharisees did moreover these two groups would argue over this issue constantly. The Sadducees purposely proposed questions to Jesus, believing there was not a scripture in the Old Testament from which the Jewish teachers and Jesus taught, to prove of life after death. The Pharisees never could give them an answer to this point therefore the Sadducees felt superior in their knowledge. However Jesus quickly told them of this verse from the Pentateuch (which is the first five books scribed by Moses) and surprised them by His answer from what Moses had written. The three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are still in existence, by the nature of God.
Jesus was always being tested and challenged by the teachers of His day, in addition to His teaching is still challenged today by those who do not believe He is the Son of The Living God.

It is comforting to know The Bible continually reaffirms life with God after death. God brings life; God is always at work giving life to believers and doing them good. Contact with God brings new life to the spiritual dead. Jesus, Himself is the way to life in this world and the world to come. Christ is the way and definition of eternal life.

Jesus is portrayed by The Symbol of a Bull for service and power. He Powerful Saviour, Authoritative and Obedient Servant, Redeemer of Men.

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